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One Time; Justin Bieber

by recklesscity • 10,639 views


you know what!? I effing love it !! Now please watch my retarded video --> Justin Bieber and Crazy Fans in Arabia! :D <3
im a boy and i like justin bieber
Beliebers ! So i just wanted to say is that we are guy beliebers ! And we just wanted to let you guys know that we made two great videos they are called " top 10 reasons we like justin bieber" And "Why are you hating on justin bieber" So check them out, you wont regret it beliebers and spread the word <3
Hey just watched the video so cool JUSTIN is so cute
0:04 Hehe You did times :) hehe Aww good vid
geez dont be hating on the girl she just having fun shoo i'd be doing the same things cuz thats how random i am hahaha
Are u trying to kill the dog!! Ur like jumping and bouncin it!! having a humping thing with ur dog there.???? U SUCK BALLS
cool video im subbing my name is jason
OH LOOK a WHITE GIRL trying to act all ghetto with drive thru voice overs!! Yaaaaaaay. more shit 'culture' from TV!!!
0:04 Hehe You did times :) hehe Aww good vid
im just joking i no its somone just pretending
RIP Justin Bieber 1994 - 2010 He died today in a car accident after an interview
i loved the cat!!!!! BEST DANCE MOVES
haa that was kinda funny.. how old are you.. you should keep doing these kind of videos.. can you sing? i would love to hear you sing! your great, and funny too. my name is serenity, i sing and i would LOVE to hear you sing! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! anyways, yeah.. your awsome.. well bye (: send me a message maybe could make a video together or something (:
You Like Jb?!! Lol Lol xDDD Hahaha ... This World Is Very Bad in the time...
lol ... I pity the dog ..Rather flee (at 0:32)than listen to this such crap. It has been too much for him and for me too ;-) dislike and bb
@recklesscity lol no rpoblem :) yew act just like me :)
the best thing in this video is the dog
What...the..hell...did i just watch?
@malombardo its a girl. she gotta dog on her lap, jewlery, and long hair, she also mad a heart. and a guy wouldnt do this. so its a girl(:
I love the halftone effect. Very impressive. Any ideas how can I use it (is it a filter, or a standalone tool ? )
I love JB the most..... (please notice the sarcasm in the text)
is a really garbage this guy justin gayber...
0:04 Hehe You did times instead of plus.Lol.
every one shut up yall dont have too be rude!!!!!!!!!!! he/she is just trying too have fun thats what kids like to do right? well dont stop them im the same way my videos are retarded but we had fun makeing them !!
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