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Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

by NickiMinajAtVEVO • 147,513,418 views

Nicki Minaj's new album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' is out now! Buy it here:

I think we need more relatively clean Nicki Minaj songs like this one. I hate Stupid Hoe and Anaconda. Not only are they repetitive, but they are offensive. I miss the 2012 Nicki Minaj. 
'I miss the 2012 Nicki Minaj' even tho Stupid Hoe was in 2012 Lol K then
+TheMovieDoctorful I love full house and Nicki minaj
+Maddy D Sorry guys but the blonde hair is a wig Her hair has always been black 
i dont see nicki minaj being as the wifey type or getting cuffed  cuz shes so plastic hahaha and fake as fuck she looks way different without all that make up and she has major personality issues. shes bipolar as hell, plus she has schizophrenic tendencies, or had. I do think shes cool though, lol i know she doesnt care but lol shes so fake hhaha  but her fakeness is pretty to look at
+Queen Bitch nothing but the truth grandma :)
I lost a large amount of respect for nas once I saw him in this fucking bullshit
Just because you dont like Nicki doesn't mean you have to take your anger out on nas. Get over yourself and stop being a hater, shes a black rapper making it big and doing something with her life.
who gives a fuck what another grown ass man does mind your buisness
Nicki the best !!
Nas is the greatest rapper alive at this moment in time Eminem is good but Nas is just lyrically insane.
+NickiMinajAtVEVO U seem like a great person Nicki, but, why do you show your body?
+Selena Parramore my parents are monitoring my internet use. I have good parents. And I'm not nitpicking I'm telling u I don't like being called a little kid.
+Shemil Moore Shemil Moore Yeah, but you are a little kid. I'm still considered a kid by some adults and I'm nearly 20. sigh Look, I don't even think you understand the context I'm using for nitpicking. The way I'm using it suggests that you're focusing on the fact that I called you a little kid when it doesn't matter. It's a phrase, it's not like I was using it to be rude, so just get over it. Have a nice day. 
I give Nicki respect. She may be a complete bitch but you wanna know what I am to. She gets so much hate but she does not care what you dipshits have to say. Reading the comments on all her videos I realized that about 99% of the people who commented are complete assholes with no life who spends their time watching her videos even though they hate her. Like what?
+One Williams And it sounds like you need to shut the fuck up so I guess neither of our wishes are going to happen
+Christina Sousa Wrong, your wish will come true: I am going to shut the fuck up. (but in my mind I'm calling you a cunt, thot, troll, moron, idiot, loser, and all the other things your parents usually call you)
Kourtney Wheaton Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Lmfao i can't believe people call her beautiful.
damn, hatin ass bitch Ur personality is what's ugly
First of all, what is with the look?  She looks like a busted clown with a wig on.  Second, wtf if wrong with this race of people.  Why would she partner up with low life that beats women.  And people listen to this and support it? 
Take yo racist ass of this video then
Nas the man that created Illmatic, The bible of rap, IS IN A FUCKIN POP SONG?!
u ma nigga donkey <3
New dude at it! So whos yhur choice Queen Barbs. You've go so much guys you'd totally match with!!! :0 Drake? Meek Mill? Chris Brown? Tyga? Lil wayne ( Or nahh. I thought wayne was married. If he is then forget I ever said his name o.o) Whoo else??? Idk a fan? Lol ;p Maybe me O.O Jk no homo. I mean Rihanna does not fir with Chris Brown. Yhu doo. Except hes younger anyways who cares. Lol. And untill yhu make yhur choise imma be waiting. Luh yhu
She's with meek mill right now
Does anyone know any autotune websites where i can autotune my voice? 
what the fuck is nas doing there
Who's the P. Diddy lookalike at the beginning of the video???
Lost so much respect for u god damn
+Cane Sugar LMFAO dr dre is hardly a rapper, nas has literally ghostwritten numerous songs for dre
she might be fake,really or copy but she knows what she is doing..... just enjoy her music 
Cris brown part was so nice. You guys leaving stupid comments. Just leave a respectful comment and nicki won't get on yo butt. Better do something like work that you know you can't do,and learn it.
Why Nas? Why?? And wtf is with the blue contacts, white skin and blonde hair for her? Smh shes black right?
+Beluya Bee​ how is that a problem so what will we call all those other races Interviewer: Nicki! Nickiiiii! What race are u ? Nicki: oh I'm black native american , Italian etccc. Nope I doubt
So if you are black you can't havez contacts and die your hair? K thats just stupid and ignorant
I mean, I don't listen to Nicki becuz every song she sing....or rap..... it has something nasty in it she can talk about anything else bsides nasty stuff? Like inspiration songs not songs featuring 2900 different dudes on ....... (pause) ya know? Talk about money please exposing your self out to the world. As a girl. Please. 
She is beautiful with all her hair! She picks it just right!
shoutout to awl my bitches Pellow and Latoya me,mahself and I Thandieee TNS is taking over guys get over it and shoutout to HayMateyha's comment Nikie you rock Iggy you can rap bt no nicky is dah boxer fosho
