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Happy Wheels: Episode 25 - It's Magic

by CaptainSparklez • 542,093 views

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I stare at ur face all the time 4 all ur vids I may hav problems
I like your face Jordan
Veloceraptors were about 5-6 feet tall but they were still small for dinosaurs
The size of velociraptors vary in size from the size of a chicken to slightly taller than a human
The word is pteranodon, not pterodactyl. Have you even seen any of the Jurrasic Park movies!?!? 
Veloceraptors were about 5-6 feet tall but they were still small for dinosaurs
I know karate I'm not close to harmless. For 7:06
Ur face was the main event of the vid
We're on the top of the food chain!!!!
smh n egypt ages the people were black :T
Brontosaurus never actually existed... scientists just combined an Apatosaurus body with the skull of a Camasaurus by accident.
U are awesome Jordan!!! I love your vids!!!!!!!!
You dont have bwd hair (he does)
Stared at ur face the entire vid
The sand is the FUTURE
Jordan you are not just a human, you are CaptainSarklez!
Lol do u guys ever get those times when it says PLZ wait. And u don't wanna wait?
u make awesome vids watched you since i was 7
I know i'm late but answering your survey-like question, once the power went out at school, my friend yelled clap on and clapped just as it came on :D lol
Jordon- DON'T LOOK AT MY FACE!!!!!!
T-Rex wern't in the Cretatious time period!
Brontasauras wasn't an actually dinosaur
If a bear had our intelligence, think about how bad they would rule the world. We have brains they have claws and teeth
have i missed ep 24? hey anyway click on these 01:01, 22:03, Oops okay 1 more, 10:09
when he said to not look at him the entire vid that made me want to stare at him more
it's a brachiosaurus not a brontosaurus and nice backflip at minecon .
I was at school and counted down from 10 to 1 and when I said, a bell began at school and call : D
title should have been "I know my dinosaurs!"
Apatosaurus trex and torosaurus
i dont snap my fingers. i shade in the red with my marker finger.
Wow stupid iPod. Anyway! I find it sad that it took me a minute to understand the derivative/ tangent joke and I was a straight A student in Calculus.
he's so fricken hot *-* <333 i am in love with him
CAPTAIN you DO have the ability to point to stuff (time 3:00 of vid) Use the cursor Lol
That's a ornithocheirus not a velociraptor
Jordan its not just u i was waiting at a stoplight for a long time them im like god dang it! and i snapped my fingers and it turned green lol
yes i did jordan with my friend Daniel. snap our fingers and the light goes on. Works every time ...for him
Some dude sniped another dude on the Ways To Die thing
My FN PS90 Carbine is my best defense
Fuck i cant take these retards in every happy wheel video yelling PEWDIE is better or some nova shit , they everywhere!
i believe in present day it's lowered to 50% smarts
@JADGamers T-Rex were in the Cretaceous period, they were in the last few million years of it, around the 65 million year ago mark :)
Dont blink dont look away and dont blink. They are fast. Faster than you could ever imagine so dont look away and dont blink! ( I believe I got the majority of that right sorry if I screwed up somewhere)
He's right U HAVE to know your dinos
It said Eject Z next to the van on Police Chase
a velociraptor doesn't even fly, google search it.
Lolz, in the beginning of this video you said not to look at your face because you needed to get a haircut and everything but in your latest video in Happy Wheels (ep. 29) you look exactly the same! XD I just love your hair it looks so nice and it doesnt look like you have changed at all between this video and all the new ones. Btw, keep up with the great videos Jordan. You ROCK! ♥
say that to the boy i kicked in the nose at age 6 or 7 or maaybe 5
WRONG!!! Our thumbs are not bad defence, that means we can hold weapons
it some weird therory you can have 33% strength, 33% smarts, and 33% speed or 'you can have like humans 10% strength, 88% smarts, and 2% speed
No they are 6-10 feet not the size of a chicken
yah doctor who for the win!!!!!!!!!
The next day, CaptainSparklez skydives I am like 0_0
Pewdiepie is a guy that does videos of various games with his friend cry. Like amnesia anna etc..
i allllllllways scroll through the comments before i watch the vidios :D
I think I was staring at your face the whole time
I agree with Jordan we can't defend ourselves without making weapons when we use our fists we just lose to the wilderness
"Doctor? Weeping angels, anyone?" Oh my goodness, Jordan, you just rose like four hundred bajilllion points on the hotness meter. Dude, you're already good-looking, but stir in your minecraft parkour skills and Whovian-ness and good gosh, you're better-looking than John Barrowman and David Tennant combined. OH OH OH and also, Ten is my doctor. Always.
actually velociraptor fully grown where the sizre of emus.
Brontosaurus was not a real dinosaur, it was a mistake where a head got associated with a headless skeleton improperly. What you were probably looking at was an apatosaurus. :)
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