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"Exodus" by Henry Mancini

by excelsiorray436 • 865,401 views

I love this version of this epic song.

Just trying to clear up the confusion here. The theme song , Exodus, that we all love is from the 1960 movie entitled Exodus starring Paul Newman. There is another movie entitled, The Holy Bible Exodus. The song we are listening to here is NOT from that movie. It is definitely from the Exodus movie from 1960. Research it and you will see what I am saying.
No  confusion.  This is music is from a movie about a real event. The bible is not a real event.  Jedi is the way.  And may the Force be with you.
+LongJohn Silver Let's be clear, are you saying God doesn't exist?
Valérie Sigisbert Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Bonjour à tous!! Une bien belle musique pour commencer la journée!
+Valérie Sigisbert Et envolée ..t'es une championne !!  Bisous et bonne Soirée ..
+Annie Fontaine Bisous ma p'tite mère!! Heureusement, une mère sert toujours !!!! Gros bisous Belle soirée
A powerfull song. Liberation for some people but not for others. Such a shame.
Maya Vencer Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
The confusion this that this modern Exodus movie (with this theme) is about Jewish Holocaust victims and Palestine, and is not about the Biblical Exodus which is also about Jewish history.
Hermosas bandas sonoras amigo, gracias mil, tiene usted muy buen gusto, Felicitaciones Javier Gonzalez camuñas . Dios le bendiga cielo.................
+Asac Nar encantado de compartir y gracias a ti. Un abrazo
Exodus, embalou meus sonhos na juventude, quando ia ao cinema. era a música de abertura das cortinas para inicio das sessões. Linda, melodiosa, triste e fascinante.
Such a beautiful score of music indeed!
Not By Henry Mancini...Ernest Gold....Andrew " Thank you for being a friend."  Gold's father.
"Exodus" by Henry Mancini:
Frank Zane brought me here. Respect for the Chemist...
To the Jews everywhere in the World. Shalome
 Epic movie, Epic theme music, Epic composer.
Não tem como esquecer, recorda minha infancia no cinema, assistindo os grandes filmes com suas grandes musicas elaboradas por grandes homens como Henry Mancini
I have record album from the movie.
Superb!  Long Live Henry Mancini! The music is so powerful that you can hear it with your heart, it pulsates to your innermost senses and even your soul would like to soar up to the high heavens by its melody!  
Μεγαλειώδης μουσική γιά τον ''περιούσιο'' λαό 
Esse foi o tema de meu casamento em 1972. Hoje com 42 anos de casados ainda curtimos o tema e lembramos de tudo daquele dia...
Ben Kingsley, not Charleston Heston, played Moses in the Exodus movie.  Heston played Moses in The Ten Commandments movie. 
When I was in Iraq sometimes I imagined I could hear this as the sun began rise in the morning sky. There is a tragic beauty to the land and it saddens me that many of the locals I knew will probably not survive the present wave of horrors.
God...please bring peace to us all......
Beautiful and Powerful  at the same time
Saw the movie as a child,,was very moved,,, when i hear this,well,I'm still moved.
Une musique que je vais composer et jouer avec l'orchestre d'harmonie de cournon d'auvergne
Maravilhoso, parabéns!
viele dank ¡wunderbar.¡
It is Ernest Gold, not Mancini!
Yes, the piece is written by Ernest Gold, but Henry Mancini arranged the piece for his orchestra.  Beautiful!! 
One of my truly favorite orchestrations.  Sit back, close your eyes and relax..........just beautiful!
Great tune - though what a view 
+Bilge çakır Thanks Bilge am glad you liked this one 
 love this music always have even when a little kid growing up my gerandmother would but the album of rapsody in blue on i would sit and rock on the floor while listening my grandmother would tell me and i would stay for the whole album and  at this time i was between 4 and 5 years old.
José Gonçalves Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This is one of the greatest melodies ever composed...Mancini....a giant..I never knew until my partner played me the track "Fallout" from Peter Gunn...This is my fave version from the man..
AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for posting this
thanks to much , this is one of my favourites melodies, I could listen this song thousand of times and I wouldn't be tired, always, always I've loved this song during all my life I've read the Leon Uris's book many timess  and I have also seen the film many times from Catalonia free peaceful and democratic oppressed by Spain
I was about 10 when this movie came out. My family and I went to the Drive-in and watched. I remember the song more then the movie, but still remember them both because of this song. Over 50 years and there has not been a time in my life I did not remember this. It was that powerful of an impression of Israel's right to fight for freedom.
Listen to Mantovani doing it.
Great movie and beautiful score. John Barry and Henry Mancini were the best film soundtrack musicians of our time.
The original Exodus theme was written by Ernest Gold, but Mancini's version is very popular.
+Steve M. Thanks for info Steve. I just know Mancini's version touches my heart. I can see the children of Israel on their journey when I listen to his score. 
