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Internet Icon Ep2 - Deliberation (Part 1 of 2)

by The YOMYOMF Network • 618,835 views

WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES HERE YOMYOMF Network's new reality show "INTERNET ICON" Ep 2 (Part 1) "Deliberation". After meeting the top...

Wow I watch joshpalerlin and I didn't even know who he was here. I kept thinking I know him but I couldn't point my finger on it
Honestly, this is one of the few times I've ever seen Ryan so serious. lol, he rocks
The funny thing is josh paler Lin now a big you tuber got kicked out in the worse group
When you notice half the people are Asian. Ryan higa? Hmmmm.... I think they picked Asian on purpose
Josh Paler Lin is my fav... 
Look at Josh Paler Lin now lol
ryan's trying so hard to look like a model in the intro i'm laughing my ass off rn
Josh paler Lin I wonder what Ryan thinks now about him now
Lol, when he 69, they giggled. Silly silly people
ryan cute smile at the end XD 
Looks much better than his I'm-trying-really-hard-to-look-sexy-look at 0:25 :D Natural cute Ryan wins!
+Katrien Verachtert yeah hahaa his expression at 0:25 just makes me laugh .. idk but I prefer his cute expression 
Thumbs up for Ryan!
Whats ironic is Josh paler lin was in the first group that left lmao, he has a nice size channel now.
Just noticed JoshPalerLin in that
Brandon Laatsch should be a judge on this show.
3:20 Whats Justin looking at....?
Did Lana know Justin before this?
Omg Chester See!! :) 3 3 ♥♥♥
4:03 Justin james hugh laughed when he said 69
who the fuck is this fat white guy that makes all the decisions?
4:03 Justin laughs when he says 69 LOL
Did I see Josh Paler Lin?
Ryan is so serious O_o (love you tho) :)
Just watchin this for ryan higa...
What is the channel for number 56?
It's starting to get very boring
5:45 the nerd got in?? wow. i am impressed......
RYAN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha Justin just giggling after they call number 69. 4:02
And they said that The Fu would have a hard time incorporating music in everything
she's the voice of Joice Kenny the repoter from from family guy
Apperiantly she is some voice-actor from Family Guy
2:47 Chris Riedell and Chester See look so much alike. And in fact, so does the new host for season 2, who is also the winner(s) of season 1.
lana and Justin makes a great couple
chester should be the host of every show on this planet....
Never seen Ryan so serious before
Ryan is a funny dude... but he cannot be a judge.
Anthony sure as hell has the personality and acting pfffffffft
She was the tomboy in Step By Step. After that I don't know what she was in.
Notice how the people @4:04 laugh at number 69
Yeah, I kinda agree. The top ten is pretty good in this season, but the top one hundred as a whole is pretty weak. Still a great season; totally worth watching (already seen it, re-watching.)
O_O vsauce music as soon as the one gangster guy comes on...
Im just waiting for nostaliga critic
it's obvious who are the strong and who are the weak. some underdogs in there too that could either rise to the occasion or just flop. The Riedell Brothers have a REALLY strong dynamic. My money is on them and that self-deprecating humor guy. I already know Lana is doing well lol. Seen her in many of Chester's and original videos.
Oh dear god, YouTube is down and this is my only tab working!!! Maybe...idk.
The commercial before of Dexter is so funny "I can't let you do this!"
ryan higa has a crush on tim delagottaue
ryan not used to seeing you so serious
The scariest thing about this show? the donuts dropping on the sidewalk at the very end
cameras really capture everything....
isnt she the voice of the news anchor or something from family guy??
wow real mature at 4:00 lol -.- smh
Anyone else still confused who Christine Lakin is?
fu was a question mark in the beginning lol
Oooh, we some racial people here. And yrah, didn't expect this much Asians. Lawl.
Go youtube her. She's funny ^^ You'll find the video 'Fecking Psychos' very relatable methinks :3 (Flame shields up!)
I wish tobuscus was in here he's my number 1
Is it bat that all I can see here is pro league players? Chauster Xspecial Wildturtles Hai
You guys should put annotations with a link to each video.
Best part 5:08!!! @supericardovlog
haha so true. i think, tv, movie star...sth, she said sth about music too.
9:17 That's a lovely mental picture, Chris...
Asians are annoying... This is coming from an asian...
All the big channels are so big because they started early in <2007. But I know some (Vsauce, Techspec100) that are either just starting out or have a significant audience that have some good videos.
noooooo number 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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