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Red vs. Blue Relocated Mini Series Ep 1

by Rooster Teeth • 1,241,683 views for more. The first episode of the mini-series RvB: Relocated. Originally aired January 2009.

Grif's ability to not give a fuck is incredible.
When you realize Gavin wrote the story for this season
+Jason Black yerp after 10 shit went down hill fast/
+ZeroSteel45 12 is pretty good so far, 11 was more of a throwback to the first few seasons
What happened to grifs sister is she still in blood gulch
+Kayden Hodge if i'm remembering correctly, at one point someone says that sister was pregnant in the past. currently she is "dead." although, since almost no one seems to die in this show, she's probably going to show up again sooner or later and it'll turn out she's not actually dead.
Soooo, after the end of season 5 Tex attacked another place with reds fighting blues with omali (not sure if that's spelt right) whilst Tex and Omali were doing this Tucker, Church, Caboose, Griff, Simmons, and Sarge were relocated to this new base and Dohnut, Doc and Sister were left behind, im realy confused is that what happened?
You may have skipped some parts. The order of events is Seasons 1-4 Out of Mind Season 5 Recovery One Season 6 Trailer Season 6/Reconstruction Relocated (This) Season 7 Trailer Seasons 7-8 Season 9 Trailer (Non-canon) Season 9 Where There's a Wall There's a Way (Filler) MIA (Filler) Season 10 Season 11 Trailer Season 11 Season 12 Trailer Season 12 Season 13 (Unreleased) Hope this clears everything up. Also, It's spelled O'mally.
Is this important to the story or should I just skip it?
Um it's sorta important, it sets up a few things in the later seasons, but you can probably skip it. But don't. It's RvB. Enjoy all of it.
dont you idiots watch the serize from the beging
Yes, yes I did. You dirty shisno.
How in the duck can you not spell SERIES when it's in the title
Did Sarge just call Simmons an idiot? Is the world about to end?
"Relocated" wow, that's ingeniously! :v
Church is the director !!!!
Why have red team been put in another base? Project Freelancer (PF) was brought down and the idea of Red vs Blue was PF's idea. So shouldn't there be no more red vs blue situations?
No at some point they mention that the UNSC handles their simulation training now
WTF? Season 1,2,3,4,5,6, Relocated, Out of your Mind, all have 360 or 480p? It is HALO 3 in the XBOX 360!!! Y U no have HD?
Because you fondle yourself
I'm pretty sure they're only available in HD if you buy the dvd pack.
This doesnt make sence..halo 3 armour and viecles and guns....but halo 4 maps...were they on halo 3 too?
I think the next time he is seen is the trailer for recreation
Now get to shimmyin'.
+Michaiah Campbell this is a halo 3 map. Halo 4 just copied it
Wort wort wort, blarg booga booga! - Halo: Combat Evolved Elite Speech
Like if watching in 2014
Fuck you guys I'm watching this in 1895
captions at 48 i'd mistakes to make mistakes exactly
im surprised grif has not mentioned his sister yet im also not
OMG AGG SO Church is an ai and is ASLSO the leader of the ai program
this is right after reconstruction right?
I know it's a month late, but yeah this is right after reconstruction. 
They need to do another mini-series.
They did... 3 years ago
Turn on closed caption... Greatest thing ever!
I just love how the comment section is just filled with spoilers. I don't even have to read them to figure out what they are
I like how Gavin directed Recreation.
Is Gavin a character??
Sry for late reply, and not the main characters. In the last season episode 3 (i think) he was Private Joans (JOE-AN-EZ) and guest appearances like that they always make sure to kill them off pretty quick. Captain Flowers is like that too
+lucas witham Dang. It was bound to happen, but for awhile, this video was Tucker approved perfection.
Ahh I remember I used to watch these webisodes all the time. #redvsblue
is it actually possible to jam that damn thing on the tower? I always wanted to try it but never did.
I miss Do nut what happened to him?
Relocated together with Tucker. They'll show up.
He's taken on flower arranging for the covenant
Holy ducking hits last season kicked asfs
what happened to tucker and doughnut?
