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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Attack of the Burnies

by Rooster Teeth • 2,540,056 views

Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #50 shows you the grim reality of a world over run by Burnie's...

That wasn't a horse, that was a tree.
+Firmentus What? It's just a tree. (What I did there, do you see it?)
I lost my shit at Chris and Statue Burnie... Golden
All of burnies alternate personas in this video (in order of appearance) - Regular Burnie - Drunk Burnie - Transgender Burnie - The HorsePuncher - Ginger Burnie - The Fulcrum - Anime Burnie - Old-Timey Burnie - Statue Burnie
+Sam Bayley Michael in the distance: FUCKIN ASSHOLE
+Fluttershy Don't worry sister... I WILL AVENGE THEE!
Michel with his "f***ing a**hole" after horse puncher Burnie holds up his mlp plushie doll's head
So, speaking of Michael, and bronies, and Michael being a brony..... Anyone listen(ed) to the Internet Box? 
+nurma nurma nurr I... did not notice that... sorry ('-_-) 
Michaels "fucking asshole" was so funny
Uh... Ok... What did I just watch?
The horse puncher killed Michaels fluttershy :(
I love the distant sound of micheal, "fuckin ass hole"
+Ego Freindly comma's... they're VERY important. "Gotta love Michael's fuckin asshole."
I love that offscreen fucking assho, I don't know why but it cracks me up.
the very last one was church
0:38 I get it, because Michael is a brony, and his favorite pony is Fluttershy
This is wat google thinks 9f attack on Burnie Bānī no kōgeki Pronounced Bonny ko gek eye
Who the fuck is the Fulcrum? I feel like Im missing something funny.
oy thats my uncle? i missed that podcast lol
+Andrew Hoback Fix your punctuation (and possibly wording) and then I'll consider reading that reply.
FlutterShy! NOOOOOOOOO! ;-;
+Kallum M.B. why? Did they kill your parents, so you had to become the horsepuncher?
no fluttershy but the ending was supper funny
That was nota horse that was a pony her name was fluttershy
Poor Michael has no Fluttershy now.
I can loan him my Apple Jack plushie if he wants... BUT ONLY LOAN! She's the only plushie I have, and she's not even my favorite pony. :( (even though she is best background pony)
Holy crap, 3 seconds of a fucking pony head on the screen and everyone in the comment section goes apeshit. I can't wait to see replies to this comment.
That fluttershy plushie tho
the fuck just happend
What's The Fulcrum from?
It's amazing how 2 seconds of an animated horse can ruin everyone's day. i came for Roosterteeth, i stayed for Roosterteeth.
Who the fuck edited this? The "Fucking asshole" at 0:40 should come from the right speaker not the left.
WTF was that ending (i know the statue but like what happened)
I'm with Michael and the Fluttershy part...
i find the reporter alter-ego to be the most annoying, but Drunk Burnie is my favorite
YAY! Burnie killed one of those stupid MLP. Aaaaaand cue the butthurt wierdo bronies.
+Derek Foletta I know right, I mean clearly there is nothing wrong with grown "men" watching a cartoon made for little GIRL'S!!
+Matt Allen I don't see anything wrong with it ;3 
This was a lead up to Bound 4. haha
Loved Chris at the end
These people are possibly the worst actors in history.
Lol killed a Fluttershy doll.... Rooster Teeth guys, you're awesome.
Where was catbug burnie?
Okay, I have not been able to find "Fulcrum Burnie". Was he created specifically for this and if not, what video is he from?
He's from 'the podcast king' c:
0:36 NO, FLUTTERSHY!!! WHY!!!! -Connor, The Modern Theory
I love these fake animated adventure that did'nt happin 
Fulcrum Burnie is a spoiler to a future episode. Why did you include him if he hasn't been in an episode before this one?
If I had 1 wish it would be for brony not to be a thing by way of fire.
So what did Gavin say?
The horse puncher had a huge cameltoe
fluttershy nooooooooo
Being new to rooster teeth, I always wondered who voiced church in rvb. I think I now have my answer thanks to this vid
The beginning seemed believable but Gus seemed way to happy. :/
Where's catbug burnie
Including normal burnie, there are nine different burnies in this video
wait which podcast is this from?
Not from a podcast, Its an Animated one off skit
ooooohh gracias senor
Ya attacking... suuuurreee
But what was the stupid thing Gavin said?!  I have to know!
obviously ray had something to do with fluttershy.
That's my uncle!!! XD
Which Podcast did the Fulcrum came from?
*high pitch voice*FLUUUUUTERSHY NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
He he...... killed fluttershy :'(
What is the Fulcrum form?
Roosterteeth makes my day. Every time I watch one of their vids.
I'm gonna eat a...SAMMICH or something!
This needs a sequel.
Why did it have to be Fluttershy?
Yeah! Why not that bitch Rarity!
+Derek Foletta *shots fired* popcorn popped
Uh that's my uncle! dead
What is the hair-style called that Lindsay has in this?
why is statue Burnie holding a dead platypus?
Didn't know michael and Lindsay were going out till this vid came out and now they're married
0:09 that fucking scared the shit out of me!
I wonder what Gavin said?
Hearing Michael call horse puncher an asshole for killing Fluttershy was fucking hilarious
What kind of drugs does it take to come up with this stuff????
I wish "Atom smasher" was in this
The only reason why Michael said "Fucking asshole." is because the Horse Puncher killed Fluttershy, Michael is a brony.
which podcast is the girl alter ego from?
whhhahahahahhahahahaha what the fuck hhhahahahahahahahhaha did i just wahahahahhahahahatch
He said his Alter Egos were attacking. Idk if a kid would count as an alter ego.
+LadyGamer You are right, younger and older versions of yourself do not typically count as alter-egos, as they are the same person just a different age.
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