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Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard Play Hard [Music Video]

by Atlantic Records • 86,779,417 views

New album O.N.I.F.C. available in stores/online now. Download on iTunes here: Watch the best videos on YouTube from Wiz Khalifa here:...

Thumbs up if you listening in 2015! XD
Oh sorry but yea totally #teamwiz👌👌 just after that Vinnie Paul Diaz person made that rude comment it ticked me off
22 Jump Street anyone?
my name is jeff
XD this guy has good beats and choruses but HORRIBLE verses. Why dont you kids THINK ABOUT what your saying. It would make you way more successful, look at past rappers. Plus his guy was friends with Snoop,  Wiz should know better.
+MrAwesomesauce101 Its called internal rhyme scheme bra, I was just on a (plane) nga, 100 bottle (champagne) nga."
For some reason, i think black pepole should stop saying the N word... 
i think it shouldn't be said at all. it means ignorant and i dont care what it means anyways its a horrible word.
Hey I mean nigga is just what black ppl say I'm black and my family BARELY says it but its all in the music we listen to so hey its just like wassup dude instead you say nigga
My Lyrics Impression dfsaghfjhsadfhj Nigga jhdsjhfjashdfjhdf Nigga hdfhsadfhashf Nigga hsdgfasdgfjsdhj Nigga
Damn... I respect VideoGamer now... That third one got me rolling on the floor... And I was never meaning the lyrics thing towards you but cradily... I thought he meant the impression towards the song.
My brother has around 50,000  #yOUTUBEvIEWS   he used: **|-|IPVIEWS D0T COM**
Somebody has been rummaging through my stuff looking for that fuck I never gave
+Ben Todd My god! It's so small! Does it even exist? :O
My brother Jason smells like ballz
hard to listen to music that repeats N word it's had mad potential
Literally has been "overused" since the day it was invented.
Yeah. Kinda uncomfortable if you're white! (Or even black)! :P
This type of music makes me more successful.
i love listing to this song when i workout
Dude needs spend them long moneys on a gym membership to work hard on getting some muscle on his skinny ass.
And you need to shut the fuck
Why even bother, i'd rather smoke weed in their position. But i'm not rich (yet) so I have to be in decent shape
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Oh wow! His profile says he's humble! Yeah right, dipshit! >.<
Eu aqui do Brasil , invadindo o youtube americano . 
Nois ahshaushua brbrbrbrbr
who from 22 Jump Street  ? :3  :)   
I came because i like wiz
22 Jump Street! Hell yeah!
only 78 million views. this some wack underground shit
I think hes trying to say is that the veiws on this video since its not a vevo channel, like type in a artist and it should have vevo in it the name, and it doesnt matter on how much itunes of how much people purchase it, but he still makes millions.
I wish i could be black xD i always wanted to be a gangsta
Thats ignorant, not gonna lie though I wanted to be a gangsta growing up too, but I was terrified by the thought of ever killing someone
+Zak Lambert Damn straight i hate the police in United states for being handcuffed because of nothing but racism
Its funny cuz he has no talent and doesn't work hard.
He certainly doesn't work hard compared to the rest of America, but to say he has no talent is juvenile. If you think it's so easy, do it. And don't just make hit songs...get in shape, travel the globe, and inspire millions. Good luck.
Top Five movie trailer anyone?
guys who answer i would be happy for my entire life. So, i get very big heartbeat and hardly breath when smoking weed. I get some panic attack kinda stuff next to it. How could i enjoy the weed again? I get shit or dangerous weed? My body working perfect no heart or lung problems. PLEASE HELP IVE BEEN SMOKING FOR 4 YEARS WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?!
probably they rigged the weed to get a more hardcore effect , that or you smoked 5 joints without eating or something 
When Wiz was still Wiz.
Work Hard, Yes, Play Hard, Yes
+Shreyas Sarangi this song is older than play hard by david guetta 
Wiz you get a thumbs up from me. I'm a white girl. I love the beat. Why all the hate? I find it very funny people hate but they still listen and comment. I have said it before there are people that I don't like to listen to and you won't find me listening to them or commenting on them whatsoever. Music is for my enjoyment and entertainment, period. If you don't like it move on.
Lame lyrics, I'm sorry but this guy is overrated. I hate how the N word is just repeated so many times, maybe rappers should stop using that word. The chorus is good though. 
