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Nas - The Don (Explicit)

by NasVEVO • 7,698,477 views

Music video by Nas performing The Don (Explicit). 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group

nas will rip eminem man you guys are crazy i'm a fan of both and i know nas will rip him maybe not eminem in his prime
Nas rips anyone.
new york girl them are mad overweight
Nas = one of the last great rappers left.
+xatonyHD Since when has someone who hasn't made a good album in over a decade , can be considered on of the best ? 
+IlikeBball234 marshal mathers lp 2? the songs weren't the most catchy but lyrically?
Nas = True rap god
+Brentjr94 my bad bro lol actually it was for that asshole sorry was just so pissed what he said i send it to the wrong person lol
Rakim is the true Rag God, but Nas is way better than Eminem.
First off Im white. Eminem was better on the drugs. period. He can rap. but a top 5 is hard, cuz a lot of you must be young. I mean Rakim? Fiend of a Mic...and yea Big L, what about Gangstarr? top 5 is tough. you gotta have BIG and Pac in there. Jay Z black album and before yeah.... NAS def in there tho. Lost respect for Jay Z personally. He's not hungry anymore.  What about Redman? Meth? WU? Inspectah Deck is underrated in my opinion. as for new school, Kendrick flows sick on freestyles, but runs mainstream shit for the radio. Kanye sucks, Ross sucks, its flooded with fakes and bullshit now.  My opinion real enough?
+Legato The MC ok? I said he should have stopped at his black album. I'm well aware of what order they were in. I never said it WAS his last album. It was supposed to be his retirement album anyway. Come on..
In reference to kanye from the dude above I said real classy.
Eminem kills Nas the ugly MF, TUPAKI, Fat Flabby Biggy & Soulja Boy the human napkin
shit he gave up after everyone started getting racist you started being racist so we have to fight back racist
To hear it, and say his opinion fuckhead.
Top 5 Rappers 1Nas 2 Eminem 3 T.I. 4 Kendrick Lamar 5 The Game no disrespect to the old skool Rappers Im sayin they mastered everything from skill, flow, lyrics, storytelling, these guys kill mics and smash on any other rappers from today
+Luis Resendiz You list is horrible as fuck too, with the exception of Nas.
Who would be your top rappers?
I don't lean: no codeine , promethazine  I just blow green  and pick which bitch to bless the king. 
20 years in this game, lookin seventeen  HAHAHA
Anyone know the instrumental from 2:08 to 2:18?
yep it Might be Ghost Town DJ's- My Boo like the other guy suggested but with higher pitch and sped up
The speed and flow nas raps at it's almost like another instrument, it;s fuckin crazy on this song.
Why is Nas good? What makes him good? Or matter of fact what makes him and Jay-Z some of the most celebrated rappers in history?
Cyn Santana thou YALL peeped
Terrible beat this shit is wack
least favorite single from this album
and fuk Gay Z hes wack as fuck like Nas say but not only for that...he aint got shit to say!!!!!!! REALIVANT 
swift and easy of war indeed
New york girls are way ovar weight
like English gyals, after 18, they obese lol
Dunno, this song seems like Nas has sold him self... It's just my opinion.
+RiveltaMercurio it's not about the streets anymore... It's more like douchebaggy in my opinion..
yeah i agree  with ya, im not a fan of this joint
Nas is one of the last of a dying breed in hiphop....
Nas - The Don (Explicit): Bang out!!!
GOD.. this track.. SO SICK. Shit never gets old to me.
0:01 Knew your girl and my mada flew way.
nas the visionary! jet black ninjas
1:43 the girl from work out? Ironic cus nas HATED that j.cole made that song
Why people comparing this to eminem? I don't see why. Does it have to do with the video?
+Varun Subramanyan Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong pair. 
+Don AGL Eminem is trash now
i like how he subtle calls out lil gane by saying he dont need promethazine 
Am I the only one that sawll cyn from love and hip hop
New York girls them are mad overweight.
I don't even listen to this song the same anymore. I find myself laughing lol.
A JAX Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Nas - The Don (Explicit): I don't know where he goin in dem plaid pants...but he still fine as hell lol
Love it nas is the great one who ever did it fan for life
