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The Minecraft Files - #222 - Erectin' A Tower! (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 350,377 views

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that tower looks like squidwars house XD! I firkin love it!
````make a tree house plies.
23:46... It's Squidward !!!!!
Kinda looks like
the tower kinda looks like squidwords house LOL
you obviosley didnt see when the comment was made. its been one whole year since it was made.
you have to use goggles with the flippers for them to work
Probably notgonna read but are there bamboo doors
Come 1 come all to the minecraft files chimmys skills will drive u wild from the tree house to the city bank it's the minecraft files all day
make a light house out of the tower (:
It reminds me of an iron golem or squidward's house
i love the filed and tropicraft
That is one of the best designs I think out of all the minecraft files videos I've watched. Great Job!!!
it looks like squidwards house but more awesome
to ascend: space bar to descend: shift (it's like flying)
beach creepers are rare? 3 of them were next to me when i came to tropical
the tower sort of looks like a squidward headexcept without the nose
you should maka a giant two story house on the volcano
the bridge reminds me of squidwards house
love this you should make boat station so you can explore the world
it looks like squidwards house on spongbob xD i love you chim
what happenes when you colide water (surface) with water (tropic)?
i love the series especialy this season
yeah, this is the sphaxcraft texture pack.
I say keep it the way it is it looks like your walking into a mouth if you stand back it looks like a face it looks kind of cool yo me so i say.......... KEEP IT THE SAME!
That tower would be better if you do a nice rooftop!!
Make spiral stairs to top and make it taller and it can be getaway and you should make a big cross bow or something
the tower looks like a wooden iron golem
Eat a snickers, Isaiah. You get a little crazy when you're hungry.
The tower looks like a never mind
if you look at the tower in this video from the (HOT) Beach it looks a bit like a villager in the default texture pack trying to fly (with its arms out)
must catch up to current episode
I just can't stop watching these things i wanna start my own survival but i just keep watchin all day
@ChimneySwift11 Hi chimney! I have a problem with downloading mods. If you can help me out or something i would love that. I have a windows.if you can pm me i can tell you my password if you will help me! I was going to see if you would give me your password but I know you wont do that. :)
it looks like those stone statues that hes afraid of xD
16:41 the tower looks like a man
he is not taking requests anymore because the season is over
U swim like a dolphinn dolphins do that so yeah
it looks like a testificates face
Chim is the best YouTuber. Period.
on the tower make a diving bored
if you use swift to nickname your subscribers and chimney to refer to yourself what does the 11 do? I MUST KNOW
no it doesnt it looks kinda like an NPC villager or Iron Golem
how can we make our own mine craft files
There's only 1 bad thing about this series,the Stupid and annoying thing that pops-up before the video starts asking how many ads you want through the video and you click off and its says its going to add 2 ads through the video and it doesn' bloody annoying
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