i am cricchi madderfuckers and i fuck yours antonio
Let's start a lyrics chain I'll start: Nigga uh Nigga
Songs ok but dang I remember in 2012 this was a hit
Go check out my snippet to "we dem boyz" remix by Jiggsup it's on my playlist support a hard worker
Não joga água fora assim não, la em São paulo ta precisando kkk 3:20
I'm a huge fan!!and thus is a gnarly song.kepp it up wiz
Wao the love that Wiz khalifa songs, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, ah a level not reached him I love street
Ihr amis feiert das noch haus Maus rap ist das haha:D
omg i luv this song!
22 jump street? You mean Fast and Furious 6.
Say what you want about Wiz but tis song is motivating af
hip pop, feat. miley cyrus 
Cade os br (aquela carinha)
my son and i are jammin to this song
"Diamonds all in my brain niggah " Wiz khalifa has a diamond for a brain confirmed
lmaooo that made my day fr cx
Like if your listening in 10098?? 
Savannah Laliberty Shared on Google+ · 7 hours ago
work hard,play hard am i right?
Wiz deservers all of what he got. He has the best style on earth.
I love lisent to this song when i workouts
work hard yes. Play hard yes.
jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa k kra de verga este wachoooooo jaaaaaaaaa se pasa el negro gil este jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
That's a sad sad life I real bad for you
This is gooooooooooood shiiiiiiiiiit my niggas!!!
кто от сыендука?
Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard Play Hard [Music Video]:
is he actually a billionaire if so how?
Спасибо друг хороший клип, музыка мне понравилось)))
Это один из моих любимых художников в этом жанре, Я надеюсь, провести великий день Остерегайтесь
Elroy Atkins Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard Play Hard [Music Video]:
He looks like a big ass cinnamon stick.
Hahahhahaha hahahahahaha a.
Not hateing but saying nigga (not being racist) dosent make it a rap
man  the beat is soo good but too bad it went to a horrible rapper like Wiz  the guys a disgrace 
This bitch is tripping
Heard this shit on a mixtape, wish I could find what the rest of the songs were or the name of the tape!
This song isnt even about working hard.... Just "i got lots of money" fuck this garbage
Josimar García Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
trabajo duro...
i think this the only one  not illuminati --" if he is just tell me i need to know .
He cant fucking dance and he looks like a pre pubescent kid
+AlBrick LEGO MASTER fuck off you stupid cunt go back to putting legos up your arse
What the heck did I do? I was saying that he's got some talent.
Did he say "i got so much money i should start a bank, so much money in front of me it's hard to wank"?
Sorry for my english but someone could explain to me what is going on with the " N word " ? 
I don't exactly know it but I think these black rappers like wiz or the a$ap mob say it as a synonym for for example "brother" or sth else But as I said, I don't know this exactly
bro u think this is racist u neend to get out the rap game just quit listning to rap all n all +Rahul Gupta fuckboi
Hee ain't being racist he is a nigga and so am i
Play Haard !! 👌👌
yo era primero!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's all I do is work hard at my job and play hard when I get paid 😂😎😎😎😎💯💯💪💪👍👍👍💵💵💵💰💰💰💲💲💲💳💳
hát ez mekkora szar :DD es meg a címe is koppintás... arról beszélve h köze nincs a rapphez mert egy rohadt po sztár.... ment a dislike
Csinálj jobbat papi , amúgy meg hatalmas tisztelet neki, neked nem :D 
I like the song... it made me realize that I gotta work hard.. bc I like expensive shit.
Or just be born with a singing voice, where you won't need to work hard at all yet generate $ from the illuminat-controlled generation
Weird how people serve to protect their country not just in the army but other services and get paid shit wages then 'entertainers' like this get paid a fortune. Sad really.
Army men get paid horribly.  The officers also get fairly lacklustre pay-checks too.  I agree that this is a sad reality. 
Thumbs up if u watching in 1990!
alexis cheval Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
What a stupid music for a a stupid child.
Taylor Gang Or Die.....TGOD
jacob caudill Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
one of my favorite songs
I have 999,324,298 views and 56,000 subs
Yolanda Guevara Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Work Hard Play Hard
То же не кг а фунты (175фунты = 80Кг)
Jack Webb Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
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