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J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy Elliott

by JColeVEVO • 11,251,064 views

Music video by J Cole featuring Missy Elliott performing Nobody's Perfect. (C) 2012 Roc Nation LLC

"They killing niggas for jays/that's death, over designer"
+Johnny Montoya remember when i used to be stressed over d'wana
Happy New Year!! We have our new cover person for the month with a runaway victory none other than forest Hills man himself J COLE! This month I will be making an emphasis to playing some of his music and posting freestyles and interviews so the ones who don't know him as well will understand the reason for his victory. Once again thank you everyone for voting in sorry Kendrick Lamar fans maybe next year! I will be trying a different style of voting once the summer time comes around in the mean time thank you everyone for making this my favorite place to go on Google. update I will be adding a theme for each day and I will update category list for each day I will also include a new polls categories specifically so people can post on that section monday: education Monday (any videos about the history of artist or hip hop) Tuesday: new songs (from new or old artist) Wednesday: random theme (this will go on a week by week basis) Thursday:Throwback Thursday Friday: I got 5 on it Fridays (any tracks that make you want to chill like it was good day by I've cube) Saturday:hit song (new and old) Sunday:instrumental Sunday (you don't have to play instrumental tracks let's just make sure the beats are tight) Any suggestions feel free to leave in the comments of inbox me thanks everyone enjoy the new year! J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…: #jcole #hiphop #rap #missyelliot
Chilling with my family frying up chicken wings
+Terrell Cooper I loved it honestly I didn't like that it wasn't straight rap but I love that he's trying to change the game with his music it's honestly great music he's almost taking the Kanye route I believe (I think it's a tad better than some Kanye I've heard but don't know his entire catalog)  
Kendrick Lamar J Cole Logic Big 3 in my opinion
+876beauty Yes, I have proof, Listen to Drake singing live...he can't sing, and No there are not opinions when it comes to who is a good rapper, you can like who you like but I like Lupe Fiasco and you can't say he is a bad rapper. Whereas you could say you like Chief Keef and everyone will agree that he is a wack rapper. To be a good rapper you have to be lyrically proficient, good storytelling etc. Drake isn't those things, he is good with melody and I have nothing against people who like his music but when people say that he's the 'best rapper out right now' they are wrong.
out of all times i watched this i never payed attention to the video prolly because i be zoned out when i put it on but  this shit is wierd asf fr 😱😌
Andre M. Thomas Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
"Nobody's perfect, uh, nobody's perfect, ay... ay But you're perfect for me Nobody's perfect, uh, nobody's perfect, ay... ay But you're perfect for me"
Nobody's perfect but the video editing or The Montage for this music video is perfect ! respect to the director.
And all of this time the singer was Missy...Man I feel stupid.
Victor V Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy Elliott:
Great job Roc Nation, I'm just now hearing this song the last day of black history month 2015. I remember when a song like this would have been hummed by everyone and now all I hear on the radio is something happening "on a Tuesday" over and over again. This beat is massacre status and still they are just now playing it on the radio in some random mix. I wish I could sit in a room and tell you EXACTLY what a banger is and what will drive your record to dominate...some in the board room have lost that "ear" it's a gift.
This Curtis Mayfield track is Holy Matrimony, but J.Cole makes the perfect marriage between Ms.Sample/Beat & Mr.Lyrical/Vocal= Happily Ever After. But When you had Ms.Sample/Beat you didnt treat her right with that wack flow, so she divorced your ass. Moral of the story, no matter how proper the track/beat is, if yo spit game aint shit, the whole song is FUCKED.  
Love hip-hop? CLICK. MY. CHANNEL. You won't regret it.......
Drake - Now and Forever sound just like this . .  . 
I didnt know there was a video to this! Dope!
CMarie L Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
Like if you came after the halftime show
She said she's only fucked 4 or 5 niggas, so you know you gotta multiply by 3...... That's word! Lol
+Timrial phillips Means you gotta multiply by 3 for how many people she slept with. It's a saying for girls multiply by 3 and guys divide by 3 cuz girls lie about how much they slept with and guys lie about how much they slept with too!
What a collab! Love to hear her sing. Great to hear her again.
Tf the thing bout this sounding like Now And Forever with Drake, this is waaaay better
I always thought Mary j was the one singing 😂
It's crazy how this is only 3 years old. Yet sounds like it could have been made 10 years ago. The rap game has taken such a drastic turn in the last few years.
I be forgetting that Missy sing too
Nobody's perfect, but you're perfect for me! 💋
OMG I love Missy Elliott she needs to come back out and show these,other rappers out here how it's supposed to be done. Song is hot hot hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍
I'm still trying to figure out why he said u gotta multiply by 3 instead of another number. I feel like I missed the meaning of a verse somewhere lol
You that same how one each of his videos talkin shit exposing yourself. And I notice its all about verse or scenes that deal with women being hoes or cheaters.
