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Luke & Noah's story - ATWT - Part 198

by LukeVanFan • 141,553 views

Thanks to the kind folks at, we can now watch a scene between Luke and Noah that was cut from last week's episode after they left Metro. I went back and added it to Part 198. The scene is...

I LOVE the bench scene so much
im so sick of this woman saying "darling" everytime she opens her mouth
That's what I always say, never leave me without saying goodbye but not even once it works.
I love the boys anyway, but I liked lukes old hair much better. it wasn't to...typical :) ♥
0:17 'Woah .. Hello.' 'NOAH!' xP haha i laffd so hard. 0:21 he practically jumped Noah. lucky he didn't fall backwards into the island/counter there. this was soo adorable. The smile on Noahs face, complete with hisi hands running all over Lukes back .. WOW. Chills. I got Chills. I've replayed it many many times too. :P SO CUTE!! Makes me want a boyfriend to hug me like that like Noah did, as well as wish I had someone that happy to see me like Luke was. ^__^ AWW!!
@msnoahxlukefan that would be so hot if luke speaks Italian to noah speccialy in bed! :D:D
I just glimpsed "part 427" on the related video listing... Please tell me they've had sex long before that.... sighhhhhhhhhhhhh
aww that scene at the end was so sweet... it was a hug but it was just like.. i felt the love btw them it was just awesome <3
Is it just me or does it look like Noah leans in twice around :29 before they kiss? ;D
Lol. "Im taking notes on the proposal foundation." *sees statue* "Oh?"
Whoa. Likin Luke's hair this episode. And I like how Luke rests on Noah's chest. Extremely cute. <3
This Part is Totally Amazing. I'm mean 2 kisses and a really sweet cuddle. We want more of this =D
You mean a very good money seeker! creep -_-
I love this episode. Especially the snuggling part at the end, Luke and Noah look so cute :D!
It's nice to know that the show let this relationship continue after it got axed.
Its not seem what it looks ... Its more than that, be careful nuke :((
love the beginning and the end; its the middle that can go...
oooo too much hottness in the first 2 minutes between noah and luke for me to handle!! :) xx
Ya'll making me jealous with the love comments.
What better present from Italy than a statue of a naked guy?:-)
@musicfan28 Yes, Van is a real gay guy. Jake is straight.
I love Nuke's old story lines, they are much better than the doctor Jerk storyline..
i just had to favorite this. there was just too much cuteness.
Yes they are acting like it is Ok not to jump each other like healthy boys do.:-)
I think I have finally found my favorite Nuke scene! I absolutely LOVE the first 1 minute and 45 seconds of this episode... grrrrr they are SO CUTE TOGETHER!
How come every time Noah says "formaggio" it makes me smile so wide! He is sooo adorable, and hot!
@MuesLiqirl In fact: Van did never say he was gay, straight or Bi, so none of us knows for sure...BUT there are some rumors about him dating tyler hanes...
I Dont Get How Noah's Picking On Luke About The Attic... :( Someone Help me Please?
Gosh, Noah (Jake Silbermann) is soooo hot in every single friggin scene. The character he played is so endearing and enchanting. I am so jealous of Luke, having such an amazing guy with him. This is what makes a rough bitter things in life so sweet. Cheers to all who has a guy like Noah in their lives, You are the ones who are clearly blessed. Hold on to these individuals and never never let them go. If you do, it would be your loss.
Man this has got to be one of my favorite Nuke kissed ^_^
4:02 'Are you making fun of me' ' Just a little' 'You see that ... that right there ..That's why I came back early' AWWWE!! Makes me so jealous. I want a NOAH!! Missed that smile so much he just had to come back sooner. So sweet!! 4:14 'Noah, promise me something ..? Never go away without me. Cause even though things are such a mess right now .. having you here just ... makes it easier'. Aw, rubbing his back too. Come one guys you're going to kill me with your adorablenesss!!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww the first scene made me melt and so did the last but put them both together it is soooooooooooooooo cute
(luke) "well...hello" haha that was so funny
Yay kissing :) I loved luke's hair in this one
Well that was a mini sculpture of Michelangelo's David which is in Florence... didn't Noah go to Rome? Did anyone else notice that? I probably did cos I'm Italian.
that is THE cutest scene between them.. just holding each other on the bench. it really is just the best moment between them ever... <3
Because that would be the only place to lock up his parents until they resolve issues with each other.Like Luke is a prison guard.:-)
