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Best Gun in Modern Warfare 3 (By Far)

by TmarTn • 1,489,293 views

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I love wrecking those ACR and MP7 nerds with it. Just use the Type 95 with Red Dot + Rapid Fire and add FMG9's, Blind Eye, Assassin, Recon Drone and the Stealth Bomber to this class and you'll get lovely hate mail all day long Best SMG: Type 95 Best AR: Type 95 Best Shotgun: Type 95 Best LMG: Type 95 Best Sniper: Type 95
+Travis Trollark I never even called him retarded! How fucking stupid are you?
+TheRealCMPUNKFan Just fucking tell us why he has "no life"
Are you kidding? Mp7 and acr are a lot better
ACR=best AR and Ump45= best SMG and Usas-12= best Shotgun
I am from the future
Only noobs and losers use the "best" guns. I use the guns no one uses just to prove how fucking good of a player I am. I use the spas. Ump. Other guns that no one uses and totally own noobs even when they use their little so called over powered guns. Map awareness is the number one thing that makes a player good or not. Not a camper in the corner with their acr
I love the m16 and its just the same but you get it at rank 4."1"
Screw the Silencer! Loud and Proud! >:D
Hahahahaha YEAH LOUD AND PROUD!!!!
killing another player is more easy with m4ai if you good at it
Nope guys I went on mw3 for 3 hours and I used. Ruler on every gun the damage range everything turns out something called P9o or scar H
Did you get a moab in this gameplay?
the type 95 is the WORST gun i have ever used in mw3
I kill in 3 bursts my wifi sucks
Yes I shall rape tons of noobs.
Excellent gun, I've always wondered why the ACR 6.8 is so popular? 
+Dylan Kor you should try the M4A1 with silencer and impact's unstoppable
T95 requires a far greater level of finesse to be effective than ACR. ACR with Kick is a death laser. I use a lot of ACR with Thermal and Kick. Enemies always say I'm not fighting fair. lol
What sensitivity you use
i got gold for the type 95 like a week ago it is the best gun 
acr 6.8 is the best gun
 I know for fact its 2 not first acr has first place but I love the type its my 2 fav it was my first gold gun but dat acr it has no recoil its fast and its a 2 shot gun 
You wont have to worry about the mini-map if you have assassin pro :)
I like the striker gold with grip and damage
What type of gun is this
i know what the name is idiot i said type type is what type of gun is the type 95
You are the man, thanks for the tutorial! :)
Dude you are STUPID it is the ACR
There are to best guns ump45 and type95
My fav is the ACR, MK14, and the Mp7
My favourite is UMP45,AK47 and MP7
Mp7, acr, FAD , and type 95 in mu opinion
Wow, please don't tell me all Americans pronounce camas that way... That's embarrassing. It FAM-ASS not FA-MAAS
Commander Q what do u use for your m16
Hey dumbass like he said before game was released the mad it worse
BEST AR = ACR 6.8!
My best gun is ACR 6.8  TYPE 95 and MK14                                                           :D
and I thought MP7 was the most op gun
I'm still playing this game, can't let it go :)
impact and rap. fire is better 
kenw it its the type 95
I prefer the type 95 and the any machine pistol akimbo
i like the m16 better. so much that i golded it in three days
type 95 2 attachments red dot,rapid fire secondary weapon rpg. this class killed too many people. :)
I love the type 95 but since ive been playing mw3 lately all I've seen is mp7 and acr.....
You copied I2awinstinct _ 
O.o Don't like tmartn
Idiot raw instinct is douche look at IFlyIllini vid he explains
dude I play mw3 all day that gun sucks acr where its at and for speed pp90m1 rapid fire + extended mags you will get through two mags vs one with the type 95   
i really don't like this gun :/ i am more better with lmgs and smgs and some ars
i think the best gun is the cm901 XD that damage :O got 12 kills in it when i was lvl 20!
I miss this game... Amazing compared to the bops 2 and ghost shits..
you actually unlock it at level 50
shut up jack longhearse
I have unlimited prestige points
MP7 - ACR - TYPE 95 - PP90M1 - P90 - Akimbo FMG - Stealthbomber  All of those are pussie weapons. Don't get caught using them or you are officially a pussie and need to sell your Xbox because you don't know how to use any other weapons. Learn how to adapt and overcome;  stop copying the 7 year olds that surround you. ..Where as I could kill you with a spoon. It doesn't fucking matter what weapon I use, I will win, but you pussies need your OP just to get a medichre score. Stop boring me please, and learn how to play with new weapons and tactics.
I don't believe the P90 is OP. I actually don't see it used much.
I prefer the type 95 akimbo machine pistols
Best Asault Rifle: ACR or Type 95 Best SMG: MP7 or PP90M1 Best Shotgun: your choice. Best Sniper: MSR or L118A Best MG: your choice
i have almost every gun gold now, haven't prestiged past 5, been playing since release, and honestly i can get a  moab with ANY weapon with ANY attachment and ANY perks, all i need is specialist... its how you play, the speed of your trigger finger, your knife reflexes, and understanding hot spots and high traffic zones for optimal ownage. good video though +1
I preffer te pp90m1 with rapid fire and extra mags its reaaally cool for me :P 
Yeah now i use the silencer with rapid fire and scavenger pro (dont need extra mags)
This gun is modeled after the gun "QBZ"
I always get bad stats with machineguns, but when i use the barret, damn i rape em :D
I didn't use any of these techniques (except for flanking, but I thought that was just being a ninja). Those techniques are cheap, but I started copying them because it was the only way to survive. I'm getting better, today I scored 20 kills in a single match (10 minutes only, but I had a great team). In just few days, can you belive it?! I also found out that sitting in front of the laptop really hurts my eyes (and I don't even want to think about the radiation). I'm getting a HDMI cable. Tips?
ACR by far is the best gun in mw3 for getting moabs
Best guns for me: #1 G36C #2 Ump .45 #3 Usp .45 Akimbo
Camo WHAT!?!?!?!?!??! How do you get gold camo
Same here. I never played MW3 so I bought it last Sunday and got my first MOAB on Monday.
This gun is a beast, but what about MP7???
Dumbass the best gun is the ACR 6.8
So what perk should I use scavager or hand perk 2 quick draw or hard line and for perk 3 markman or steady aim? Well idk about you I think markman and QuickDraw work well together right if you think so then what for perk 1 hand or scavager?
i love ur videos i liked and subscribed!!!!!!!!!!
thanks man ever since i started using type 95 i have been just trolling and trolling and trolling
Once u made this video everyone started using this gun... fuck you
Acr/mp7 Done, now stop arguing.
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