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Grand Theft Auto IV Gameplay - Best Death Moments R.I.P.

by xXMtxXx • 2,135,044 views

Xbox 360 Gameplay clip of the game Grand Theft Auto IV Funny Best Death Moments

the name of the song is ''David Axelrod - Holy Thursday''.cheers
0:42 man,i always loved it to drive troguh this circle
ich habe auch das spiel und bin ned so doof
LCPD Made 486 account to diskile this : D
Do you die every time your on a modercicle
lol not like u. srry for bad spelling
Anyone here try helicopter from highest point> water? Its so funny how you survive jumping from 10,0000 feet into the water.
I want a parachute for just the normal gta IV the one with niko
I died from a cop cause the car exploded
It says best death moments in some parts you dont even die wtf
ADD ME ON PS3 Chrisrocks_1234 or Chris_rocks1234
u know when he slides on his arms,upside down have u ever seen thats stomp the yard with chris brown when his fake bro hand slides and wins the compitition thats what that look like at 0:10
=)))))))))))))))))) OMG =)))))))))))))
I love the dr carter instumental!
lmfao he must have been falling pretty damn fast to bounce off of the pavement
What microwave did you use to film this?
I hope she brings lotsa spaghetti
This game is and always will be better than any CoD they can come up with.
You did a splendid job on this production! Well done. GTA 4 is in my selfish opinion the best game that I have ever come across.
@MyWordsAreLaw , Person who says "240p, we meet again," we meet again
1:34... love the way he is flailing his legs about lol. That jump from the helicopter down to the ground is almost 'uncomfortable' (for want of a better word) to watch because it's so realistic, and he landed right on his head... ouch! Great video
Ahhhh... good times, especially the song fits it.
502 people were killed in the making of this video
wikid deaths!!!!!!!! luved it when you fell of f the building lol
Person who meets the guy who said "240p, we meet again" again, haven't seen you around here, are you new?
omg....awesome vid, but could you tell me the song name please
he is on the moon?, what kind of gravity is that, a body does not bounce like this, well, i suppose it does not matter, is a good game i think.
Too Easy to accomplish, not very impressive.
i did something like on 1:43 once, only i fell down to a broken pier and got stuck between the planks ;o
Chut up china I don't hate u but stop spamming btw lol for vid
jo widze lubisz kiedy ludzik ginie xD
@TheShadowV1P HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thats even funnier
I really need to know what's the name of this GTa. What i like is making people jump, or suicide. Ilove that. What is the name of this one?
@MyWordsAreLaw Guy who meets 240p again, we meet again
yeah its awsome deaths but still u die like that every time ur playing.. :I
Let me put my gloves on and my scrubs on
this was a really lame video, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary
Wow, i thought that GTA IV will have the same crappy deaths and stuff just like in Old GTAs but this looks SO AWESOME! Poor Niko.. (P.S. YELLOW CAR)
The song is called holy thursday
0:38 majorly missed parkour oppurtunity
Oh I remember how I was searching for every new gta 4 video when it game out since I didn't have consoles and this was one of the first. Awesome video.
no, best death = run over by ambulance
@billybobjoe8889 No, Lil Wayne SAMPLED David Axelrod's song (the original). This song is on the soundtrack for GTA4, moron.
@ultimatetoturial56 No, but it would be way more boring.
i loved it when niko was fallin out the helicopter and his legs were kickin lol
@mrHatfieldTommy it always says to complete a survey how do i remove that?
can you tell me what software can i use for recording gameplays of GTA IV ? PLEASE! (PC)
i fell off the empire state buliding on this game and lived no glitches i wasl ike so exicted! it was awesome... this game is the best i got it for xbox 360
only someone from just cause could survive this
how did u get the bike at the top of rosterdam ???
0:20 geuss you have a death wish no helmet,great video
thumbs up if if you think the song is perfect
Jackass: Dont Try This At Home! :P
these arnt legit...most of those kind of deaths happen to me alot!
Wow, after a few years of watching HQ videos, in 240p is like watching them after slamming 7 or 8 shots of whiskey.
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