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에프엑스_Electric Shock_Music Video

by SMTOWN • 75,279,602 views

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I only know Amber and I found her cool and different, not like every other girl, so I wanted to check out her group, but I'm still hesitating about this group... I usually don't listen to girls groups because I think they're trying too much to be sexy and stuff like that, but I haven't seen Amber wearing any short skirt or shorts at all, and I find that cool that she's different. And I absolute love her short hair! Maybe I'll give this group a chance... 
+Kevin T Of course you're right. I wasn't saying that I hate girls whoever wear shorts or skirts. I'm just saying that I like how they dare to look different. I don't always see girls who have short hair and wear more cover up clothes when their friends around them is wearing almost flashy clothes. I like people who are different, who dares to be them selves. That's why Amber caught my eye. I also like girls who are confident enough to wear shorts without thinking they dislike their bodies or think they're fat but there's also girls who likes to show off their "perfect" bodies. I didn't mean anything to offend either you, them or their fans. In fact, I complemented them, just on a really bad way. Sorry about my English, sometimes I don't know how to show what I'm thinking in another language lol sorry again, I hope you'll forgive me. 
+N_Monster kpop It's fine. Imo, whatever concept they are doing, I don't think they are trying too hard to be anything. They are actually embracing it. These girls are showing the confidence that you were talking, they are young, they are beautiful and playful so there is nothing wrong of showing it. I havent seen a kpop girls group that shows anything inappropriate like some artists here in the US. Like i said before, all those concepts from kpop are great and nice to listen/watch.
7 0 , 0 0 3 , 0 0 0 views for f(x) ☆ Electric Shock ❗❗❗👑💎 wow! I only know 4 other kpop groups with videos over 70M views on YouTube : SNSD, BigBang, 2NE1 and Super Junior. (And solo k-idols: Psy and Hyuna) Now there is one more Epic act joining this group : Congrats f(x) ,you are in the ultimate superpopular crew of the Biggest Kpop Acts Worlwide 😎⚡
+wan faisal Exo doesn't count on this because they are newbies the big four and fx mind... and they had it very easy mind you...not to offend or hate them I actually like DO a lot but they don't deserve to be put out there with the others yet until they prove their worth, the other groups have to fight it through a long time with tears and blood to be established there but exo gets it easy, I don't think so...
👑📆 7 5, 0 1 3, 5 0 1 views for f (x) ☆ Electric Shock MV Couldn't be more Epic! I specially love Luna and Sulli in this vid :p and you?
I hope we can get 100 M this year! :D
Ene MekkakuShi-Dan Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
trop putain de classe!!
+Yassin Saytkhanov gg t'as réussi à briser la chaîne de commentaires épiques
Impressive!!! 🐼⚡ f(x) _ Electric Shock is already 66,000,301 views! ♢ Super popular Kpop MV ^^ Most viewed f(x) MVs of All Time : 1. Electric Shock - 66,000,301 views 2. Danger. - 26,919,005 views 3. Rum Pum Pum Pum - 26,387,439 views 4. Hot Summer - 24,848,164 views 5. NU ABO - 18,091,394 views 6. Red Light - 13,178,516 views 7. Chu~ - 9,014,448 views 8. La ChaTA - 8,207,193 views ps: Every 20 days this video gets another million. ;-) (today: Oct 3rd 2014)
can i ask what is amber actual position in f(x)? other than rapper because she has such a sweet voice and i've also heard that amber get into f(x) by her singing ability not rap.
