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street hockey saves (puck)

by velcrostance • 427,736 views

street hockey saves

keep the glove and pad up and out!!! that will help, and loving the song, got a like just from playing tool
Not half full butterfly
@Biggie4Life420 Uhh, you keep it low dude, it's easier to bring your glove up than dropping it, I would know I'm a goalie, but that's also personal preference, each goalie has a different style
is that a ball at 6:48 and the title says puck
rebound goal rebound goal rebound goal rebound goal
Stay in your position all the time not the crouch thing it gets annoying and it was glove every time!
and stop trying to make flashy glove saves! im a goalie and all i can say is quit it and just make the save!
all your shots are going to the glove, shoot downlow or blocker
ur not watching the puck all the way to u, u ignore it nce u see it
ehh... someone shit on your jersy?
dude is this the same save over and over?
how do you know its his first time? and i was just trying to help him, no reason hockey should be played on feet.
He needs to follow the puck with his eyes and not rest before every single shot and the puck only goes on his glove side but good
It's way harder to do butterflies and other sliding-based moves on asphault and concrete than it is on ice because there's way more friction. It's almost impractical to even try doing it. Personally, I opt for a one-knee paddle-down approach on asphault, and it seems to work fairly well.
I agree with roadhousehockey. Practice dropping into the butterfly more and tracking the puck, which is easier on ice. Also...STOP resting your hands on the tops of your goalie pads. This is a bad habit. I tried for two years to break a goalie from doing this. If the shooter has a puck, treat it as a scoring opportunity and square up for a shot. ALWAYS expect a shot. Oh yeah...and come out of the net a little more.
try to get both of those legs down when you drop because say that left leg is up and the rebound goes to the left how quickley will you get over there? not very. other than that youre pretty good hope that injury wasnt serious
he is a wall a wall that only knows 1 save
2:43 Puck hurts a lot more than ball
lol u dont even look at the puck and ur stance
@MrCodapr Agreed, I was a really good street hockey goalie as a kid.. I swapped with my goalie for a game and it's wayyy tougher on skates! Gotta keep snug on those posts
You are really far to the left side of the net. Try to stay centered.
it is easier to save a puck then a ball
I heard you like using your glove hand
@TwineShot how? A puck no matter how fast its being shot stays straight. A ball curves like a motherfucker and makes it hard to save
its the camera angle. From where the shooter is its about good.
Stay in your position alll the time
Follow the puck with your eyes and keep the hands forward
One piece of advice,, work on rebound control alot of those saves were juicy rebounds
LOL! That's in no way a regular goal... Regulars are almost 2x bigger. Sorry.
That's some high class instalation right there.
why do u have a flames jersey on? u suck
Is that a Flames jersey..? Explains.
Am I the only one who gets seriously pissed watching this?
Also bear in mind that because he's not on ice he has to have a large five-hole, so that he can drop down into his butterfly properly without falling forward and hurting his knees.
need to slide a bit on those out of range shots
he uses his blocker so rarely that he has it in his 5 hole sometimes.
Dude ure good just work on controlling the rebounds and actually catch the puck in ure glove dont just bat it away
nice of the guy shooting to go see if he was ok
@DropShotify hey homo how's stajan, boumeester, cammalleri, and all the over priced faggots you have on your team. olli jokinen on the first line? haha get real
You have to follow the puck into your glove that's why u didn't catch a lot of them
the part that really spoke to me was... when the video ended
guys he doesnt have a big glove side its the camera angle
...i can do better than that and im in suckey goalie gear 4 my friends.....
you guys are so retarded he just made a video of some of his saves calm down people have no fucking life where they think thier better than everyone on hockey videos why dont u fags make a video
a little advice not keep u down but when you go into your ready stance you go really low i'd watch that stance and possibly stand a little bit more straiter.
only one problem with this video...the flames jersey
thats just the camera's point of view. to the shooter he is square
Your legs are way too far apart.. and you should probably try to gobble up some rebounds.
honestly hes not that bad. just close up the five hole a bit and track the puck. but its harder without skates to close up the 5 hole but nice saves
To the top comments: Hes better then you. Hes good. You dont need sick "Moves" to keep the puck out of the net. Plus he has a bitchen Calgary Flames Jersey On.
You guys who say catch the puck u guys put on pads and try it
OK video, but mine is better! watch it from my channel :)
la verdad de que este video mola
Thirty seconds of this would suffice
at 2:25 , the one time he shoots it blocker side and it goes in
@iPod465 considering your a habs fan you have nothing to chirp about... faggot
first time stopping a puck eh, well you're really good.
Just a tip .... use your neck ... it turns your head so you can track the puck. Also really bad habit to rest your glove on your pad closed. Stick is also too small.
ok if that was ur first save u wouldent be playing for a nash leauge so ok
you people are dumb hes a good goalie he just doesnt follow it
he needs tobe spread more. get those feet wide stay low and wide. its only a 4 foot net he needs to be wide not compact
the best part was when he got hurt haha
Loop the first save in 7:52 minutes.
this is a joke..... goes down the same way every time and it goes on his laughable glove hand... some pointers for yah is not to drop your glove so much and maybe get some work other places in the net other then your sad glove side
Anthony Rivera it says its his first time stopping a puck give him a break
haha you are shit, this is not even defind as hockey and dont bother telling me im wrong i know more about hockey then everyone writing about this. jokes!!! hahahaah
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