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Be Our Bachelor

by CollegeHumor • 630,041 views

SHAVING LIKE A BOSS LIKE us on: A new take on "Beauty and the Beast" presents the sadness of eating for one... as only a Disney musical...

In my defense, I would like to say ramen is delicious. And it's cheap.
I think this might apply more to bachelorettes. 1 rule: the hotter a young woman, the filthier she lives. Proven more than once. With very few exceptions.
+Maya Olivas You're right. there are an innummerable amount of exceptions to the "rule". As with most any other "rules" They are formed from perspective. Not condescending to you, I see these comments alot. I just wanted to agree while pointing out another similar idea.
from what i have seen being a slob is set on a porabola. really attractive and really unattractive people tend to be slobs and the more inbetween you are the more your in the middle. Though i also believe there are exceptions to every rule.
My womanly impulses to clean and fix are intensifying. ;w;
ok everybody, prepare for the opinion of a real bachelor..... 1. i dont do dishes, i have paper plates/bowls, with plastic forks, spoons and knifes...... 2. milk is definately good after the expiration date, just sniff if before you drink.... 3. there are things in my fridge that are probably 6 months old and i just forgot it existed..... 4. if there isnt a stain on my shirt or paints, and they dont stink.... they are still ok to wear.... i dont own underwear (makes the whole pants thing sound worse doesnt it?).... and 5..... my cooking level is somewhere along the lines of calling and ordering, to throwing it in the microwave and looking at the back of the box and trying to find heating instructions..... and i love this life ^-^
+Ihate You well you are braver than i am on the pizza part, i put my leftover pizza in the fridge 
+midget_killer777 normally i do the same, but occasionally you eat late or have someone over and forget about it. Then you wake up to cook something and you see it there. I wouldn't do it with home made pizza but supposedly pizza you order has tons of perservatives in it that keep it from rotting or molding in any way. Or atleast that is what i think about when i see it.
please tell me Bachelors dont REALLY eat like this right? if not then i think im ok with not dating :P
Yes totally. We're all just blithering in misery waiting for some woman to come along and take care of us. Really!
+Dark Mageddon No, no one said we(as in you) were miserable.... It's just that laziness is a strong trait (theoretically).
My life without my mom,,,
holy shit.  i just ate ramen out of straight out of the pot i cooked it in and used a shirt as a pot holder.  i gotta get my shit together.
You've Been Trolled, you've been trolled Yes you've probably been told, don't reply to this guy, hes just trying to make a rise out of you, yes it's true, you respond and that's his cue To start trouble on the double while he strokes his manly stubble You've been trolled you've been trolled you should probably just fold When the only winning move is not to play But you keep on trying  Mindlessly replying You've been trolled, you've been trolled, have a nice day.
I have the urge to clean....
i don't get why this video isn't more popular its one of the best college humor animations.
"is it time to masturbate?" the answer is always yes 
"Leaving time to masturbate" We've all been there. Just think of it as being efficient.
Michael Adkins Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Well, at least I'm not as bad as that guy!  XD 😆
Girls eating for one is so much different. We actually try to learn how to cook even though men are typically much better at cooking when they learn.
its gross but i think i would have trouble throwing out old food if it sang to me too.
I am a girl living like that. With my roommates, p.j.fry and B.B.Rodreaz
Man i need to stop taking acid before breakfast grabs beer bottle and chugs
He killed himself that night
First i laughed... then i realised how fucking familiar this is...
Why do they parody things from Disney so much?
Disney songs are well known.
please never let this be me 
We all get there at some point
What an utterly fantastic hilarious and twisted parody! MAGIC!!! :D
cooking hotdogs, i thought you could eat them "raw" because their tinned and in brine and that the only reason for heating was to not eat cold hotdog
the guy cartoon is hot.....if he lives like that ill just clean it for him
The dude looks like Shaggy Rogers.
God damn what a slob..
