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Minecraft Super Spellbound Caves - Ep. 1 - "ROOT BEER CELEBRATION!" [Super Hostile] (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 1,336,804 views

Swifters, how fast can we get this video to 10,000 LIKES?! Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe TODAY: ►►SUPER SPELLBOUND CAVES...

ooh man... the nostalgia.... i've watched this so many times it's not even funny
This had to be Chims best and my favorite Lets play of him.
Like if you're watching in 2015
IM watching this in 2014 anyone else.................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No no no not today 2015 FTW
this video is what made me like minecraft and start playing it
The nostalgia with this series... Such a great change from watching this and his videos now. I love watching youtubers grow like this.
5th time watching this series over again
Re watching 6/22/14 realizing how high chim's voice is and how low quality the audio is.
chim was so funny in this series. going to wtach the whole thing
Your gameplay style, commentary, music and map all fit together perfectly. This has been one of the best minecraft series everrrrrr
I've watched this series like 3 times no joke
Oh maaaan.. THE FEELS. I remember when this was the SH**! Oh the nostalgia.
Its been a loooooomg time
Why did I EVER stop watching you Chim ;( I'm subbing again <3
Love this series! It's my favorite serie behind The MC Files
Aww man chin I love u so much but I've kind of stopped watching ur vids bc this is what I want to see, I saw these when they were coming out and subbed soon after, almost cried when it ended and u do a run through of the map,watched this series so many times, love u chim hope ur channel gets the attention it deserves!
watching this all over tonight :D
Chim I bought the blaze sweat shirt
Awesome! I LOVE that design!
Watching in 2014 anybody else?
Has it really been 2 years......Man that makes me feel old :(
I miss old chim, I love what he does now but this and the mcfiles season 4 are my favourite, It's just my opinion but I wish chim had done more stuff like this before moving on to lots of mods like in his other vex map with twisted survival, just small mods and maps like this is what I want to see chim do again one day
This has to be my favorite series of all time.
+ Alanna Toner I am too , I thought i only watch his vids super late because I stay up till 6 am watching recent ones. But I am serious about the thing staying up I have done it till 8 am and then fell asleep 13 hours later!
5th time I've watched this series because I love it so much. You go Chim!
Look guys i'm really sorry I don't want to be doing this but me and my friend have been making YouTube videos for a little while now and we would really appreciate it if you guys went and checked out our channel and if you enjoyed maybe even subscribe. Thanks for your time.
Re watching 7/30/2014 4:45 PM And i feel VERY VERY VERY old :(
I feel old to its like it was yesterday wen this came out =(
I have a microsoft mouse and it scrolls like a BEAST!
He never used any of the things from the mages mod
You don't need paul's blessing.
DARN you chim you made me thirsty bro.
Sorry i think that is used in later episodes!
wow! that old mic!
this was reason you are awsome
has he uploaded the special vid yet
For those watching this episode (he never uses the magic mod in the series)
Watched it in 2012, watching it now in 2013, gonna watch it in 2014. This series never gets old <3
Jett Pennington Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
he already made the last one but we are just started ep 1
Chimney can u make a multiplayer survival with out mods or an old fashion minecrat world
On Tuesday, 6-11-13, I went to raging waters and chugged down a huge rootbeer. like this comment so chim can see.
The Greatest ChimneySwift series evar?
Why are boys discusting!... Chim: ugh my butt itches
The only way my mommy has rootbear is from the tap
Or with fire. Yeah. With fire. That would be excellent.
You do realize that this video was posted over a year ago and that it's ended already, right?
The only thing that annoys me about sky is he calls gold "butter" or whatever it is.
Could you make a texture pack download?
Sky doesn't really say it a lot now.
at 19:03 you can see a creeper spawn at the right like if u saw it
342 people don't like puppies, bacon, Santa Claus and the greatest hostile map playthrough in youtube history.
Ralphie , You Are Not A True Swifter & Gavyn , You Are Not A True Sky Fan Both Sky & Chim Are Awesome
i love the siries but its a little dull on the beginning but other than that its all good
around 18:30 u don't sound to good
Thump up if u are a very fast swifter |)
How was this a year and a half ago? I've been here for 2 years, it feels like it was only a month ago <33
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "My butt itches. And we've gotta get some shelter here." HAHAHHAA peed my panties.
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