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Duncan's Lab - 30 - Archangel's Smite

by YOGSCAST Duncan • 915,873 views

Duncan makes a rapid fire shooty thing! Texture pack is Sphax PureBDCraft Using user submitted patches for the technic pack mods (found on the pure bdcraft forums...

But Green isn't a creative color. 
Israphel would be jealous!
"We've got plenty of dark matter, but bows and feathers might be a bigger issue..." -Duncan Jones, 2012.
Darude - Sandstorm would go really well with the mob slaying bit
One Ring to rule the sky, One Ring to hail death, One Madman to bring them all and in Minecraft bind them
Duncan. Duncan, what are you doing. That's plenty of arrows are you sure that's a good idea. Oh god.
Perfect, plenty of arrows=874 arrows
Its amazing how quiet some people can be last year :I He was very calm
this is why you should not give Duncan an archangel's smite lol
Duncan make a dark matter furnace but you need a hell lot of aternalis fuel.also it is faster you can put 5 things in it.
You need 8 dark matter to make one and you can fuel it through a collecter
Duncan, that's too many arrows.
What about his tesla
you need to combine the yogscast mod pack with minecraft comes alive and tale of kingdoms
11:10 to 12:19 "did someone call the exterminators?"
Just don't push that big red button ( a cookie for whoever gets the reference)
He's got an arrow addiction
Ctrl_alt_llama again?
You are no match for my whatever it's called
Massive mob massacre
That terra former ruined the landscape
But, your way was cooler, I gotta say
I personally prefer to use my Klein Star.
we all know this is true
AROUND 9:00 Rarallllllllllll im the terminator
well, at least most of it
he cheated in the dark matter
no you need to wacht all eps than talk 
This seems like the time when Duncan (Well, I prefer to call him Lalna) Is starting to be a little (Just a little) power hungry. I started watching this series so that I could get a look at the old world (I'm a HUGE Rythian fan) He calls Killing a load of things good fun? I mean sure they're zombies, but will he stop there? I guess I'll find out soon!
Both yogscast and Skydoesminecraft are popular. Bashing eachother because they don't like either group is stupid. It's like watching religious people trying to recruit in the same neighborhood. They all just start fighting and forgetting that it's the non religious persons choice to convert
Please fuck of you cunt. If you love his shit videos then go and watch them and not spread your pish on over ones.
Watch Minecraft : "Survival Island" Part 1: Precious Dirt
These guys are gods of minecraft compared to me ._.
the bow wouldn't replicate because it was damaged. all you needed was to fix it with covalance dust
What is that noise in the background
1,337,000 subs! thats pretty leet!
just amagine if he had item magnet on when he did that or if they had a michine shot gun mode
wow, bows and feathers are harder to get than dark matter... that's a first
He should've killed sjin with it
I'm fairly certain he didn't need to get a ton of arrows
waht did you do your house are no found
why are you responding to a comment I made 3 months ago?
Wow that's a lot of zombies, are you sure that's not too many zombies?
there will always be haters it's a natural part of youtube
how cool would it be if you could enchant the ring with infinite arrows
the person who made this texture pack used to many pentagons
Ik the ip I paused a rythian video and it was supposed to be cut out but I paused it at the right time :P
Can someone please tell me who is Israphel? Please don't dislike or mark as spam, I really want to know.
And watch how it doesn't explode because it crashes before it could explode
I have this world save not a model the real deal
make an arena spawn 1,000 mobs and kill'em all
You can with the bow but its bar wasn't full
Archangel's smite + infinity enchantment = amazingly op ( at least would be ;D)
English proboally isnt his first language, with less people like you, Youtube would be a better place.
lol. he tried to replicate arrows saying i want to go all out with this. he replicates about a million and says ooooh that's a bit too many.
tekkit; yeah I have enough red matter now I need some wood
feel the power of sephiroth in a ring
ITS BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow thts a lot of arrows u have there duncan
Archangels smite is pure awesomeness. It's fucking homing for gods sake!!!
he didn't rebuild it he burnt a decoy down in the first place
Is your profile picture supposed to be a pedophile?
I gotta get fought up to this series
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