How can you live in this filth, I always wondered. I know someone who is like this, he seriously did not wash out the sink for 25 years then he was living in my father apartment. A few ago he had to terminate the contract and the slob had not placed himself in the Que for apartment even after being told 5 years earlier he should and the lease could get terminated. We had to go in a clean and it took like 10 bottles of silic bang and various other solvent of powerful nature to get it clean. Even the walls had layers of fat like substance, he had not moved the furniture from the balcony so they had rotten. After the termination of lease my father got another place to live in and he is happy with that in the same landlord. He was a bit pissed and managed to clean the place up somewhat, he was not found guilty of any expenses because the place would anyhow get a total renovation because it been 30 years of doing nothing in the apartment.
I love how the Chinese food boxes say "not" above a picture of a panda wearing a Chinese (?) hat. "Not Chinese"?
I swear i though this was sam winchester at first
am i high on cocaine or everything
How did they get a camera into my apartment!!? And why did they censor my glorious nudity with tighty whiteies?? I demand answers
I think Id just kill myself lol
"bachelor" or "college kid"? xD You never think you'll get like this but we all do.
I more or less live like that when i hade my first own place, then i moved to  collative and got my shit togher
Living on my own for 2 months now I can vouch that this is how some things go. Like the dishes, the fridge and the condoms.
In this case... i'd say the most important tools in that scenario would be a large garbage bag. And a lot of cleaners. I'd be going mad living anywhere near that kind of filth.
This scared me so much I am now going to go take a shower
All of the Chinese food containers say "bu" which means no or bad. Just thought I'd point that out.
Damn, that must be some powerful mold!
aww man, can"t believe that im living this video
well that's a scary way to teach a lesson...I feel the need to go clean something now...
Starting about twenty seconds in, I was stuck with a shocked and appalled face. 
Are wannabe-leftist bachelors that groce? Glad to be a rightist then!
I am and looks like me and my room/habits.
That's what I call one filthy ape.
this deserves way more views.
This is my college apartment in nutshell haha xD
Wtf did I just watch?
There was several moments I sighed.. Over the truth too this. Although, It's more like the song of a poor bachelor. Trust me I would know... waddles in poverty
i think the thing that grossed me out the most was the salmonella because i actually eat that stuff raw sometimes > <
I couldn't eat cookie dough any more after that.
+Emma Smith I'm still eating it ; u ;  // shuns self
That sponge sounded like Adam Sandler. Good song!
Wow best video!!! Do more Disney infused music videos!!! :D
Milk IS still good after the expiration date.  I wouldn't eat moldy bread based foods though, even if you pick off the visible stuff, there's still plenty of microscopic mold to worry about.  Moldy meat is fine.  If you go to a place that sells "aged" meat, that's literally all it is.  Old meat they've scraped the mold off of and charge a premium for.
Tsicloh Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Pretty accurate mwahahahah
I feel so dirty, I'm gonna go scrub my house now. ... Um... for the record, I may be single, but I enjoy cooking for every meal and I don't let dishes sit.
So thats what happend to Spongebob
cries from digital stench
I....I think i am going to vomit now. :D
Nicole Tardieu Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is great! Sadly I'm like a female version of this dude.......
+Nicole Tardieu This has nothing to do with poverty. That`s the normal single mens kitchen. 
+Johnfuse read my comment again. I said just that, not about poverty, it's about being a slob.
Be our bachelor
Sadly this is where i see myself in 15 years...
I tell jokes I turn tricks I seen all these assholes dicks!! LMFAO!! XDD
just a random small clip from walt disneys trip in college
see my vest see my vest made from a real gorilla's chest!
That cookie dough's voice is irritating.
You've been trolled, you've been trolled, you have probably been told, don't reply to this guy...
This is so funny. But I just lost all appetite for any food.
It's unreal how close this psychedelic montage is to my life. Get out of my head, Collegehumor
Dude thats nasty as hell, i will never live like that.
No because the store cookie dough is made with pasteurized eggs... they won't sell one where they used raw eggs.
the guy was kinda cute...except for the fact he was a druggie and had NO PANTS the ENTIRE TIME.
wow.. i need to change my life style
your experience of college must have sucked dick then
I hate this because it ruined my love for the REAL song! The good thing is it was affected only a little.
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