Luke's hair is SOO much nicer/sexier as a quiff instead of a fringe :P and the beginning and end scenes were so so cute :3 they're adorable!
Please, that's not weird at all. I know a girl who's completely obsessed with Jared Padalecki's nose...
Yea, it's Michaelangelo's David, which suggests Noah went to Florence which is where the statue is.
Erm... Maybe because it actually is? I think they do pretty well!
watching this part, and seeing the little picture from part 427 on the side, and realizing that Luke is waering the same shirt.. weird
@SimplieMe93 i actually believe van is gay but jake is definately not.
ahaha that last scene was the best ever
They make so much noise while making out!
lukes hair is starting to look so much better it only meens its gonna look screwed up soon
Hhaha Im in the same situation my friend!!! God these guys r it's soooooooooo hot!!! How can u not replay their kisses over and over again??!!
Owahh! Second cuddle! And it's better than the first. How adowable! ^.^
Raise your hand if you know all of the lines to this episode, haha. I'm a dork.
We desperatly want to make Shadows a movie with Van and Jake in it but we need all the Nuke/Van and Jake fans to "like" the Shadows Facebook page.!/pages/Shadows/247332155380307
I love Luke's reaction the tiny naked statue..."oh." It's kinda like he's saying..."so that's what a naked man looks like!"
I have to agree with ya on that... I liked his old hair...
ahhh so cute so cute so cute(: !!
LukeVanFan, thank you so much for complaining to the show to get this part available online- that little bench scene pretty much made my night. And also, thank you for all the work you do posting these parts. There are so many gay kids out there that are gonna see these two boys happy together and finally be able to have hope for their future. I know this because I'm one of them. So on behalf of all of us, thank you so much!
I LOVEEEE Luke's hair like this ^.^
They let us see this deleted scene, now they need to let us see the deleted scene that Luke is sitting on Noah's lap.
@SahmaaMahmood thats why his birth name is luciano grimaldi! an italian name
Awe! Seeing them happy together makes me sad. Why can't they be this happy now!?!
@eava123 --- I know I miss them :( had to go back and see their happier times that remind me again why these two belong together
They are so cute!!!! This is so great how things are working out for them... Well, for now. ;)
i just love the 2 of them. its love n nothin can come between them. i love Noah.
it is soooooo cute when they are cuddiling on the bench!
Luke's hair is looking great at the moment yay! I'm glad Luke and Noah are getting on well and they haven't had any fights for ages :D
@08meggie seriously! do you know how horny i am having had watched it for like 18 hours!
Who are fan of chrolli Christian and oliver
I love it when Luke thinks it's his grandmother instead of Noah
Shame on the producers for cutting out this beautiful scene at the end!! I melted away when Luke laid his head on Noah's chest.
1:39 so sexy how luke stares at noahs lips and just makes eye contact for one second ;)
Luke and Noah were soooo cute in this episode. And Luke's hair... YES!
LOL when the episode started i was like why is Lukes fingers blue? till i noticed the laptop XD
now brian is a cockblocker... guys that's about 6 now
Luke has a hot hair matching his hot mind.Yumm that kiss and yummer that hug...
If only I had a Noah to hold me like that... *sighs and dreams* It's hard to name all the things I love in those two Luke/Noah scenes. I love Noah surprising Luke and the hug and the kisses (esp. #2 where you see both faces) and the Italy talk ("Did you see that?" - Noah's so cute!) and the "You should fire that guy" *Luke stares at Noah's lips* "I really should" and the silly banter about Luke's parents and of course the amazing, sweet cuddle. Luke looked so blissful. Cutest. Couple. Ever.
Also, in this case I can't avoid a shallow comment: good God, both guys look GORGEOUS in these scenes. Like, the best they've ever looked. Noah with the sexy tan and the brown polo over the grey and Luke with my favorite hairstyle of his, ever (the spikes turn him from very cute to scorchingly hot) and the really nice grey shirt with black sleeves. Makes these lovely scenes even better! P.S. Should I cringe at the noisy kisses? Because I actually find that adorable.
i love luke and noah so hot when they kiss
@cheeseisniceable Omfg i know right, my heart almost stopped when i saw the end :3 love them :D
Luke was having a SEXIE hairday this episode! :) love it!!!
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