As of February 8, 2015 (USA, Central Time) - 73,736,205 views!  Can we keep and update on the view counts? :D  Let's see if we can make it to 75 Million by the end of this month? Yah?! ^-^
Curlyhead Jen Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out FX! Great singers and dancers...And they are all girls :/ One of them may twist you up with a boy so just letting ya know XD
nothing wrong with being a tomboy :D
شمس باهر Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
에프엑스_Electric Shock_Music Video:
انا سامحتك شنو رأيك نبقا اصدقاء
+البنت الامورة البنت الامورة اللي الشرف انا نكون اصدقاء انا اسمي عبدالله من سوريا ساكن بتركيا
F(x) "Electric shock"
Sone here supporting our sister fandom aff(x)tion <3 This video will reach 70 millions pretty soon (next month), next year we should make 90 and if possible 100 millions of views <3
100M for sure next year project! We will talk about that very soon 😊
CCX SONE Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Did you get a electric shock while watching this mv?
Wow. Look at these koreans, their plastic surgeries are going too far. Are asian girls in asia all trying to get plastic surgeries to look white in order to get boyfriends/husband because asian men prefer the looks of white girls more?
+Little Dead Riding Hood  Apologies. But I am from the US so I stand by my words. I mentioned it because in the US it is definitely not uncommon to color hair or use makeup so I wanted to know if she was, and if she were she should be able to see that.   Even in other countries I know others do it as well, be it Europeans, or Asians, Polynesians, Africans, etc they ALL do. It's so strange why when we dye our hair be it red, blonde, green, purple, BLACK, light brown, it's a big deal of our self identity as a culture when many others also do it.
+Emma Ava ok first of all you can't just judge someone by just looking at the appearence. I am from the US and born here too, and half asian. Anyway, how r u just going to judge someone like that! If i ever met a person like you, I would try to avoid you at all times. I don't think anyone would be your friend, judging like that!!!!!!!!!
Which member is which. I know one of them is related to Girls Generation's Jessica. So who's who ?
Kyle Zgonc krystal its jessica little sister but her face same like yoona
Same makers of gangnam style and hyuna?
No, they are from a diferent Entertainment. PSY is from YG Ent. and this girls are from SM Ent.
the clips are looking so similar
they look sooooooo plastic omg, mess
poor little spic,ur not very bright are you?.Your grammar is dismal ur content is completely rubbish..Wearing contacts and dying hair isn't plastic surgery u cunt.I can't even fathom the depth of ur stupidity.I sincerely hope u do not breed that way u won't affect the gene pool with ur inferior monkey genes,just the thought of u producing a single crumb snatching crotchfruit might lead to dividing by a zero.
+THE ALPHA WOLF YOU MAD? LOL And don't like act like thse girls have not gotten at least one plastic surgery 
Karla Rayas Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
에프엑스_Electric Shock_Music Video: Para llenarse de energia!!!
Porque falta ver mis calificación finales y si no saco buenas me quedo
Figthing!!!...vas a salir bien
Im starting to love FX. And i can see Yuri or Yoon A here in the MV on a one person. They really look alike. Like a triplets. What is her name?. i only know sulli
+carrot red Oh i see. ^_^. Thank youu!. Yuri and krystal are really look alike like a twins, yoon A too <3
I love all f(x) songs so I learned how to sing in the language and I'm still learning but I still live the songs
Why can America be more open and accept more kpop groups... It may not be traditional but kpop groups deserve 100's of millions of fans for all the hardwork on dancing, singing, effects, and clean records!!! My point take it or leave it
Yeah I don't know what the hell they're saying but I like it. It's better than the mainstream bullshit we have in America. Plus, these Korean chicks are hot!
@Edson Roman ya the stuff here is the same all the time and koreans are all beautiful! Girls make hot guys and guys make beautiful girls too XDDD
에프엑스_Electric Shock_Music Video:
I came here from Buzzfeed but this song is awesome. <3 What's the name of the fandom?
75M views.. Let's go to 100M views.. E-Electric Shock!!
We can make this 100M by the end of the year, hopefully earlier. Let's show SM the power of these girls! They deserve more than everything!
