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Excuses For Men - Tyra (Part 1)

by Megami284 • 442,571 views

The Tyra Banks Show - ''Making excuses for men's bad behavior'' (Recorded Feb 11, 2009, WWOR)

DO you hear yourself talking?!
Hate men - there are only 8 percent who don't cheat
"do you hear yourself talking?" lol
this is my favorite episode
ong is such a cute name
Perhaps all this attention she is receiving makes it the thrill and great part in dating him? I teach and kids do things and it becomes them, they cant get out because its scandalous either way! Parents dont fuel the crises, try reverse psychology and given time she will outgrow this and move on. The act of responsibility is up to her plus her tattoo can be removed. The more u tell her the more he is forbidden as dark cool u name it.
7 Simple Scientific Tricks to Have ANY Woman You Want
"Trya: She thought that the way to a man's heart is on a pole. Matt: In some situations, it is" Trolol.
I'm glad I never settled for the guy who just wasn't that into me. My first boyfriend and "time" was with the man I am still with, who went through fire to make sure I was his and makes me feel like a queen every day. He is not perfect, I am not perfect, we are not perfect, but he wasn't going to let me get away and he still wouldn't. All those times I chased guys who needed to be convinced I am glad they never gave me the chance to sell myself short... they knew I deserved more, too.
Okay age isn't that big of a deal for me. I don't think that should have anything to do with whether or not he's into her. All of the other stuff? That does sound a little weird, but I'm 20 and the guy I'm dating is 33. I feel absolutely comfortable with him and I know that he really cares about me. When I'm with him, kissing him and holding his hand, I absolutely forget how much older he is because he's so good to me.
WoW, this show so lame. I regret stumbling upon this video.
@Sociopathics I agree with you, a woman is more than just her body. Unfortunately, many superficial men and women don't understand this. Let me tell you the truth: Personality is ALWAYS the most important aspect of people. I can't stand shallow people who look attractive on the outside but are egotistical and selfish on the inside. A woman like that may be popular with the guys, but no one will like her as a person.
@TheBgoz Well, i will give you a hint the dutches are allmost just as worst as americans they eat like they never have eaten before !
nobelprize . org / nobel_prizes/lists/women.html (remove the spaces) Yeah, all male..And I'm very sorry to tell you this, but in general girls do better in school. :) It's not because they dominate those fields that therefore they are better, it's because men probably find it more interesting or something. I'm not saying that girls are better in general, always. We're not, but don't act like you are better just because you happen to have a y chromosone.
I find this funny because women do the exact same thing to men as well. It happens on both sides.
cover what? all he was saying that he looked like a typical game playing male lol i swear people find the worst in others so easily
Tyra has said before when she was interviewing Katherine McPhee that she dated a 39 year old when she was 19!!! You can see it on YouTube if you search "Katherine McPhee on The Tyra Show" its the video that lasts 6:31.
Wtf! What a dumb ass broad! Smh.
You cant be serious. Lol You're crediting women for the betterment of humanity. So women are the reason we don't sling our own shit at each other in the jungle anymore? Women are the reason we have technology? human rights? equality? OK fine by me I'll take that compliment haha you stupid fuck. AHAHA
lol. you can hear "oh.nancy zoo nkauj"
Hahaha you had to cover your ass by saying: "The black dude at the far left seems more genuine." Nice
@SaturnPhase Never implied how feminism started like that. Feminism these days are just man hate and special rights. That's why you government is ignoring feminists, all just a bunch of whining bitches.
Ant: do you hear yourself tlking? lol agreed.
Aww. She's really pretty and has a great family. She could do so much better and have a guy who treats her right without all that drama.
"Women are the reason humanity left the jungle" Evidence please!
i love how they are saying how horrible he is to be with so many women yet the other 2 keep laughing... all women love man whores
at 4:54 Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth started playing in my head
@arod2211 Women play way more games. Like a woman once said "it's almost as fun fucking you as fucking with you (ur mind that is)"
Holy shit she is fucked up. Dump his ass! Is she on crack?
That's so funny because "Making Pancakes" is my code term lol
@SaturnPhase Well it will be hard because i don't want a relationship lol.
so is cj swoozie? o.o swear to god they look alike
@DeadSleepers i've lived in hong kong. & i'm telling you - there r a-plenty. but the number of overweight people in foreign countries is nothing compared to the number you see in places like america.
He dipping that shit in those young sugar walls & she liking it
I love the gay guy "DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF TALKING?!"
Oh friend needs to watch this.. She obsessed and stalks and he gives her super hints he hates her, but she never gets IT!!! Ugh.. Worst part is he's a douchebag
