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Tutorial: Summer Paradise

by Dulce Candy • 609,796 views

Thank you for going through my journey with me on YouTube! You can read about my full journey in my new book, "The Sweet Life," out 8/4/15. Subscribe!...

I noticed that she said "and" a lot. lol 
what nail polish are you wearing?
Its her foundation not yours so stop hating!!
Why is your foundation like 100 shades lighter than your skin lol
You are so pretty dulce!! I absolutely love your summer makeup look and where did you get that top? I love it so much:)
i liked it but i wish you could just zoom in a bit more
I don't think your eyebrows need so many products!
The shirt is only in stores now, I got it on sale for 15 $ get it if you can find it
Glad you said what was on your nails! :) Also, when you are done with doing your makeup, do you right away clean all your brushes? I don't use brushes I use sponges. So I have no clue! Also, do you style your hair and do your makeup every morning? how long does it take? Some thoughtful questions you could maybe turn into a new video??!! =)
@ ada smith rlly a fake id? Why would u even post a comment like tht? And u just gave everybody a email to send a lot of messages
you always say hi or bye with the 2 hands up !
4:59 you can start hearing her baby in the back hahaa(:
wow u look so pretty in that makeup :)
You look like Jessica Alba really pretty!!!!!
I love the make up !! Cant wait to recreate it :):)
OMG! how do you keep your skin so clear?? please do a skincare video, i'm sure a lot of people are dying to know!! :)
glitter liner always burns my eyes :(
please check my channel out subscribe i would really appreciate it! :) thank u!
I don't like the foundation you used. It makes you look white like a ghost. The eye colors are beautiful on you though.
tipical of the beauty gurus they did everything for money....gross
Love this look. I will be trying this at home. It won't look as good on me becuase I am so light complected but I am going to try it anyway.
I LOVE her shirt! Anyone know where it can be purchased?
I really really like the eye make up (:
most of her viewers probably speak english. it would probably have to have english subtitles. and you have to wonder if people will bother wanting to read them.but you never know.
i really want to see your closet! You have a beautiful style!
Girl I thought u were already wearing foundation when you started the tutorial. Your skin is nice. Can you do a updated skin care routine?
Or maybe she was trying to use a lot of drugstore products and L'oreal has good products...
You look SO GOOD with this hair and this makeup :)
You are my fashion idol! #shortpeople :)
WoW U look amazing!! My fav Look!! :):)
I really like this makeup look :D
i had to pause your video to check if there were birds right outside my window...freaky
Even if, it's a good tutorial and worth watching.
@maddiegal100 Charlotte Russe :)
In the thumbnail I thought you were Jessica Alba!
U Dont Need Make Up For Ur Face.
You look so pretty! Love this look girl.
Maybe she just likes Loreal. Almost all my products are Loreal too so.
Your skin is perfect! can u please do a video for your skin routine?
I LOVE this look!!!! im going to try it :D
Am I the only one who rewinded when she said, "I haven't done foundation" ...lliterally FLAWLESS Dulce. <3 <3
she said she doesnt speak spanish so that would be pointless. not all hispanics speak spanish fluently
I LOOOOVE your top, where do you get it @DulceCandy87??? :-)
Omgsh, she kinda looks like Shay Mitchell here.
Not to be mean but sometimes i wonder why she doesn't respond to her subscribers comments. It seems like she doesn't care about us. Just saying. No offense though :)
You are so pretty and I love this look!
I have that ring but they're earings, if that makes sense:)xo
OMG dulce! you are so damn gorgeous! <3 and you have no undereye dark circles! luckkyy!
You're skin is BEAUTIFUL! You don't need any coverage!
i love this tutorial! and i love your videos :) and i personally don't think you need the foundation, your skin looks flawless by itself <3
i like your ring were did u get it?
I love this tutorial! Best one yet!! You look gorgeous!
uh no, she posted a picture of makeup that loreal sent her on instagram when she made this tutorial so
thats the only way some of them make their living though..why is that gross?
you're so cute i cant believe ur a mom! lol
Congrats on 600 videos :) thumbs up so she sees!!!!
How do you let your eyebrows grow out with out them look prickley and what not? :(
Perfect Makeup done !! i LOVE the shades used :)
Did she say what brand her lipstick is?
Your not even genuine anymore, all sponsored vidoes, youve turned like Juicystar07,michelle phan, and you guys were my favs and now yere so superficial everything about ye seems so fake, even yere personalitys now..
serious i think shorter hair ''ll look much better on you !
Why do you put SO much makeup 0.0 You're beautiful without it to! LOL
you totally look like jessica alba!!
I love that this is a smokey eye, but the teal makes it lighter and summery! great idea!
when you look down your eyes look like butterfly wings =D so beautiful <3
You really didn't need any foundation lol and your moles look wonky covered up. You're pretty all natural
Do you wear falses lashes everyday? :)
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