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Top Ten Scariest Game Of All Time

by Kah Weng Chok • 667,091 views

The is the top ten list by Gametrailer about scary games. Thanks for the 100,000++ views. Thank you very very very very much.

hmm what about alone in the dark, Nocturne and undying?. its worth to be mention.  
Thank you for putting the correct game at #1, and not some other game just because it is newer and has better graphics. I have played a lot of games since then, like Dead Space, and most of the Resident Evil games, but nothing has crept me out and drawn me into the story as much as Silent Hill did. Had some of the best looking cut scenes of its time, too.
Wait Dead space was released before/on 2008?
I couldn't agree more on Silent Hill. Silent Hill gives me nightmare, especially The Room with the haunting in the apartment and the getting chase around by ghost.
I couldn't stand The Room, it was nothing like Silent hill to me. I actually found out it was not originally even meant to be a silent hill game at all
I love how he says "Amazing graphics" And that has crappy graphics compared to today's graphics
I remember once playing a clock tower game... It was a SNES game that predated the one on this list... I think it is called "Clock Tower: The first fear" in america.. But anyway i was playing it on a emulator on my computer and i had barely played 5 minutes before being chased by the scissorman... And i gotta say those few seconds i could actually stand the feeling of being chased and the sound of the scissors coming closer and closer was enough to haunt me for a week and in the end i had to completely stop playing the game and i have NEVER played it since....
Clive Barker's Undying ??? Or that's scarry genre not horror?
This is just bullshit, Call Of Duty is the scariest game ever made by man.
Scariest games i've played Silen hill 1 Silent hill 2 Silent hill 3 Eternal darkness Resident evil game cube remake Resident evil 4 Dead space 1 Dead space 2
Oh yeah?! Oh yeah?! 1) Deadspace 2) Undying
In my opinion... Darkseed isn't scary, it's just gross. What a quaint general store with a little bit of everything for day to day existence! Alien vs. Predator isn't that scary. I knew Silent Hill was going to be at #1. I think the Nancy Drew games are scarier point and click games then Darkseed. I know people will disagree with me here but, I think Marble Madness is the scariest game ever made. JUST LIKE A GENIE!   
Agreed.  I would have replaced Darkseed with Killer7.  Killer7 was so insane with his maddening story and invisible enemies.  The only scary part of Darkseed was its gorgeous art style.
Silent Hill series are all creepy to say the least. What about Dead Space 1 and 2? I heard RLH Run Like Hell is fairly scary. I still have that controller shake from Eternal Darkness and beating that game made me feel like a gravely wounded hero who is slumped to ground glinching his gut while breathing heavily saying 'it's over, it's finally over'.
Silenthill is definitely one of the scariest games i´ve ever played, among Amnesia.
If Nintendo patented video game insanity, how are other games like Amnesia: the Dark Descent using it?
Silent Hill 3 will always be my favorite horror game of all time :)
I love how when they get to darkseed, they don't talk about it at all other than the concept
Hey guys, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to state the original "Alone in the Dark" as the scariest.  That game made me piss my pants.  Honestly, I'm surprised it's not on here at all.
From the beginning I was expecting Silent Hill to be somewhere at the top
Wanna know scary ? Play killer 7 in esquizofrenia mode. It´s a mode I created. How do you play it ? Play on hard mode with the volume off. Pure masochism.
I'll be honest. I recently played Silent Hill........never playing it again. Even with the lights on, I couldn't bring myself to play it. It was just. that. terrifying.
the ambients makes it more scary too thats why i love it ^_^
Shadowgate didn't make the cut? Seriously?!?
Alan Wake? Dead Space? Hello! Horrible list
I'm glad they made silent hill #1. I love that game. I could play it for hours on end.
No title screen for game number 5 "The Suffering"? Also should have omitted a few of the "very"s in the description and put a list of these games too.
When was this list made? 2003...?
Where's Dead Space, Fear 3??? Man Hunt???
what about phantasmagoria?   that was my favorite game as a kid.  
i love silet hill sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you like Silent Hill? Just a little bit? I can't tell...
Honestly, Silent Hill frustrated me more than scared me, still crazy nerve wrecking at times.