Cam'ron-Killa Season sample lol
Καλημερα Αδερφε...........
Markus Christener Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Henry Mancini      "Exodus"
joseph grignard Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Magnifique ! ! !
primule rossa Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Liberaci dalla schiavitù di Faraone e donaci la terra Promessa a i Padri
Bello, grandiosamente bello!  E il Bello esprime sempre anche il Vero e il Giusto.
This is not by Henry Mancini, but by Ernest Gold.
J'ai cette musique chantée par Édith Piaf, merveilleuse chanteuse et les paroles sont superbes et font venir les larmes au yeux. Il faut dire que j'adore cette chanteuse. Malheureusement plus de ce monde
Henry Mancini and Percy Faith have composed the most beautiful music for your ears to here. I listen to this every chance I get and it is so relaxing to the heart.
" Jehovah is the only true living God "  Psalms 83:18   I live to do his will, not mine  Proverbs 3:5,6   I take notice of my God in everything I do, in every way, trying to walk on the path of righteousness,  so help me God.  
VITO PINO Guardo Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
This theme is from Ernest Gold or I'm wrong?
Exacto! Una canción épica, bella en su narrativa y expresión. La impresión inicial se presenta en mi recuerdos de niñez cuando mi fantasía me llevaba a mundos lejanos, la suavidad de su desarrollo me lleva a mi adolescencia llena sentimientos y el final me hace vivir la actualidad.
I saw this film in New York in 1960, when I was 22 years old... it impressed me very deeply. And the music is just GREAT, one of my favorite themes. I must confess I fell in love wit an actress in the film named Alexandra Stewart, never again seen in a movie. What a pitty... :-)
Hermosa interpretación. Gracias por compartirla. Famosa por la película con grandes actores. Histórica.
The minor key in this song is so beautiful. Well done by Henry Mancini.
영화 " Exodus"의 주제곡, TV '주말의 영화'의 시그널 뮤직으로 우리에게 많은 사랑을 받았다. Exodus: 성서의 출애급기는 제목에서 보듯이 히브리 노예들이 모세의 인도로 이집트를 탈출하는 이야기로 이는 역사상 最古, 最大규모의 탈출이다. 이제는 고인이 된 '폴 뉴먼'이 유태인 지하조직의 간부로 출연한 영화 'Exodus'는(1960작) 이스라엘의 건국에 얽힌 이야기를 스펙터클한 화면에 담은 할리우드 고전으로, 유태인들의 유랑과 곡절을 그려낸 이 영화의 장중한 주제곡은 영화 이상으로 알려져 있다. 이 영화로 '폴 뉴먼'은 무슬림 아랍 여러 국가로부터 입국금지조치를 받게 되고 1차대전 이후 미국의 지원하에 이뤄진 이스라엘 건국으로 끝 없이 벌어지는 중동의 분쟁은 논외로 하고... 한때 명절이면 마을에 TV가 한대 있는 집에 가거나 마침내 아버지의 지갑이 두꺼워져서 우리도 갖게 된 흑백TV 앞에 가족들과 모여서 밤 늦도록 방송사의 재탕 삼탕메뉴인 "바람과 함께 사라지다, 닥터 지바고, 대지, 벤허, 쿼바디스, 사운드 오브 뮤직"을 신기한 눈으로 보고 다음날 낮이면 충혈된 눈으로 재방송까지 보고 또 보며 명절이 끝나면 다음 명절을 기다리곤했던, 다 같이 가난했지만 행복했던 시절이 있었다. 생일이면 좋았고 용돈이 좋았고 명절 음식이 좋기만했던 그때의 소중했던 기억, 그 행복이 지금은 어디에 있을까? 신세계를 보여주며 안방, 비싼 케비닛에 보관되던 흑백TV는 화려한 색상만큼이나 풍요로운 세상을 자랑하는 컬러TV의 물결에 어디론가 사라졌고 그렇게 살림이 넉넉해진 우리는 뭔가에 쫓겨 소중한 것들을 잊은 것처럼 보인다.
This isn't Mancini, it's Ernest Gold.
Que la nature est belle,bon dimanche.
유경인 Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
YouTube에서 이 동영상을 확인하세요.
not religious but a clasical all time great .stirring
I can still visualize Charlton Hesston dividing the Red Sea, whenever I listen to this. Lenny K. 
Somehow that doesn't come to mind.  I think of the movie and the birth of Isreal
So beautiful it soars and the background suits it perfectly.
The Lord is magnificent! ♥♥
At least, that's what it says in the Bible.  Perhaps God is different than that, but I do not know.
What we must realize is that God gives, God takes. His name says it all: He is God, the creator of all things. It is good and loving to all who walk with Him That is my opinion. ♥
Elena Almeida Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
uncle Chu Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Êxodus é a musica mais linda que já ouví, Henry Mancini, Mireille Mathieu, Percy Faith, todos esses artistas o interpretam muito bem.
ΤΑ ΛΟΓΙΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΕΡΙΤΑ ΓΙ'ΑΥΤΟ ΤΟ ΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΡΓΗΜΑ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw the movie and loved this song.
This symphony was composed by, Ernest Gold to be Exact! 
" I'm going my way to the father, because the father is GREATER THAN I AM. "  Jesus statement.  John 14:28  ( not my words, but Jesus )
Música clássica mundial. Linda. Espetacular. Tema do filme do mesmo nome. Inesquecível.
Mitchell Braniff Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Not the original theme but this this version truly is GOLD
this is my lovely song in Hong Kong.
I agree with JG Hulva.  The song is much more impressive than the movie ever was.  Henry Mancini had so many great songs.  What an artist
... film e musica stupenda !!!...
What a musical score. Very moving, touching, sensitive and powerful.
Found an 8 track of this song/soundtrack in an old El Camino. stuck with me ever since. Great song. Thanks for uploading. :-)
I heard this song back at 12 yrs old and fell in love with it  and still  today at 60 this song bring the chills on completely through my body... i could listen to this song over and over for hours.. this song is one that moves me in all directions in my  mind .......wowwwww   how i love this song .... Peace All - sharen
Great soundtrack written by Ernest Gold.
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