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Guy, Ronan, Mel B, Natalie - X Factor Australia Judges - Top 12

by Lívia Gondim • 714,908 views

The Judges sing together on the opening of Season 3. X Factor Australia =)

Mel B is so horrible 😂
understandable cos she was pregnant at this point
Mel B is so shit I don't understand how she is a judge on this show
Talent has changed over the years so in the 1990's Mel b might have been considered very talented but now the bar is set really high and now she's considered not that good at ALL
Mel B cannot sing to save her life and she's judging other people on whether they can sing or not? Hahaha
Omg i'm still in love with Ronan XD since a kid to now <3 
Natalie (blonde)'s song: "Someday Soon" Ronan Keating's song: "Lovin' Each Day"
emin emin Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
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last song ruined it but the first three are amazing
omfffffgggg guy is such a sexxxy beast
Guy and Ronan are the best!
And that's why you guys are judges  ..... Love it ...
what does Ronan sang?
I just love Ronan. What a great guy.
nalatie is amazing!!! she is the best
Probably best superband :)
I still remember watching this on live tv.. i feel old.
can someone name all the song?
Don't know if you ever bothered to find the answer to this haha.  First song was "Who's that girl" by Guy Sebastian, Second song was "Someday Soon" by Natalie Bassingthwaighte Third was "lovin' Each Day" by Ronan Keating Last song was "Who do you think you are" by The Spice Girls.
Please welcome your host, Luke... The end!? (Laughs) oh my gosh that was so funny. Why did she cut him out.
Nat Bass and Mel B= BEST MILFS EVER.
holy fuck shit. now i know why they are judges, they're so good (:
I think she looks pretty good for just having a baby. She's rockin' her curves like every mother should that's just given birth.
The melody of the Spice Girls is unique together... And Melanie sings in the low basis of the Spice Girls... so it's really different when she sings other parts (higher). The only problem of Melanie is missing practice. When you watch TROTSG videos, you see good voices there ;)
i love it when judges show how its supposed to be... it feels so fair... i love it... i mean Natalie, Ronan and Guy
Can somebody write me title of all the songs?
like if you remember guy's fro
This is why they're judges. I don't think I've seen a single judges performance as great as this in any singing competition. Thank you Australia. man.
well as you should know. Most peoples voices changes as you get older. Not all people can stay as good artists as they were when they were younger. Perhaps there is also a reason to why she was in a girl band? Its a good solution for a lot of singers that cant carry themselves as solo artists.
mel b wouldn't be called spice girl if she's talentless. :) gotta love her, my fave!!
wow for someone with a username like that proves how well u can see talent LOL
What is the song that Ronan sings?
mel cant sing for shit, she sounds like a dog.
Natalie can sing she sounds really great
Nat and guys duet is the best part of this whole song!
Natalie sounds amazing! one of the best falsettos ive heard
Thanks! I knew only the Spice Girls song but I love all of them.
nat CANT sing she SHOODNT be a judge
i miss this judging panel!! these guys were the best. Still love X Factor tho!
ariana grande is actually an amazing singer dude.. don't judge just because she was on disney channel
she was one of the judges in Young Talent Time (YTT) :)
what ever andrew brown, she really rocked, if you cant say anything nice!!! keep it to your self , cause karma's a bitch dude, and you sound like 1, awesome guys,
Ronan, Guy and Nat are amazing singers, Mel is just meh
the only person i like her is Guy and he is the only one that I buy his album.. the rest Ronan is alright but not great I have no idea who the blond girl is, and the girl from spice girls your singing days are long gone...lmao yes, i only listen to Guy Sebastian because he did a duet with Jordin Sparks and Eve... :D
if the spice girls couldn't sing then they wouldn't be the biggest girl group in the music history. if u don't like mel b or the spice girls well that's fine but don't come here and say they can't sing becuz they can. all of them. write ur negative comments somewhere else. u could had skipped the beginning of ur comment and just say "ur incredible Guy"
Lol? Ariana Grande has an amazing voice, she is very talented.
I don't mean to be horrible to mel but she really can't sing very well AND she criticizes other people who are better than her?! How does that work??
Mel just cant sing. Allot of the spice girls couldnt. But Guy!!!! Your incredible!!!!
Who do you think you are? + Ronan Keating= Dream come true....
If I were to ever have a man crush, I think it would be on Ronan! LOL
Ronan Keating + Who do you think you are? ...turns everything on!
all of you bagging out Mel, she was heavily pregnant and also she is part of the highest earning girl band of all time.. saying she is talentless is ridiculous
Plus, Annah305, if youre going to put your opinion out there be sure to have your facts straight. The spice girls were famous for being one of the first internationally famous all girl group when not all the members couldnt sing. Just because one can hold a tune without breaking doesn't necessarily mean one can sing.
Omg Rohans voice!! Ahh! I love it!!
Interesting. I don't know their names, but the guy with brown hair has a great voice.
omg, now i think i like AXF more the UK, the judges can really sing, they are professionals!!!
how can you all judge a singer by one 10 seconds performance? C'mon! :-) And you don't have to be the best singer in the world to give people singing advice. :) don't you think? And she got in the industry cos she worked very hard, wrote music that's in history now and believed in herself. no sleeping around for sure :)
Everyone's hating on Mel B but you have to cut her some slack, Mel had just had her baby when she sung that! I don't know about anyone else but my voice would probably not be the best either... plus all the stress and stuff... >.>''
yeah! fuckin hell people judge her when they dont know her.
color ariana changed her username now. It had Justin Bieber on it many months ago. I remember.
Look at Guy, He looks like Rohan is his idol! So sweet :))
I don't think anyone was necessarily bad. But I do think the guys, Guy an Ronan were by far better than the girls. Natalie didn't sound bad but, just not as strong. And Mel didn't have a lot to sing so it's hard to really judge. Also, both Guy and Ronan have the type of voices that suit my personal tastes .. But I don't think any of them were bad
Im not saying anything bad about her other than her voice sucked at this performance, and here I have people attacking me. Her voices was the least good in the performance, and whoever says thats not true is deaf, and it was kindda disappointing because I was one of the biggest Spice Girls fan!
money doesn't equal talent. everyone knows that the only spice girl that could really sing was mel c. also this was after she gave birth she just hadn't lost the weight. stop making excuses for her. she certainly dishes it out on everyone else but she clearly has no talent. the spice girls were a good concept and pop culture phenomenon which is why they made so much money. But talentwise they are horrible compared to TLC, Destiny's Child, The Supremes and EN Vogue
probably just me but male attires today make men look like the gays!!
My ratings on the judges out of 10 Guy: 10/10 Natalie: 7/10 Ronan:10/10 Mel: 5/10
mel and natalie sucked .. probably shit :)
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