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Highest Paid Ladies in Hollywood!

by SourceFed • 254,425 views

SourceFed reviews Forbes most lucrative female actors of 2012 list! Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Sources: Go to for...

Y shuld any of us care about som1s money income its complete bs
twilight gives bad names to vampire diaries. Vampire diaries are the best show in my life. Anyone who watches it will know this is true
emma stone. she's a goooooodd actress.... SPARKELS....
Lee that was so freakin hot. Replayed ur sexy moment like 15 times
kristen stewart got lucky with twilight stuff..i mean, shes a very pro actress i likeder in adventureland on fx shes pro enough to be on this list, but debra messing is the best imo,best actress on tv,hope she'll do great in the movies
We watch Kristen Steward act for the same reason we watch Lee burp. Still so HOT!!!
@SgtWombatTV I know I thought it was Kim too
34 million dollars for bowchikawaiwaing with the snow white and white huntsmans director?
Just so you know, This is my last post on this subject. You have no idea what journalism today is about (it's about entertainment) there is very little serious journalism left. A study found The Daily Show is more viewed than any of the 'serious' networks and is considered journalism. If that is, so is sourcefed and so are all the blogs that claim to be news and all the radio shows and web shows. Time to broaden your perspective and wake up to what is going on now.
why are all you guys hating on kristen back the fuck off
Extremely loud and incredibly close is my fave book! but i didn't like the movie so much...
Na Lee. U need 2 act dumber 2 really pull off this Christian Swan crap. Love u guys!
Her smile after he throws the money at her. Lee, you so coote. c;
Thumbs up for Lee biting her lip.
who else thought Lee looked super sexy when she was doing her belle interpretation
Stop unsubscribing me source fed
Kim kardashian she is a genius busisness women
And pray do tell, what choices does Bella truly make in the series? From what I remember, she either does something someone else suggests, something out of character (as described by her or the people who know her), or something because of her boundless love for Edward. Choices don't make the characters, their reasoning does, and Bella never actively thinks about what she's doing unless it's to tell the reader ("this is so unlike me", "I have to, for Edward" and/or "I had to do something")
I knew it was Kristine Steward because apparently it's "against the law" to kill people with no taste
Yeah lee that Kristen Stewart look was too sexy
people need to stop defending inanimate objects you mean?
kill number 1... kill it with fire!
Anybody else thought it was Oprah? No? Oh goodness kill me now!!!
If Lee was bella in the movies then at least the movies would've had a hot chick.
Me!!!!! wait I'm a boy...........SEX CHANGE
I thought it would be Kirsten. she honestly deserves it
I thought number one was Justin Biber
kinda shocked mila kunis wasn't in this list
I would watch a movie of Lee just doing that for a whole movie. Just saying.
both of those give a bad name to classical vampires as shown in Van Helsing or Blade, or you know, Dracula
Great impression. Except ur not as ugly.
Easy, it is Scarlet Johanson. She signed a big contract for Avengers 2.
lee's impression of kristin stewart :)
i'm not saying that journalism shouldn't be entertaining, what i'm saying is that they are pretty biased in what they report, normally giving only the side of the issue they agree on. as with gay marriage, or the trayvon martin case. and that is not journalism, it's opinion. you don't have to reply to this, i just wanted to make myself clear
Sexy Sandra Bullock should be number one in everything.
kinda thought it would be justin bieber...
Amazing fucking impression omfg
lol awesome face when lee got hit with money
That Kristen Stewart impression was spot-on, Lee!!
i see you haven't watched vampire diaries. They are the best show, the vampires are real vampires they dont sparkle and dont have super powers like x-men in twilight .. every vampire has super power wtf.
I thought it was lee.... I still think she should be first....
Actually it would be worse. If it were a respectable actress then their career would have been ruined. Kirsten Stewart however, can only do better, and thus her career has probably been made, once she does two or three non-twilight movies. I'd also like to point out that playing Bella as a wimpy near silent character who does nothing, is taking the character directly from the book.
Aw cmon, I haven't see unbiased journalism in years, it may exist, but not in our current group of journalists in the US. Sorry, I just had to comment.
Anyone WHY WAS LEE SO DAMNN SEXXYY IN THE VIDEO?, i cant figure ir out
lol I thought this was going to be something sexual, haha
susan boyle will be raking in the dough next year =]
Video should be called "stupidest cunts in hollywood"
i'll give lee 34.5 million if she only does that
holy crap joe I like the way you asked that question in the beginning and brought it up at the end of the video, very jedi mind trick of you!
lol the money hit lee's boob and it jiggled
I feel dumber for having watched that list!!!
Does anyone remember the first video that Joe does the "Sparkle!"? I remember laughing pretty hard last time too. Would love to revisit but none of the titles spark a memory.
Lee sniffed that shirt in the pheromone episode.
I swear I could've guessed the full list
God damn it i knew shed be the top i didnt want to believe that botox infused or paralyzed face chick would win
I thought Emma stone was going to be somewhere on this list....
Lees stewert had a millin times more tallent and sexyness then that dumb no tallent chicks.
I think you had a grasp on the concept Lee, what is your account number? We want to wire the money right now to you, you deserve it! xD
If it was Lee in Twilight, I'd be a fan...
If we got Lee in maxims hot 100 we can get her into Forbes highest paid ladies in 2013! WHO'S WITH ME?!
If she keeps doing you will need to give her 34.5 million .
Every single regular journalist you see on TV or hear on the radio is acting, just as much as they are. I have been a radio news reporter for well over 20 years now, and in the broad definition of journalism, that is what they are. Sourcefed reports on items that are defined as news, the fact that they do it in an entertaining manner does not change the fact that it is news. So called serious journalists pick their stories based on what they feel is most likely to attract viewers. same thing.
At 2:53, Lees smile is priceless XD
I thought it will be Jennifer Lopez. I Don't know why I think that.
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