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Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial How-To

by iwanted2c1video • 963,031 views

Follow Me! This can be worn anywhere! Just have to change the color of the lips but school, church, work, night out...

Your soo unique!! Are you italian?
i love the way you speak! so unique!
Hi! You do an excellent job applying your make-up. However, I am concerned with how much you manipulate the area under your eyes. Please be careful because that tissue will lose its elasticitiy and start to sag and get puffy. Just a note!
i always thought fake lashes everyday was a little much but you make it look very nice. its very flattering! xx
TIP:if you go for a tone darker than what ur already using then you may get the maximum touch. that foundation is way to light for your skin tone. use this advise and dont use toner again!
you got a point with the lash thing...
I have the eye potion! From sephora!
@manga4774 you're right. My boyfriend HATES when I wear fake eyelashes because they look FAKE. He can tell..and he's the kind of guy that doesn't notice things. I use the L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum & it helps my eyelashes look natural & stand out a lot more. It's only making my eyelashes healthier which is great =]
@Colaa0326 And you're so charismatic? v____v It's simple, if you don't like her don't watch her videos! She's a lovely person with a fantastic personality. If you can't see that, your loss.
@burrowss14 I like it but sometimes she overdoes it.. she gets a little too cheesy.
Wait do you not take your fake eye lashes off all week?
has anyone ever told you that you look like the main character on Fairly Legal? without the lipstick you do anyways!!! hahaa(:
I like hey guys its very friendly.
i'm not tyring to be rude, but she talks too much with her hands. It kind of looks like she's doing sign language, but i love the makeup tho.
I cant believe she just said "MY SEXY PENGUINS" Thats one ive never heard before!!! :)
You remind me of Janice from friends haha but you don't have her annoying laugh. You're really pretty though!
Where did you get the Sally Girl eyeshadow?
What kind of brush are you using? (You were applying bronzer) It is nice and big
@hannahstagg he should be saying u look beautiful everyday
I just subscribed. I like that you are natural most beauty gurus on here try to be so perfect.
I think u look great without makeup..
your awesome! thanks for posting such great videos!! LOVE YOUR FACE!!!
I was actually going to watch this video but completely stopped after my sister too me ........ Wtf ? Okay just stfu and go for the tutorial cus your pretty and your makeup is good
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Lol I love how she uses cheaper products (: cuz makeup is hella expensive
How the hell does wearing fake eyelashes boost your confidence? t(-.-t)
you're very thorough, most beauty gurus aren't. Its refreshing.
"I'm gonna kill u if u dont watch my video" ahahaha
I LOVE ur accent!! omg its amazing!
Im going to kill you if you don'twatch my video haaahaha that was funny
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i thought that this was very helpful! you have the best personality!
Ur funny :) without trying too hard. I like you! Imma subscribe.
i think you need more concealer on your face
Your eyelashes make you look 100x better
Hey can you do a hair tutorial for the hair you were wearing in this video!? Please!? I love your hair! Great video thanks for the helpful information.
i really think u dnt need make up at all :)
This could be so much better with better lighting!!!
Lol I talk with my hands too! I'm not even Italian :P
Hello, do you know "HAIRator"? Just do a Google search. On their website I discovered a useful and painless hair removal method that needs absolutely no waxing, shaving or other outdated methods. In fact, this particular treatment has even been featured in Time Magazine. This made it possible for Anna to have lasting smooth skin. Hopefully it will work for you as well...
she talks like jannis in friends
Oh and you look better without makeup
she could have just done eyelashes and lipstick and it would look the same as with all the foundation and bronzer
i think that wearing fake eyelashes is better than curl real eyelashes everyday cus, you'll be lose your eyelashes
I have been looking for the perfect video and I just found it thank you sooooo much
Buy bye my sexy penguins hahahahaha so funny
Your gourgeous. I love your eyes your adorable!!:)
People this IS a natural look unnatural is when you have boogie green eyeshadow, tarantula lashes and orange face! This is totally natural!
your so beautiful! i loveee your hair!
@mysticflower95 It works for her but I think it would look fake on me and most other people
imma kill u if ya don't watch my video! OMG i died :)
Like your makeup, looks good on you! I like how it wasn't too natural but not too overdone. Good job. If you have time head over to our channel and check it out. Thanks!
It's not natural if you add false eyelashes.....haha
I'm gonna kill you if you don't watch my video LMFAO
Wow I love this! Your so "real" lol your makeup looks good
U looked better without the falsies on :)
it is helpful because its soo hard to find natural looking make up tutorials on youtube
I like that, that look very, very nice!
I love this video. I am totally new to make up and I love ur idea. thanks :)
Please check out our channel :)
Wow you girls must be butt hurt over something lol... this is a great tutorial yall need to calm your tits.
buh-bye my sexy penguins (: hahaha lovee it
Hey, do you know "HAIRator" yet? Just search on Google. On their website I have found a nice and pain-free hair removal treatment that requires no more shaving, waxing or other old methods. The truth is, this particular solution has even been highlighted in Time Magazine. It helped Anna to have enduring soft skin. I hope it will help you too.
What kinda of makeup remover do you use
omgg, love this look! xxxxxxxx great videoo! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
u look like me kinda, or i look like u haha.
I so agree with the eyelash thing!!
Youve got such a beautiful face!
you don't even need the foundation
Great tutorial! Keep it coming.
You look like sarah shahi! Definitely going to try it out you wear fake eyelashes every day? Alright..
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