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Blast from the past! Detonation 100% fc

by UKOGmonkey • 8,168 views

This song is so good, decided to play it again and fc'd it a few times this morning. I saw Trivium live a few days ago at Download festival and it gave me an urge to play this haha. Also there is a...

whst tuning are you playin in bruh?
2 years later and still no thumbs down. Hail UKOGmonkey!
Agree 100%, The whole of the In Waves album is rather average :/
I saw them back in september of 2011. They opened for dream theater, and omg did they do one hell of a show!
haha not really out of nowhere, I think this is my 14th fc of the song lol
That shitty GH2 hammer ons it piss me off
TDWP shirt... get in my bed, u manly hunk of man
only reason you haven't hit it HAS to be for lack of trying, c'mon blue...
Or release GH 1 and Rock the 80's as HD downloads in marketplace
Mother of god!! gh2 is the best =) nice fc george u should put a video of hangar 18 with hands it would be sexy n.n
UKOG's poor guitar, so many xD ill-treats her
Freakin' George. Out of nowhere. I haven't even hit 1B yet.
wow, this is so much harder on xbox lol, really nice job george!
nice, im going to see trivium live at graspop in 2 weeks (: i hope their good live since its my favorite band xd
George, Did Jadon freak out over this video yet?
That is completely different then what I am saying? There is a huge difference between simply playing a guitar and shooting someone..
Honestly any song you pros FC is ALWAYS out of nowhere to me
I wish we got this song in RB3 instead of that new In Waves crap. Trivium was better back then.
y cant i see the note streak thing whenever u hit like a 25 note streak
Can you go for a Parahelia FC on Rock Band?
hell yeah, I saw them at Rock am Ring in Germany, they were amazing!
good sh*t kid. love this song and trivium. epic fc
I remember my mom wouldn't let me play in the gym level cause the score 666 in the back. She also didn't let me use this character because of the pentagrams on his
That would be great too :D rock the 80's full song list in rock band for 20€ or $ whatever :D
I've hit 1B once and never again lololol I'll see them live in september :)
Ahhh, when this game was fun, cool and hip. I miss it :(
Gh2 has the best hopo engine to date imo, gh3 and gh:wt sucks so much. I wish harmonix would release the whole crusade album in rockband3 and 2 :D
trivium really impressed me at download. steel panther too.
how do you have a les paul that hasnt broken yet -.-
That is true. I haven't tried nearly as much as other things.
Do a video of you playing guitar in real life.
Wooo Download :D Trivium were amazing, I was on the right side of the crowd in circle pit territory, it was manic :D Great FC as always :)
At 3:26, he passed 386,000. Like so he can see.
is anyone nearly as good as you at console gh/rb?
that means you dont know how to hold the guitar :> hohohohohuhuhuhuhauoahoaahhheheheehhihihihi teehee and onther cute sarcastic stuffs :P
Devil Wears Prada T-shirt...they are awesome..well done sir!!
games without the ability to turn tilt off are impossible to get good scores with this guitar. It goes instantly pretty much all the time :/
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