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GiiBz - "WARLORD" Black Ops Montage

by TheGibbo7 • 187,958 views

Don't normally ask, probably cause I never upload, but can you all please LIKE and FAVE for the massive effort both me and maxtek have put into this video, I really think this video should go big...

this was amazing especially for the time.
é disso que eu tava falando !!!!  BlackOPS 1  é bom demais !!! :D nao fazem mais COD igual a Blackops e MW2 :( Montagem Incrível !!! Parabéns ;) Forte abraço
Best BO1 montage I have seen.
i need to know that class setup, and sensitivity
this was fuckin sweet
i´m not questioning the varicity of those clips but sure you are extremely lucky to find people all pilled up in strange places granting you all those multikills, thats most curious
he obviously got all these clips over some time and also he was playing game modes where lots of people will be together quarding an area
After 3 years one of the best and most enjoyable bo1 tages ever made
this dude a fucking beast
the killstreaks which start at 11:21 and 13:44 are without doubt the best I have ever seen that shit gave me goosebumps
this is pretty fresh cause its not just one weapon which  is what most people montage are and u got some sniper there to show that ur a god of cod
the old days are the best
A fucking quad collat on jungle. I b done
sir you have motivated me to play once again
Glad... Sad.... Fad... Dad... Bad.... Pad.... Had....
1v1 me bro u suck my name is penis destroyer ;^)
Perry: quuuuaaaaaaad
Dawg this was made years ago, still one of the best bo1 tages
holy, you weren't born fag
back in 2014 , legend
I cant believe this came out in 2011 :O i remember when it got uploaded on the first day.. wow.. time goes way to fast
yo whats up greatest
holy shit go on damn 
I laugh so hard at COD players thinking they got skills without having any recoil on the weapons.
Are u guys blind!! This is not pc!! it said "Hold X to smash tactical" LOL
at least he is not a dick and i bet hes better than you.
Well worth 15 minutes of my time.
Ground War is broken on Black Ops now):
Hello, We are a mw3 clan just starting up and we would like to ask you to join. We might not be big but one day well get there and were hoping you can help. Wed would really appreciate it :) ,A1M 50/50
THE valkrie rocket was his friends laying down for him
wwhy isn't this available on mobile anymore? wtf change it back bro y did u do that?
FaZe hasn't been that good for a long time now. Btw, since when is 20-3 an amazing score? My sister gets better scores than that and she barely plays.
Guys, please come and check out my channel! Thanks. :)
When you know how to use a sniper, no one can stop you.
Black Ops best Multiplayer of CoDs
sick!!! totaly worth to watch the vidio! :
black ops 1 is still the best
i tought my dick was big until i saw you...
I liked 50% because great skill but 50% because of the fuckin awesome music too
Came for the screamo. Stayed for the screamo. Left adding this song on spotify.
This was BADASS! Plus my gamertag is W4RL0RD19 so I enjoyed the title:) LIKED FAVED AND SUBBED! Nice work!
you got to remember how many times he died
cool editing but i must ask who stands around in a huge group like that ??
Its like me on Combat Training! xD
Best Black Ops montage I've ever seen. Just amazing dude!
yeah i was about to say that the sound for the shop comes out before he actually shoots i mean great editing but thats something that should have been caught
4:12 is where I stoped cuz im want to try to get those clips too! :P
"screamo" isn't a genre no matter how much your spotify recognizes it as one. Post Hardcore.
best black ops montage ever!!!
dude this is one of the best black ops montages i have seen you just earned yourself a sub have a good day
nice clips. I went and played black ops, with the montage, i get a 360 triple on nuketown
منتاج رائع وجميل
Your just very lucky that your facing noobs and getting lucky multi-kills
How do you that camera movement? 0:30 to 0:40
look at my channel before you imply that i havnt heard of faze.... lol
He picks up one after throwing the first one i think ;)
1:59 burn bitches and epic screamo
SAME HERE! I get good quick scope kills but this is CRAZY!
this isn't bad at all for 2011
all of u are dumb asses its ov all combat training lol your not good :[
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