7:18 chills down my spine... Five of my favourite games are in this top ten, with my all time favourite in the first position, amazing.
F.E.A.R 1 was the most terrifying game for me
I would have replaced Darkseed with Killer7.  Killer7 was so unsettling with the giggling Heaven Smiles and INSANE storyline.  The only thing scary about Darkseed was his art style.  HR Giegar was a genius.
Lol.... 'Banal' {Bay-nul} - adjective - Someone obssesed with the mundane :)
clock tower and fatal frame, scary shit
Again, Silent Hill isnt scary, its BORING.
+Zoie Kiger The games are creepy, the movies not so much. The first movie was kind of creepy, but epic. The second movie was kind of was based off of Silent Hill 3 and honestly the movie was very dumb in comparison to the game
The original Silent Hill always wins these things because it truly deserves the title; it's very scary.  My girlfriend and I played it all the way through, beginning to end, after we RENTED it from BLOCKBUSTER back in 1999.  I'm fucking old, and I also miss that particular girl from my past.  If I ever saw her again, I'd silent her hill......or something......that didn't work out like I planned.
Got interested in your story. Would it be too personal to ask you why did you broke up with that girl?
nice ranking... i personally think Fatal frame saga is more scariest than silent hill saga, but is only my opinnion, great video!!
Wow, someone states their opinion about liking something more than the other without actually hating on anything! This is the most surprising thing i've seen ever.
the hate is unnecesary, is the weapon of the cowards... all can share opinions without problems ^^
Silent Hill 2 Phantasmagoria Eternal Darkness and the original Resident Evil these game scared the shit out of me as a kid!!!
I personaly would add "F.E.A.R." (the first) and "Alone in the dark" ^^...
silent hill was pure hell.
I played and finished Silent Hill a mounth ago. Now, I play it again on next fear mode... It's more than terrifying!
The plot of "Darkseed" reminds me of the Japanese visual novel "Song of Saya." I wouldn't be surprised if the former inspired the latter.
Silent Hill is one of the best things ever made. Not only in games, I mean EVER.
why does the dude at 3:07 look kinda like slenderman? anyone realize it or is it just me?
RE remake is the best imo
my first PC game was the resident evil 2 and honestly i am still fan of this series though the game is not more scary in now a days but still a great horror game for me. after that the silent hill will i call the real horror game man gave me chills a lot. and suffering i still couldn't dare to play this game in the darkness.
how can anyone making a scariest game montage without including the all time most horrible DEAD SPACE 
Dead Space is not scary
Dead Space is scary but it owes alot to many of the games on this list. :)
Clock Tower & Silent hill
i kinda expected to see dead space in there but oh well
It's Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.
Fatal Frame 2.  There's a Wii version available too that pretty cheap.
Fatal Frame 3 is scarier than Fatal Frame 2 imo. Silent Hill 2 is scarier than Silent Hill 1
This is the kind of the top lists where they put everything to satisfy everyone. But i believe 2-3 shooters in here simply shouldnt be here. You want to know how it feels to be scared? try Silent Hill 1 and 2.
Clock Tower is definitely scary. Especially the snes one
+TheOneWhenDone01 More for the fact that yo can't control the F*cking cursor the way you want because the directional pad... (I only played the PSX version, but i think is similar if not identical)
Yes. I tried to control it using the mouse but it only works with the controller. The controls are terrible when you have to control the cursor using a D-Pad.
Silent Hill 3 is the most scariest game ever!
Give it a few years, Outlast would rank pretty fucking high on this list.
Resident evil 4 by far
Silent hill is nice.. most scary game i've played ever :D when i was a kid
I almost wholeheartedly agree with this list.  The exceptions are 3 and 6; Resident Evil and Doom 3.  In both cases you quickly end up too heavily armed for most of what's there to frighten you and, while they're proficient in the art of jump scare, the requisite atmosphere of dread is largely absent.  I might put RE further down the list and not have Doom if I were doing this, maybe toss one in of the Amnesias, SCP: Containment Breach, Clive Barker's Undying (definitely not Jericho), Condemned Criminal Origins, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth or maybe even I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.  I'm something of a horror game connoisseur, even though I don't do horror movies, and this is just my opinion.
