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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 1,026,836 views

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Queen Latifah had me dying. 😂😂👌
My ears feel so raped Dx
YoU lOoK pImPiN iN tHoSe SuNgLaSsEs Anthony :o)
Anthony! brush your teeth!
3:11 O.O Jesus Anthony, your gonna be the next Creepy Pasta. Man, there is Slenderman, Splendorman, Offenderman, Trendorman, Enderman,ETC, now there is gonna be a Anterman. Gnad Dog or God Dang if you live in 2013 :P
3:12 hahah Anthony in the back 😂😂😂😂
that queen latifa part tho
search unforgivable in youtube go to 1:09 there you go   we all learned something new kids
Up on the rooftop old saint nick. He's gonn' come down 'n suck your dick!
I know kids always make that sound when someone did something wrong.
WTF with the lips smosh
Nope, we still do the "oooooo" thing in Europe... :)
WTF with the lips smosh
2:50 to 2:55 i died litteraly
3:11 Anthony you little stalker (Slender wanna be)
Please make the song at 2:50 a real song....
2:50-2:54 LOL that's the most hilarious thing I've evar heard in my whole entire life!
Anthony was that Doritos taco?
cow dung, liquified, put it on my head, eat it, broke it with a hammer
In Europe we don't make a stupid sound, we are serious if someone got hurt or in trouble like a few months back a kid in my class fainted and the hospital had to come
They're being funny, and they hospitial would come ANYTIME someone fainted.
Ian eats burritos AND tacos? I never knew he went both ways like that!
in nursery when people got in trouble everyone went OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Anthony's teeth were yellow
hahaha i aslo notice that ^^
My friend Brian has a bowl haircut like Ian, it looks exactly the same
That's funny, I've got a friend called Branthony with exactly the same hair as Anthony!
Wow, I have the exact same hair as Ian and curiously my name is Anthony!
These videos are what we get for allowing retards to run around with cameras unsupervised
I had no idea it was stupid until after I watched it..... it's usually how it works... view, then comment.... idiot
+TheFinalParadigm Well everyone has a right to their own opinion on something so if you think it's stupid that is fine. 
Seriously... Someone wrote "dosh nugget" in one of the previous comments... You remade an unreal word unreal! (If that makes any frickin sence...)
+smarty pants What the hell are u saying. Are u doing what Dragon Lindy did or r u serious? Btw I'm 11 and what u guys r saying is more then true.
so I am totally getting a beefy 5-layer burrito soon u guys eating taco bell just makes me wanna eat it more than I already want on of those things >.<
I'm definitely getting taco bell tomorrow too lol, lunch time with smosh always makes me crave TB
I'm Singaporean and burritos in Singapore is called wraps
Why does Ian hate barber shop pole🙊
You must be new to this show.  Barber Shop Pole slept with Ian's future wife.
They live on the Moon, moron.
Ian's lip is ugly🍑(butt) ^ Ian's fatass
Press F10 5 times.  2. Take a deep breath.  3. Think of someone you like  4. Press F10 5 times.  5. Send this to 5 comments  6. Look at your background
no in england we go ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its really annoying
lol anthony's sexy deep voice at the end
Up on the rooftop Old Saint Nick, He's gonna come down and suck your d**k.
who here would die without smosh cuz i would
oh my gooood you saw queen latifah? that´s one of those people you just can´t imagine doing regular things like regular people but you saw her walking on tha street man you fo real? hashtag jealous
So you would go a one night stand with Anthony and keep Ian as a Sex Slave?
Anthony has some yellow teeth! xD
Do these sunglasses make my eyes look fat!!! Haha!
nee naw is the sound fire engines make not police cars, lol :P
3:12 anthony is totally stalking ian
The song at 2:50 I sing that at school a lot and I just start cracking up
Agreed. You wanna spread the "No licking turtles" campaign?
why would you have a flag of Quebec?
anthony anthony anthony... ITS AN ORANGE TACO!!
You guys are such douche nuggets(; xxx
On the weird side of Youtube again ?! -_-
sometimes i just sit and watch like 20 of these in order. ITS F ING FUN!! =D
All of you need to quit being douche bags Ian not gay and Anthony isn't emo
He's right with the fun part but i know my education didn't teach me to be a dick, why take that huh? you maxawesome!
i think the only reason ian hates the babershop pole is because he got his horrible hair cut at a babershop
anthony needs to brush his teeth
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