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I want to see you be a total noob in minecraft Jesse! Idk why, I guess it's because I can still remember two years ago when I was a noob (I thought the arrows were the controls and got super excited when I moved a block because I spammed the keys XD I also drown because I spawned on a two block long island in the middle of the river and a squid pushed me once I was in the water, I had been on a block so I could breath, until it pushed me and I floated down to the bottom... Once I figured out the keys to move It was then figuring out the controls for inventory and crafting and all that like you, so I think it'd be funny and amusing for me to watch you struggle until the end when everyone in the comments starts screaming in the chat why something wasn't working and that they're so mad about why you messed up, as if they were never a noob. XD
Honey bunches with almond
My fav breakfast is weaterbix and frosties
Umm... What are those? :/ they sound interesting... I wanna try them. Where are you and where do you get them? :)
Honey combs is my favorite cereal
Make a wawa stoe😖
Cookie crisp or coca puffs
Lucky charms SAAAAAN!!!
Same do the cookie dance sannnnn
My favourite breakfast is lucky charms
Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal I love the honey Kind!
team jenna team jesse
Cinnamon toast crunch is my favorite cereal
Do the survival games and my favorite cereal is Cap'n Crunch
If your still looking for minrcraft suggestins, build i line straight up and build the death star, exploding planets from death star lazer, and stars n such in the sky. And a giant unicorn, that u go inside and its anatomically correct, with a giant turd right below it on the ground, make it with brown and yellow blocks.and make the unicorn explode poop like on the warcraft episode on southpark. U can make a giant hitler surrounded by a concentration camp and give areas themes like china town, compton, tiajuana,gay club(where nazi frequently visit). The twin towers during 9.11. Btw i dont play this game, love the show.
"Bieber. Oh My God i'm sorry baby!" hahahaha and my favorite cereal is the kelogs cereal
chocolate crave saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Cinnamon toast crunch
play plants vs zombies garden warfare
Im coco for coco puffs!!!!
Cookie Crisp !!!!!!!
cookie crisps and lucky charms and trix
I like Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Crisp
Jessie would swag the turtle shell for Halloween
honey or original cheerios
They watch/watched wwe gshdhfbcbcjxhxbbxbcbcbcbx
Make a mob grinder in minecraft
mini bites is my favorite cereal
Mine is Cookie Crush saaaan
5:15 lugi death stare in the background
do minecraft survival
Fruity pebbles and Cookie Crisps SAAAN!!
I like cheruos to :) hi hi
Reese's puffs and captin crunch
Cookie crisps because they dont sell fruity pebbles where I live
Sometimes we like the cookie ones
i like the cerel captian crunch very berrie
My favorites are cinnamon toast crunch, Reeses puffs and captin crunch
My favorites are cinnamon toast crunch, Reeses puffs and captin crunch
Cinnamon toast crunch SAAAN
Captain crunch berries
I got Shreddies a couple of times because I wanted some TMNT rings that they were givin back in the day. I ended up only getting Splinter and fuckin April O'Neil lol !
my favorite cereal is fruity pebbles and frosted flakes
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