its a psychological rule. theres research on it. if u lie u divide the true amount by 3. j cole knows this psychological tool used by the girl to look better. she aint getting nothin by cole tho
My Momma died and her name is in this song
Reptilian eyes in the cameras. Hmmm...always wonder who makes these videos.
Missy Elliot! Long time No scene, man I love that chick, Would love to see her more on music video, possibly a new song. Listened to your songs since I was a kid 1,2, step. "I shake it like jello" make the boys say hello, cuz they know I'm rocking the beat".
I hav a question...wat kind ov ad did u see when any of u clicked this?Tell me😉
He produced this himself?
Yeah he produces a lot of his own songs. I think he's even produced a few Jay-Z songs.
Who's better? Kendrick or drake?
Kendrick. I'm a big fan of West Coast music so I have to pick Kendrick...
Cheese, egss, and potatoes.
Bruh who else peeps the Rigamortis beat in the background?
Terry Mason Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
Top Rappers: # 1. J.cole n that's it!!
A Wright Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
SmoLL Makaveli Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy Elliott:
cole the leader of all these new school rappers man is a dam beast
2 legendary Artists.
this will NEVER get Old
The bass in this song...❤️❤️❤️
"Cheese eggs and potatoes" Lol
Remembering how good J. Cole is... LOVE HIM support him!
Chad Wright Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
My early morning vibe J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
+Shyanna Palmeira you would love big k.r.i.t. Then
"She said she only fucked 4 or 5 niggas, so you know you gotta multiply by 3." Lmao so true.
Iziah Miguel Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
We rock the boat, Poseidon. Lol I like that. Never knew Missy was singin' ♡this song and how rides the best in cadence. #Coleworld
*rides the beat lyrically in cadence
I hate to be the one to say it but I must: THIS NIGGA IS TRASH
Ok I'll chk it out...Peace
2up2down love you Missy
so you gotta multiply by 3... =THOTS
Missy Elliott its Perfect
J Cole fans be like this video is so Strange. Missy fans be like this video is so Tame.
this is perfection...well done J.Cole
missy top 3 writers every imo
the numbers mean alot..this whole video has a blatant message..the stage looks like a sun and the eyes in cameras watching are not human and have slits for pupils..maybe demons..maybe aliens....but when he says 4..5..multiply by 3..refers to the number 999...Numbers in illuminati are a symbolic language. 4 is the number of Foundation. 5 protects an illuminati from death and is used as The Law of Five(the power to perceive truth in everything). Now 4 + 5 = 9. Just for a little insight..9 is the number of divine completion and the fall of man..4+5=9..when he says multiply by 3..he shows three fingers and with his pointer finger and thumb he makes a zero. 3 is the number of royalty and represents the triangle. Zero is symbolic of Sun Worshiping and symbolizes the man who is reborn through occult rituals. 4+5=9..multiply by 3....9 X 3 = 27. 27 means the most powerful magnification of 9 as it symbolizes the 3 nines(999). 9x3=27..27=9+9+9..999...999 is a hidden and an inverted 666 and symbolizes hidden evil..what this song is kinda about..good song tho.  4+5=9..9x3=27..27 is 9+9+9..999..999 is 666. 
illuminati confirmed
this is a all time jam idk how u can dislike thiss song
That First verse....... Jesus
the game misses Missy
Didn't know missy could sing like that!
J cole is to lyrical, he's the best
Could anyone who's reading this please come to my channel and checkout my be free remix by J.Cole? Much appreciated!
My ex told me about this song.
Juan Antonio Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect -Now that I'm on I can pick & choose I only f** wit h*** that got shit to lose. Nobody's perfect.
This guy is a lyrical genius.
Chris Coleman Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
Is it just me or does missy elliot sound like Chris Brown?
Ha ha! You're right.
Kimberlee Mallory Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
kendrick is cool but hes his voice is becoming annoying. he sounds like a cat gasping for air. Drake is better right now.
+TheHolyhaymaker This is what I say to all Tupac fans. Even though they like his words.
Laura Baker Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Jay Fuentes Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy Elliott:
this the one you listen to while cruising on a Friday night.. good ass vibes
Isaiah Lee Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Kendrick or j Cole ? Who's better ?
Check out my music. I'm a new artist and would live feedback.
Chelita Hagan Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Amandalina S Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
A Collins Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
What CD is this from?
Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011)
Relle Marie Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Classic J. Cole...J. Cole - Nobody's Perfect (Explicit) ft. Missy E…:
TheJoelVargas Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago But that thing tight like fort Knocks!!!
Jeffrey Elmore Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
All this time that's been Missy singing?? WTF! That's what's up. This my jam this my first time seeing the video tho. It's hot. This is a classic already. Wait til people really start listening to J. Cole for real. This old and some people just now hearing it. Enjoy.
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