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Away We Happened - Ep 5

by Wong Fu Productions • 2,353,080 views

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Daniel wait where are you going? To find a post office, I have to mail out a check to some nice old lady. xD
That old lady is so nice :)
Ikr!! Shes awesome!!
Yeah ikr I feel sorry 4 her.. I'll take some iced tea!!
I feel really bad for the old lady!
"I don't feel like dealing with anymore of your baggage" DAAAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN
3:15 hello jeremy         hey, lin xD
haha thought no one else got it
Haha, To Troll XD 
"I don't want to deal with any more of your BAGGAGE."  Golden.
I feel so bad for the old lady and she didn't get anything in the end😓
ohhhh ok thanks!
Ikr she seems so sweet I would have gotten the tea..
Acting is sooo cheesy but Victor is my homie so it's hella kayuteee
If feel bad for the nice old lady... I'll take some icead tea....
it just bothers me how he has barely known her and he acts as if she cant have anymore strings attached to her past like he owns her or something
maybe i'm taking this series too seriously- but surely Dan is overreacting because him and Jean aren't even in a relationship- they went on one ''date'' lol so why's hes assuming they're seeing each other O_o
Because "it's all too familiar." You know when like, sometimes when people feel like they're about to go through the same exact bad experience they've had before, they overreact, and that's completely normal. Perhaps he's been through something like this before and doesn't want to be again.
See guys we should not jump to any conclusions in these matters. Protect yourself from any let downs by giving the girl freedom to make up her own mind. We are their King and they are our QUEEN whom we protect after they choose us. We are their Kings to serve them. This crazy world runs better that way. So let them choose. Suave <3
I think they both had fair points but they should just listen to the other and stop acting like babies but that wouldn't be a very interesting story now would it so in long story short i love these vids!
"To find post office! I have to mail a cheque to a nice old lady" hahaha!
I would of played it off like, "grama!".
Daaamn ! I'm inlove with this story. I hope this story was a Movie! 
wait wait wait was this whole thing some very discrete AT&T ad??  They have been very clearly showing of those AT&T phones and what the can do.... if it is I'm going to be very disappointed. :(
Wait... I just realized something... 6:30 "I don't feel like dealing with anymore of your BAGgage." Get it? xD
Okay so in my opinion I reckon no one has to be blamed in this situation, the circumstances is so unique. no it isnt, daniel will come back to say sorry
I feel so bad for the old lady, cause she so nice but alone it breaks my heart
Lol. "I have to write a check for some nice old lady." Haha best part.
To those who say they can't act: they are not actors but I think they're doing a good job!
They're doing OK, but they're stressing the wrong words. Otherwise, their acting is quite passible
"please stop talking"
I feel so sorry for the old lady... can we have the address so we can visit her? :( PLEASE!!!
In the end jeremy seemed like a pretty cool guy. I thought he would get updt seeing the two having a lovers spat
video buffers at 4:26 NOOOO!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
i was just kinda bothered coz they kinda live in a waaayyy tooo big of a place :D coz dat hallway was soooo long
Daniel overreacted. Just met. Hung out once. Should have just gave it back, walk away and extended the series an extra episode or two
I am sorry but horrible acting 
Why u got to make these decisions, it was so nice before this happened
jeremy was too busy with wong fu production.
ok naw naw naw naw naw naw naw He couldnt get any sleep? naw naw naw no one is this irrational omgg
OMG Ki Hong Lee! Can't stop laughing!
I feel so bad too the old lady seemed so nice she looked really sad 
Lol I need to go to the post office to mail a check for a nice old lady :))
What a coincidence. Daniel just happen to run into the ex-boy friend.
I dont know why, but everytime i watch an episode, i laugh during the emotional parts.... o well!
HAH! Hellooo Jeremy... Lynn HEH  I GET ITTT
"I'm done dealing with your baggage." That was a good one
Wait is David... Minho from The Maze Runner??
Yes!!minho is my favorite character in The Maze Runner!!
TO THE POST OFFICE i have to mail a check out to some nice old lady
"Hey jeremy" "Lin" BHAHAHAHAHA
hello jeremy... lin xD
The two main characters REALLY dont act well.