Nas - The Don (Explicit): This is my shit!!!
450~691~7487 halex tell em i étant. Mixât pré ans gibe à guet
This isn't exactly ny state of mind ( the best song ever) but is still great, big up on of the longest standing rap icons
whatever i cant spell but i know good music!
my favoriet songs by nas 1. ny state of mind 2. it aint hard to tell 3. the don. 4.if i ruled the world
What about Queens get the Money and Nasty?
'Twenty years in this game, looking seventeen' 👏👌 BEST VERSE!
Nas is good, but not the best.
Someone in here who actually knows their hip hop! Rakim=GOAT. No MC advanced lyricism more then Rakim, Nobody. Ask Nas, Em, Black Thought, Elzhi, Pun and Big L if they were still with us, Phaoahe Monch, etc etc. they're all gonna mention Rakim. He (and G Rap and BDK not long after) made MCing an art.
lol this video doesnt have anything to do with eminem. so many random haters
Nas Eminem and Biggie tho
Eminem is shit compared to nas
Nas has to be New Yorks greatest rapper of all time
Nas - The Don (Explicit)
Nice buy mi tape or you Knowles
Nhlanhla Mngadi Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
.\hhhmmmm, this beat doe!!!!! ... versatile on the flow too, salute Nasir ...
Did yall peep "Cyn" from love and hip hop @1:54
Heavy D was a good beat maker. Nice of Nas to give a shout out! :)
Nas The Don... Bless King...
As awesome a track this is, and i do dig this beat, the beat is too busy for Nas' lyricism to be fully appreciated.
They sampled this from supercat dance in New York song!
LET ME ASK YOU SOMETHING... Who are the 5 best rappers of all time? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan,Dylan Because i spit hot fire
How long has it been since slim shady has came out with some knew shit?... Are you guys waiting on an expected album or mix tape???
who else can say he a don n everyone be like "wassuh don
I mean I'm just asking? Where is all that fire @?
and 2 chainz get more views !! da fuck is wrong wit you
Is NAS Muslim. Not that I have a problem with it, just want to know
Hes kind of all over the place. Hes a muslim/free mason/% 7/God Body/christian......if that made any kind of sense lol
I was on/in this video.  good times.
@2:07, is there an actual song to the beat change? PLEASE HELP
Nas is the best man, got a lot of inspiration lyrically from this dude aye, check my page out for some rap (Y) 
super cat sample, he killed it #NYRAP#
"New york girl dem ah mad over weighttt"!! Lol
nas big & pac!! the greatest
Nas is the new king of NYC fuck off big
Nas & Eminem = Hip & Hop :D
he spiting so much bars man 
nas had to smash cyn santana.
1. Nas 2. Biggie 3. Tupac 4. Jay Z 5. Rakim
Didn't know "Da Internz" made this beat.
And heavy d contributed before he died
Is that supercat in the hook?
Ok I'm sick ofpeople saying that nas is better than Tupac, because he wasn't and isn't. Tupac died in 96 which gives nas 18 years to be or get better than tupac. Nas had an advantage, and Tupac was limited to the songs he could make. And Pac is 10X more popular, so suck my dick. If pac was still alive, Nas would would be struggling 
It was written is tied with god's son for the best album by nas
it was written is tied with hiphop is dead for the best album by nas beleive me i collect hiphop CD's
Whoever says nas is not the best is a idiot and doesn't know shit.
2pac Nas Big pun Big l B.i.g
Big L?...SMH....he is good but not top 4 good.
2:08 should have been the whole instrumental >_> if only I could find it
Someone on here suggested the tune "Apache - Gangsta Bitch". What do you think?
2:20 what religion is he? i really don't care because no matter what religion he is a great guy and a veteran rapper but its really bugging me?
It Is Also Called The Nation Of Gods And Earths,Women Are Called Earths While Men Are Called Gods.The Organization Is And Was Most Influental Among Poor Black Youths Residing All Aroun The East Coast.The 5 Percenter Term Comes From Their Belief That They Are The Only 5 Percent That Has The Knowledge Of Self And The Truth Of The World,While 85 Percent Are Ignorant Of This.The Other 10 Know The Truth But Choose To Use it To Spread Lie To The 85 Percent,The 5 Percenters Believe It Is Their Job To Drop The Knowledge Of Self,And How The System Of The World Really Is To The 85 Percent.
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