I love this song you wrok very hard on it
Nuntiya Saisema Shared on Google+ · 3 hours ago
Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown:
Im trying to tittie fuk the shyt out of u nicki
Happy new year all your friends
I'm going to fuck her so hard one day
No, you won't.😂😂😂✌️✌️✌️
Hi Nick I'm in love that she knows how to put it down down down on the right hand on studio and she's the baddest chick on Apple its a cold in the building out f**** me Yahoo lot about Nicki Minaj
be ride by my side nicki minaj
I love you jimmie Johnson. This is a good idea to have a goodbye, but the most important things. It will
Think bout my ex gf Dominique every time I listen to this😪😢❤️
nicki estas supes beutifuld y pues la cansion tambien esta padre saludos a todos  el hip hop forever estara en el mundo 
Nicki minaj tes trop belle 😄😃
such a cute song and videoclip
I hope and pray (not) that she doesn't go back to these wigs..
I used to love this song I totally I forgot about it this is one of my favorites by her
She didn't die it black its weave
Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chr…:
Iam like african American rapper An then am say good job for malionnar
nicki manaj is cute unlike like yall ugly people shes beauty in out side
Nicki Minaj very celebrated in thai 
sister sounds good wow!
No. Nas should not be with Nicki. Nas and Nicki don't match. And he better not ever rap with Nicki. Nas is an old school rapper. And Nicki is an new school rapper.
What generation of rap between the two has nothing to do with a relationship. Damn you are stupid.
+DCLife Ok, you don't have to be a smart ass. You broke ass nigga.
SSeee...she's got a Pretty singing Voice... Beyond the other music she does.. Woo Hoo !
I love this song. I'am performing this song in school with a boy. The boy will sing the part of Chris Brown and I'll sing Nicki Minajs part on Friday January 2,2015.It would be a good day. I will sing more songs too.Different singers.I love you Nicki Minaj. Best song. Keep on the good work.
Awesome! Good luck to you guys =) 
Queen Nicki Slays💕✌️😍
Vonnie Martinez Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
thats a tight jams
Vishni G Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
been ages since I heard this.
heard it just last night
Why is Nas a real rapper in this clip???
I love this song so much y'all need to stop hating on her why watch her videos if all y'all gonna do is hate on her its not like she care about what y'all say she's so beautiful and talented so if your not oh well don't hate in nobody else or try to put some body else down she got a life and she rich so go sit yall broke dumb ass down get a life
If all yall watching the videos for is to leave ridiculous comment's keep your thoughts to your self
Alinayzjah Moore Shared on Google+ · 12 hours ago
No puede ser!!!! cuando nicki empezó a cantar su vos estuvo igualita a la de rihanna !!! :O  
Su voz siempre a sido así, pero una cosa es cantar y otra rapear, y hay dos maneras de rapear, la fuerte (Anaconda, Moment 4 Life, Beez in the Trap, Pound the Alarm.) y la suave (Starships, Super Bass, Esta canción) además acuérdate que al cantar uno afina su voz, rapear es casi siempre con la voz normal de cuando hablas solo que con flow. ;)
Niki never mind the critics be you that's you voice
if you understand spanish good:que carajos y esos senos que nono nono tus padres deberían estas muertos de tus vídeos,y que paso con los niños y otra cosa la verdad me encantan tus zapatos pero no estamos ablando de eso.y otra cosa te acurdas de tu revista dijiste que te sentías desnuda pero no te preocupes ya te vimos desnuda  
эрик & nicki minaj - i know ( feat. rihanna)
Nicki I rally like the song but stop thinking that u are the human barbie or what when u are not
Gladys Muñoz Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chr…:
Ms. Chiquita Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Antenayla Jones llllllllllll
Nas wants to be up in that ass 😂😂😂
white girl trapped in a black girls body
No she isnt shes trying out different hair colour.
Nas let that bitch kiss her in the mouth at the end....... I dont know about that shit nas you betta be hittin that
Haha ikr my question Is why is fukn illmatic nasty Nas in this video knowimsayin word is born, shit iz ril man lets count this money knowwuttimsayin put the grass over there we spendin then jacksons understand how it goes, word up man this illmatic nas sick shit reppin qb lol ohnsetly tho
you have Nas in the video (playing a whipped husband) and somehow Chris brown is the one featured the song and NOT NAS? LOL
Nicki minaj don't know what love is and is suppose to be alone she's not even allowed to have children.
Una de mis canciones favoritas de Nicki!
The chemistry between her & Chris in this video is everything!!! They look like they had so much fun shooting.
All of u should stop causing nicki aboit her fake butt because if u were her u could have the same seance yh and stop judging because it says in the bible to not just saying
NIKI MIANJ is my fav rapper I'm 8 my name is Harmoni Williams  I love you NIKI and her butt is real
Go watch Dora kid
your i my love I really miss you I love you baby love you love you love lokita
Loving this, xxc nicki
Murry u done stole my song
follow me @Kissastarkid 
Yea clot dig gen hope plot flick zoom sory dek ın a names is fack Kea sory films In a poly dek in life . Corn susp silkiness . Following fire a .
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