This might be late (says posted 0 seconds ago) but their not even actors. I only know "Daniel" he's a dancer not and actor
I am 8 months too late but Daniel (Victor Kim) is a dancer, while Jean (jenfrmheadtotoe) is a makeup guru. Everyone else are professional actors.
Jeremy isn't really helping lol
the series  is so nice actually,i like it:)
dope! just sae ki hong lee made it to the movies! saw him on maze runner trailer movie
so are the guys the bitch in a the relationships now? wtf?
the acting is awful but i love the series
How about you show your acting talent sweetie? I'll love to see... who knows, I might end up being your no.1 fan.... goo-goo-gaa-gaa
watch birdemic or the room thats bad acting this is not as bad as you may think
So sad...But it's cool 
I just realized something. Her roommate as all like, "Oh. Hello, Jeremy." And He said, "Lynn." Jeremy Lynn, guys.... Jeremy Lynn 
you, my friend, are a genius
is that girl "frmheadtotoe"????? the beauty guru??!!?? omfg I cannot believe this!
Damn they acting like middle school kids 😂
+choipnugget that's not Wes that's Chris
the friend is so amazing hahah
I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo etc sorry for the old lady
Maybe they met twice or trice b4 he decide to give the letter. The phone calls also count as hanging out
How dare he question. Just be happy with a cute girl >.>
6:18 almost made me cry he is a good actor
Lol Daniel's face when the old lady open the door
The girl looks like Dara 2NE1. I don't know why. 
omg .. I thought I was the only one who think see looks like dara
Wow why is that letter taken so seriously? That's like a fast and personal development violated on a confusing level. Relationship hasn't even been taken seriously yet. It sounds hard to take a next step, u (Wong fu) could have taken another route with this. X(<3
wow that main guys a bad actor
That's kinda rude
A little more drama would help actually
Lol "Hi Jeremy. Hey Lin" (Jeremy Lin) xP
Am I the only one that sincerely felt sympathetic toward the older lady??
"I don't feel like dealing with anymore of your baggage". Clever
Overreact much? You just met! She was hung up on Jeremy but can change her mind after meeting Daniel. I mean she wrote the letter before meeting the guy. Too much drama.
You do realize this is just a web series with actors, right?
I do realize that, thank you or your concern.
Daniel might overreacted a little bit, but at the park he said "I think i got a reason to try again" or something.. And Jane smiled, so it's like a "code" they both understand (my opinion)
yeah daniel overreacted. and chris is hotter in my opinion ((: 
Dude Daniel def overreadcted.. they're not even together 
Okay, so not bashing, but... Daniel overreacted, especially since he's known Jean for all of a few days. He doesn't really have a right to get involved in her personal affairs.
"Please stop talking" 😂
I feel bad for the grandma...
+phoenix_is_untouchable no one visits her though! it's sad
ok that sounds just creepy
Sell phone soap opera! Although it is unintentionally laughable at some points I really am into the story at this point. Awesome!
This is possibly the first time I've seen a guy be more emotionally dramatic than the girl over a misunderstanding. It felt...weird. Still. This is replacing my weekly dose of Korean Drama. xD
prepare yourself for my opinion...Daniel is right to feel that way because coming from a boy i would understand two things about us guys. 1) we don't like to play games, if you want to be with us, be with us. and 2) if we mean something real to you no one else will be worth your time. Jean is right because....feelings change, people change, situations change and the future is unpredictable. But she should have explained her situation to daniel and refused to let him walk away
Dat Jeremy Lin Reference Doe
To the post office! I have to mail a check to a nice old lady LOL so sweet
OMG. He was serious about the bronzing!
oh god this one almost made me cry e-e
Victor's acting is fine. It's the girl's acting that's terrible.
So this series is American, but has only Asian actors? Lol, that's weird
sorry its not 1880s like you expected. its 2014 btw
actually theres 5... Daniel, daniels bestfriend, dean, dean's bestfriend, and Jeremy js
I fucking love jeremy jesus... "Was he asking about living here?" What a guy lmfao
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