She doesn't look 19 at all lol
what if a man wrote a book about women shopping and the obbession with shoes the author would get killed
I find this very insulting making a bad assumption that men make excuses
I hope she watched this and realized how stupid she sounds.
hahaha , i`m not that timid, i wont be frightend for your directness ;)
Then do something productive like make a sandwhich.
No it doesn't. It's really immature to say so! All the stars on like... Oprah doesn't sleep with her, right?
this proves just how stupid people in love are ...
its such a shame that she had to be the same race as me. But it's not only Asians who are delusional about their love life or be this retarted so don't start pointing fingers at Asians. (proof: jerry might be just a tv show but it comes from reality)
Its amazing how many excuses men can come up with it makes me laugh lol
love the film. love the book. i actually apply some of the points to life. i think they stand to reason...aww..that guys seems really nice and honest....why not just strip for your man..Only?..& i think there is a limit when it comes to older relationships..just my thoughts, although everyone deserves to love and be loved in return..some things also require moral thinking..agree with amethystwolf above on that one.
@df61660a And I consider myself a feminist so I'm well aware of the importance of women speaking up and making their mark. And the last thing I would want to do is be a woman in 1850, so I think you took what I said out of context, guy.
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Great video. I found myself so mystified looking at my friend move from being a loser to a ladies man. He began attracting girls overnight. I found myself amazed. He pretended he failed to realize. He then explained it to me while he was drunk. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He is on a date now with a stunning girl... Lucky fucker!
What a stupid bint! She is basically the "bit on the side" & she doesn't even care?? What the heck is wrong with her?
'Do you hear yourself talking?!' That made my day.
Age gap rocks ! - younger ladies and Gentlemen ;-)
How is it possible for the man to be 39 and be a grandad? My mum is like 38/39 and she has TWO grandchildren. The grandchildren aren't mine btw, they are my sister's.
i hate to repeat myself but....god, tyra is so ignorant
I've had to turn lots of guys down and I'm a girl. It's not just guys turning down women...
love this movie ( i wasnt this gurl though i have 6 brothers who taught me how to think like a man lol)
he calls me and says u wanna do laundry HAHAHAHA
Omg! Those Asian girls are Hmong! Lol they said "oh Nancy you look pretty" lolololol
I thought Asians were supposed to be smart this girl proved to be one of the dumb ones
DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF TALKING??? lol that made my day
I feel Iike a combo of all those 4 men. I try to leave a girl in good feelings while "disappearing" quickly, I don't like being left out on a date, I don't really prefer strippers, and I don't like being slowed down much by women for the "sake of destiny" either.
teh witch thing, be proud to do that maybe but don't say those things if people don't know xD
fat Chinese girl never seen one in my life
i don't know but...Nancy doesn't look 19 at all...
Yes, im gonna take guy advice from a gay guy...nothing against gay people...but he doesnt help my issues haha
Ah yes, that's why bees have a queen, right? just one example of female dominance. The male brain ALSO has emotions, if it didn't, we would be fucked. You, my dear random stranger on the internet are either a troll or an idiot. Or maybe you had some really bad women in your life.
He actually does have a point about male dominance though. I wonder... why is it all Fields Medal, Nobel Prize, Alaska Medal, Leuwenhoek Medal, I could go on, are men? Bees do have a queen, but that's in insects. In mammals, man dominates. He has always dominated and always will. Even with all the opportunities we offer females now, men still dominate in finance, mathematics, science and most non-mommy jobs (ie nursing, counseling, etc.). You might as well start getting over it.
hahaha that little guy in the blue suit is funny especcially with his eyes :P so hysterical
Ant is SO FUNNY XD he's the only guy that I found had a lot of fun to watch
I am so glad that im married so i dont have to deal with that bullshit anymore :D
hm nancy has a nice rack for an asian. face not so much
I've looked over most of the feedback. I believe that that is a respectable clip. My older brother would like to become effective with women of all ages. He was taught a lot from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The strategies relating to picking up girls at clubs in those emails from that site got got him his very first lays in 4 yrs. I got displeased however given that I heard them all.
they woman was sending you free porn. why delete the number???
lol I'd be the sister that just thinks she's straight-up stupid
They all have the same laugh.... kind of creepy lol
The gay guy totally reminds me of the gay wedding planner Anthony from sex and the city!
tyra's hairstyles makes her look like a beautiful majestic lioness... just sayin
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