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Sultry Holiday Makeup Look

by tiarra monet • 28,154 views

PLEASE READ!! Subscribe if you like this video!!! xoxo Products Used: BH Cosmetics 10 color camouflage palette Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow primer Naked Palette by Urban Decay NYX black liner pencil HIP...

@andrewalijah she's not trying to be white ....she's defining her nose ...enhancing her features .
Love love love this look I'm definitely doing this look...will you be doing any new years inspired looks?
Loved are awesome and beautiful! Oh and your dog is just tooooo cute!!!!!!
I'm loving the lip look! Gorgeous! Wherr can we find the Stila products?!?!
I see I'm gonna have to try that mascara too....very nice!! :)
You are unbelievably gorgeous...
Where did you get the lipstick from?
@AlwaysFabulous311 Yessss I want to know too !!!!
Gorgeous look! Ummm, I MUST get those Stila lip colors now! Let's hope I can stop myself from buying every single color! LOL
Love it.....cute dog...what breed is it
Thanks for sharing chick! I love the look..You make me wish I had a Naked palette
Love the way you fill in your lips LoL NoHomo also crease brushes would be so much easier for the crease eyeshadow application :-)
Does the eyelid primer really makes a difference i have seen so many people use it and i was thinking about buying it but im still not sold on it
i also did a holiday look recently, i tried my best but its not as good as this, please check it out!
love love love... i wish u could do my make up it never looks that good .lol
luv your eyebrows thanks for the tutorial!!
@TheLikquid right! people are insane! Thanks love!
I looove it ! I will definitely try it. Its a really simple look with a lilt POW lol. Can't wait til u put in the details, I need that concealer pallete u used and ur puppy is sooooooo adorable !
OMG ur so wonderful and helpful....I LOVE no homo tho:)
@Belle2oo8 I added the details love!!! Thank you!
@chasebabe1 Thank hun! And i have one but i can't seem to find it!!
Love the video. What kind of camera do u use for ur videos?
@prissy931 why do you think black girls dont accept their noses??
Gorg!!!! And I was SLEEP on Stila! I'mma have to check their brand out (w/the lipsticks). Awwww...the doggie is tooooooo cute!!!!
How you outline your lips with the lip gloss that was so cool!!!
pls do a updated foundation routine would be soooo helpful thanks xoxo
I was just sitting here trying to figure out how I was going to do my eye makeup for christmas. This is a beautiful look that I'm going to have to stea/borrow. lol
I wanted to know about your you go to the shop I love them.
Sooo pretty. Must copy. We have the same eye shape now i know how to do my cat eye liner
loved this look, you're so gorgeous!
That was a beautiful look and ur puppy is tooo cute!
@TheGlamourFanatic They stay on all day!!! Thanks hun you to!
Loved the way u did the vid. Gr8 look!!!
@Teyz2 thanks hun, i had to go to the mark to see it! hhah
i love your makeup here you've inspired to me to try the eye makeup ive had laying around for months lol and i loove the lip thing you did <3
@p03ticuti3 aww yay! Thanks hun.. go get it! Its fab!
i was liking everything except for the black eyeliner at the edge of your eyes
Love this look..... Cute pup!!!
FLAW-TO-THE-LESS LOVE SO SASSY ;-) Happy Holidays, Peace &Blessing to you and yours
Nice channel! please tune in and subscribe to my my channel as well!
@andrewalijah thanks, but contouring is a personal choice, it has nothing to do with "white mens ect", i just personally love to highlight the bridge of my nose and define the sides. I love myself, my face, my nose.. anything and everything that doesn't come naturally is an accessory in my eyes... thank you
i just love all your videos and you!! i thank God for u lol
Love the video! Do you prime your lips with anything before adding gloss or lipstick??
I totally LOVE every tutorial!!! Thanks so much!!
The makeup on the nose kinda disturbed me and reminded me of Nicki Minaj... Why don't black girls accept their noses the way it is?! Oh well, I guess it's better than surgery LOL Anyway, you're beautiful!
I like this look. Your dog is a cutie what is his or her name?
You're SO pretty. This look is so sexy !
@lovegun331 awww thanks gorgeous!!!!!!! And sure i will do it this week!
The colors in that Naked Palette are very nice and shimmery. I Love all of your YT vids and your channel. Congrats on you engagement!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you so much happiness. You OOTN was beautiful :).
Where did you get the lip glosses ?
What make up brushes do you use?
Oh I forgot to mention..Thanks for the close-up on the mascara ;)
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