Tucker is still alive. He's in another platoon. Donut's location is unknown
I agree Tucker was last and in the last season he  was located in the desert when he called Command to report that they found the Artifact they were looking for!  
is this basically season 7?
It's a Mini Series that takes place between 6 and 7.
AI names if you never figured this out are all from the Greek Alphabet! Second Project Freelancer was testing AI implantation but they only got one so the harvested copies to give but the Director wanted to do some drama one test being give Agent North Dakota an AI yet never give Agent South Dakota. If you don't know who they are they are twins.
So ur a know it all ass kisser?
Hope this cleared up a few questions you may have on the subject!
So, Caboose is a technical wizard. That's new.
Epislyon is Alpha's memory's. The horrid things that happened to him and to others was implanted in Church which is designated to Washington so techincally Church is Washington's AI yet Church got away. 
Technically Church isn't Alpha. True Church contains his memories but Church is actually in the 4th stage of AI rampancy so he's classified as a human. The Alpha is the full AI as is Beta AKA Tex yet Omega is not he is still a fragment but a bigger one!
Secondly Omega is a harvested fragment therefore Omega cannot take the Alpha in a fight! Not to mention Church is a fragment too! Each AI contains a emotion or piece of the brain. Alpha is the brain Theta is Trust for instance. He's very trusting of others if a bit shy. Delta is logic, he looks towards possibilities in battle as well in certain situations
Actually, Alpha is the original.
Like if you came here from the podcast
Is it just me or does Sarge's voice sound a little bit like Bubs from Homestarrunner.
Tex is one of the fragments of the Alpha; Failure.
Lmfao it is seriously 'Donut' not 'Doughnut' haha!
just one little thing... how come church and the director had different accents?
I think they talked about it on one of the commentaries. I think it was the season 1 five year anniversary commentary.
So in the 6th season Church the AI is an AI of the director?
well since he was a computer program and they wanted NO ONE to know where he was, couldn't they modify the the A.I. to have a different sounding voice?
it was pretty much just a joke i wasnt thinking of any of the stuff that makes my brain do extra work :P
I get it BUT all of the A.I's are FROM the alpha so omega is the RAGEEEEE of the alpha church.
And again, i agree with dan graham. Seriously!
Why havnt donut tucker or doc been in the new seies
Hey yall, guess what? Churchs name is Leonard Church, but the Director has the same name! Coincidence? maybe.
he's the british guy at rooster teeth. Watch the lets plays and you'll see why we love him
She's still living it up in Blood Gulch all by herself. People would know this if they'd payed attention.
Ok, Simons not dying isn't even the part that you should ask. Isn't this supposed to be hundreds if not thousands of years in the future? so how come all the free dancers were alive? why is the director alive? you don't argue anything about this series, its awesome, plot failures or not
It just feels empty not having Doughnut in Red team. Many seasons of him and suddenly in Season 6 he a really empty feeling
He spells his name like that. "Doughnut" is part of the joke
FFS! Its DONUT! NOT Doughnut. Donut is pronounced Doe Nut. Doughnut is pronounced Doug Nut
Who the fuck is Doughnut? On another note, Donut is missing. :/
Who else misses the epic letters between the Director and the Chairman??
Don't read the comments, the series is already confusing enough.
Church a.i Isn't Dead He was shut down that is all okay eMP shut stuff down they do not destroy them okay got that everybody quit freaking out
*Donut. Its a name, not a food item. Though he is named after the food.
Atually, it never TECHNICALLY said Tex was an AI, nor did it say she was similar (or the same thereof) to Church, who is in fact the first AI, Alpha. Agent Washingtub (I'm a Caboose fan, yes) only said she was their favorite, and that he didn't know what she was. Note, he is the one who knew Church was an AI, so wouldn't he know that Tex was an AI, if not by simple logic? I have absolutely no clue, to be honest, just my pure speculation.
What s a doughnut, a nut made out of dough? WAIT- Do you mean the pink guy? Yeah that's Donut
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