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@SouljaBoy - BEST SONG EVER (PARODY) @SpokenReasons #FCHW

by Spoken Reasons • 9,072,730 views


this is indeed the best song ever, cuz the white boy on my left, thats my nigga
yup best song ever
dot dot dot swag swag, lmao
It kills me every time!
Look at Chris bosh neck .....woop woop woop look like a ostrich
The first time I walked in and just heard this, I didn't see the video I thought it was soulja boy. Then i saw the video and saw spoken reasons, This guy is pretty good lmao
white boy on my left thats my nigga,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wait a minute.. "yuh cant say nigga"
Soulja boy be like "I need to sign this spoken reasons nigga he remind me of me"
Wtf is that white boy trying to do. He look like he is using a fishing rode
+Tashawn David He is not doing a good job at it.
This mofo said.... Dot dot dot swag swag hell naw
I don't know what this dude is on but he had to much he sounds like crap
Am I the only one notice  he said white boy on my left but Pointed to the right 
This is not the best song ever
this has more views than the actual video
Wish I could like this twice.
lol thats what exactly what soulja boy does now haha
I still the words 👍👍
You mean white boy to right? Not left..
Your POV was left so he said that.
Yo I had to come bac to this video😭😭😭😂😂😂 Watched it wen. It first came out, had me rollin😂😂😭😂
Swag, Swag, look like an ostrich.
Fell off the pony like GINUWINE!
What is he referencing on that part? I know there's a singer named Ginuwine, but I don't get it.
Ginuwine had a hit song called "Pony".
hell naaww ... swaag swagg
Dot Dot Dot Swagg Swagg HaHaH !
I miss Spoken Reasons!
This some funny shiii I like tho keep it up: )
For an amateur he got a good wordplay and nice rhyme schemes. Plus funny humor while rhyming like Eminem. He also got a flow
"dot dot dot swag swag swag swag swag swag" LOL
XD omfg this is so funny
dayum cuh. rick ross does have a fat ass. Oh and btw the white boy wasent on your left m8
he play so muchhhh !!!! i love this make me laugh
What did I just listen too. None of that crap rhymed and the lyrics didn't make sense.
Yea its a terrible parody with no rhymes dumbass
Oh my god when he's at dot dot dot swag swag I almost died
Do you want some snack bruh? LMAOOOOO
Smh, you shouldn't have done that you only provide that you haten hard and looking like a dick head doing it.
+Marcus Winston its for fun and your entertainment
Notice the white boy on his right.
this version was better than soulja boys song
swag swag swag swag!!
still better than how 2chains what he calls rap.
Hold up stop it look at Chris bosh neck
You craz i am 6 yera old and i no that
Sod and dre will smoke this nigga
This NIGGA can't smoke and rap lmao
Lmfao crying. Swag swag no "cent"
It says "when I die I'll just keep playing records
4 years later and this is still funny lmao 
Only thing off was the lyrics lol
Hold up stop it look at Chris bosh neck
Omg I am dying of laughter he said (... Swag swag)
I have a feeling that the white boy is Lucas from odd future
dot dot dot, SWAG SWAG!!!!!!!!
Coco got a fat ass, Rick ross fat ass! Lmao!
25 and i merded ok you craz aka mom
I remember when I first watch this video I was in summer school when it came out in 7th grade I'm boutta be a junior damn yo time flies 😂😂
Soulja boy yo the
white boy on my left, that's my nigga lol
what does your shirt say
Lol soulja boy can't go did hard lmfao
Miami on south beach, Lebron James< No ring hahahah that was funny back then!!!
Look at the date of this video before you say that .
Don't you feel dumb
But why this shit go hard tho! lmaooooooo
how did he do the tattoos.
bron finna get his 3rd ring thou
Lmfao! I've said this for the longest time
coco got a fat ass, Rick Ross, Fat ass, lol
ahahaha,i just cantttt
Make a real song can't do it son...
I know he do be doing tht
so who did the skin art?
lol, not only the art... but how long did it take to draw all that stuff on him. i love this young man, he looks like my son and acts the same too. God bless.
"Bitch you a nickel you ain't a dime wait I take that back you a 9" lmao
What does his shirt say?
When i die just keep playing the record
i think this is better than soulja boy :)
LMAOOOOO this still my joint 
If you came for the song, it starts at 0:33
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