OUTLAST should be on this list  
do you have psp resident evil 
I honestly think that Tomb Raider 3 should be in the list
If Nintendo patented the video game insanity mechanic why aren't they suing the creators of Amnesia?
the suffering is NOT scary at all.
Silent Hill was my very first horrorgame in my life as a 12 year old boy... the incidental mental damages, that i got from sh1 - and now being a serious crazy freak ass Quentin Tarantion Nr.2 - was fully worth it. In short words: Silent Hill changed my life and I'm loving it.
Silent Hill and Fatal Frame are definitely both in my personal top 10 scariest.
What's your scariest game ? For me Condemmed
Never knew there was a game of cthulhlu.
I can add Project Zero (Fatal Frame) to my list and the original Resident Evil.  
Hmm... how about Last Half of Darkness?
silent hill 2 was also pretty damn scary
"It.............hurts........You........... too?" - Broken neck woman Fatal Frame 2
Silent Hill! yes!!!!
none of the FEAR games ?
Corpse Party and Clock Tower would definitely be on my Top 10 Horror Games list
Fatal Frame was freaky as hell…no pun intended. 
What Happened with Nightmare Creatures 2??
F.E.A.R 3 for me No1
what version of Resident Evil was that???
Resident Evil 1: Remake for Nintendo GameCube....A very hard and scary game.
No Waxworks? I have no mouth and I must scream? Ex Mortis?  We need a retro horror list.
I smell Resident Evil fan outrage inbound
This is my favorite list. They nailed it, they understand the concept of ALL TIME and not just what's hip to the kids these days, games that were influential and broke new ground to give us the more current titles that the whipper snappers of today are like "Oh, why isn't [insert current title] on here?". Well, first off this list was made back in 2006, It didn't exist, but owes it's success to these games that opened a new boundaries and did a hell of job doing so.
See? Silent Hill is more of wierd than scary.
The original Resident Evil scared the shit out of me..
what's the music used for system shock  ?
Amnesia is best served in...Amnesia:D
Nightmare creatures for playstation
I would say, F.E.A.R, and Project Origin had pretty scary moments (occasionally you get used to those) and gave that uneasy feeling while playing. Same with S.T.A.L.K.E.R games (first encounter with either bloodsucker or poltergeist in X-18...f*ck that was well made), I would say both franchises should be mentioned here.
I totally agree about STALKER SHOC... probably my all time favorite game!
i played silent hill when i was like 13 and beat the whole game and im 26 now but i still cant hear sirens without feeling so uneasy or looking at dark dirty places without thinking something is there and my nightmares have never been the same ever since, yea silent hill really changed my life somehow not to mention i beat all silent hill 2 3 4 and origins but 1 was just too disturbing i think becuz the graphics and music idk what it was but it still scares me and i have beat the game like 15 times but it still scares me everytime i play it even if i know whats going to happen
Outlast would probably be here if it was made now. It's like Clock Tower, but with more gruesome visuals. And... Siren... The music... make it stop... Anyway, you'd think the ability to see from the perspective of crazed villiagers turned zombies would ease the tension. Even if it does, it still makes for a disturbing experience. The shibito are disturbing, relentless, and tough. To make matters worse, insane visuals, unsettling sound effects, and what can debatably be called music. It shows how far the video game industry has come.
police = protection and good?
The fatal frame series is number 1 to me, in my own humble opinion. But yes. silent hill is way up there too. I just find fatal frame's gameplay element(the camera) gives it the edge, whereas both series have great atmosphere.
How did Parasite Eve not make this countdown??
There was also a game called "D" on the Sega Saturn... The end was fucking stupid but the entire game leading up to that was terrifying...
What, no Dead Rising, Alice, Grist, Dead Space, or The 7th Guest? Those should at least get honourable mention.
7th guest maybe. This list is way too old. Dead rising isn´t scary, alice is disturbing, Dead space is pretty meh. You should play resident evil 1 or silent hill 4. They really scare the hell out of one. Specially the later.
I've always been tempted to but never have played a Silent Hill.  I'll start with 4, thanks.
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