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MADNESS CONTINUES! - Paranormal - Part 2 - Free Indie Horror Game. (+Download)

by PewDiePie • 1,657,908 views

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2015 and watching this.
I meant to call my little sister "Lia" but I paused the video and yelled "JEREMY" 😂😂😂
+dan mail Damn you and your demonic ways X'D
This is still one of my favorite play-throughs. <3 Bro-fist!
omg, funny true story. It doesnt really have anything to do with pewdie but, he reminded me of it when he said snake. So, pretty much, me and my good friends were watching sinister. One of my good friends, lets call her....Jess! So yeah, me and jess watch a lot of youtube ( too much) including KSI. So when KSI played paranormal he shouted SNAKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING when the box moved, but he was relating to a game, not sinister. So, when it came to the box moving I shouted SNAKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING and me and jess laughed about it. But then the guy lifted the box and it was a snake me and jess looked at each other like. Jess: did you know? Me: no! Jess: OH THIS SHIT JUST GOT REAL!
I had a similar coinceadince ( I DONT FUKING CARE ABOUT SPELLIGN thank u ) but I don't remember it right now
Wow that was HELERIOUS
She always calls me when shes drunk. Love this guys so much! 
I lolled watching Jeremy fall down the stairs
Holy hell, the narrator is the guy who plays as vince ackermen from lyosacks
"She always calls me when she's drunk." "We are the table Pewdie!" I'm sending Pewds an ultra small Jeremy.
watched ksi play and knew pewdiepie would be way funnier
Am I the  only one who thinks that the dude at the start voice sounds a little bit like MrCreepyPasta?
he is always to screem and moove too quickly his screen this disepointed me 
I think this is the 13th time ive watched this series :D
Jump scares.. there so awesome
Has anyone realized that without sound the jumpscares don't affect you as much
Me: COLE cole: what bitch Me: WATCH DIS WIF ME HOE cole: fine slut watches video then looks at my brother Me: have a good time watching 😏 Cole: I freaking hate u Me: shaddup u love me ☺️
What is wrong with jeremy and his satanic ways he needs to go play like a normal boy
Can someone draw Sora, Kairi, Riku, Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Xion, Axel, and Namine from Kingdom hearts in Amnesia: the dark descent? Please. Like someone experimented on them, but that experiment went wrong, and they go chains around their right arms or right lags, no eyes just black sockets, cuts and gashes on the bodies. They have to have their normal clothes on, and with iron collars around their necks.So please someone draw that for me. If you do can you send me the deivenart link. Names Holli Nichole Darby.Thank you.^_^
Thank you Carla espinoza. Hey where the photo you said you`ed draw?
And you swallow 😎😎😎
I have one of those 'Jeremy' drawing figures in my room and I kept looking at it during the video...
I thought the fire alarm was in my house and got very confused, as we don't have a fire alarm that I know of.
i shrunk the size of the page because of the jumpscares xD 
drunk piewdiepie? :D
Bloody jumpscares!! XD Jeremy should keep his satanic rituals under control!
Pewds: IM GONNA TAKE A PISS  wait a minute im not a girl im not on my period                                                          jumpscare Pewds: FUCK TAKING A PISS Pewds: ow my toe I stubbed my toe like a bro
JEREMY!!!!!!!! JEREMY!!!!!!!!!!! He has been in Anna too!!! (CREEPY!!)
If pewdie was a parent with Jeremy, a child of demonic sacrifices.
its a cool game but u should play thief i know u can get it on ps4 and u should try prototype 2 is a great game :-)
Jeramy is going to kill you
This is the creepiest episode of yours I've ever seen! :D
Fave part beep beep beep contuines Pewds: what the hell is going on Oh your dojng the demon sacrifice Me: jermey what r u doin u creepin me out
The bored brings ghost in your house and you talk to ghost
"Go to school and learn stuff!" -PewDiePie 2012
Jeremy needs to get his sh!t under control XD
i should not watch this fucking crap at 1:00 in the morning lol
Indie mean india or indonesia ,haha sorry im stupid
did anyone else hear about the eliot rodgers shooting? well this narrator in the game's voice sounds JUST like him O.O ;-;
Pewdie, you're a riot. Nice show. Thanks for the thrill.
love it!!!!! nomoredemonic sacrifaces jerimth
F**k you Jeremy damn I got scared every time he popped up!
i dont understand this game(???) but ill watch it anyway ;)
I feel the need to say this in all caps for some reason... DON'T FUCK WITH OUIJA BOARDS!
Paranormal Activity:The Game
U r so mean to everyone pewds
Jesus Christ Jeremy stop scaring pewds and go to school you little shit
4:27 it is funny 555555555555555+++ ^/////^ 
I can't believe he didn't see one of the fish dissapear
I bet Jeremy's working with the BARRELS!!!!! D:<
I just looked at the comments and laughed I watch the video and almost died of laughter so funny
oh thats pewdiepie :D 
6:01 i jumped at the knocking ima pussy damn it
i stub my toe like a bro
jeramy was not supposed to bring friends over without my permission
Ahh..ahh. i stubbed my a bro
Bad Jeremy!!!!!!! your grounded for a week!!
oh jeremy you are creepy
The eyes on the statue where following him
scary man scary peeded my pants 
When pewds screams JERMEY it scares me more then the game itself
Ouija is pronounced (wee jee) board
6:00 he made me laugh so hard when he got scared
Your mom should stop calling you after a long night XD
lol random aways calls me whens their drunk wtf guys.LOL!!!!!!!HAHAHA
this game scared the sh!t out of me !!!  :D
yamimash did a better job than u
I screamed at 6:00 and shut the video off. Thank god you make these games funny! :D
Thats what ubget 4 making period jokes Felix!!! Sorry!
My dog and I are sharing my food. :3
Why are you talking to yourself?
I'm not... I was talking to Jeff but he deleted his account
This is not a horror video it's funny
why is it that the background in pewdys house is dark
He waits til it's dark out to play horro
you must play more amnesia
That's what happens when you use a ouji board ;D I don't disbelieve or believe in ghosts/paranormal things but for some reason i still would never ever touch a ouji board.
Pewds is so funny when he got scared
pause at 1:26 and you will have the time of your life! lol xD
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