Yes! f(x) deserves a lot of views and promotions :D For helping the views grow up, share it with all friends and add to favorites n.n
Yesh my favourite girl group :D
(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~
the best version of this video is with their sixth member, Anna Kendrick
I was new to kpop about 3 yrs ago then one day someone had me watch jpop band.The band was incredible but unfortunantly they are harder for me to find. Kpop is trying very much to be listened everywhere & Im so gratful!:) Even for Americans who dont know the language, we luv luv the sound, the look the style. We "get it", & luv it!💖💟😄 so keep sending it out. Huge fan of Fx & Big Bang of course but also like ' Juniors & Girls Generation. We can roll with the best of ya ✌
has anyone watched the greasy version of this >.< #itshilarious  
These "trash punk" or whatever you want to call the loose-fitting shirts designed to look as trashy as possible look like shit, are not feminine and make them look like an angsty teenager from the 80s trying too hard to be cool.
f(x) Electric Shock 70 million fighting
74,567,470 2015/2/21
75,199,456 2015/3/4
Asians with fake blue eyes look stupid.
I'm a Shawol who just recently came across FX, and I have to say I really like them. But, can someone point out their names?
00.08/01.32 it's sulli 00.30 amber 00.38 victoria 00.41 luna 2.21 krystal
It's unhealthy how many times I've watched this video.
Love it listen to it every day
Amber is lesbian. 100% Sure.
Why? She hasn't said so and she has stated that her ideal type is man (EXO's ex-member Kris). So I don't think so.
69,076,636 Whoa~ Almost 70M! Come on aff(x)tions! ^-^ Btw SONE here! :D Can u vote SNSD for Mama? Please? We sones are also trying to increase votes for f(x) Thanks~ <3 FIGHTING F(X) AND SNSD!
Nanananananana hello fellow Sone :)
Why does Amber never gets feminine clothes? At the beginning i thought she was a boy, but no! Why?
Because that's her style dummy.
+Jack T I know I realized later after a lot of searching I'm so stupid
am still waiting for the good news on Amber Liu getting a handsome boyfriend and bear three kids in 2015. i dont know why these idols afraid of pregnancies,they only want to date when it comes to pregnancies talk with their boyfriends they split up.
+Proo Pandaj how hard?  what i know is that Once an idol always an idol, nothing changes by having kids!?
+Sifa Omary  First it's hard for fans and general public to accept idol even dating, even harder to marrying and getting kids. Second, idol life is hard and time-consuming. Some idols haven't seen their families in months so idol who would have kids wouldn't be able to take care of them.
it has become my daily routine. (^__^
I like the tomboys look
wait isnt one of the girls from a korean drama where she pretends to be a boy
oh look theres a lesbian in a kpop group
what about being a BISEXUAL?? everytime i see her i feel confuse about her gender...
+cloudparadise84  Her dressing style doesn't tell anything about her sexuality, that's just stereotype ^^ She might be bisexual, but we can't know since she has only expressed intrest towards men.
This is so good, but I think the girl that dresses like a guy has contacts😂
A lot of them are wearing contacts! F(x) uses color contacts in their videos a lot :)
Hmm, they still are hot
Can some one tell me what they're saying in English please
Electric (Electric Shock) E-E-E-Electric E-E-E-Electric Shock The electric shocks are flowing down my body About to faint, risky, electrifying It’s enough, your love is too much for me I know you violently value me Like a black hold (yeah) I get sucked in (haha) I can’t see the end (yeah) I fall, boom (oh) Where am I? (yeah) Ding dong ding dong Who am I? (a-ha) My head is spinning The beat is getting faster It’s beating louder more and more I’ve already gone past the limit I’m in shock, e-electric shock Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana E-E-E-Electric Shock Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana E-E-E-Electric Shock Set the voltage, love me Don’t shock me without any notice Don’t crash into me but slightly avoid me Protect me from this sudden changing world Doctor (yeah) What is this? (haha) I’m out of breath (yeah) and I have a fever (oh) I can’t speak (yeah) in my ears are ding dong ding dong My eyes are blinded (a-ha) My head is spinning The beat is getting faster It’s beating louder more and more I’ve already gone past the limit I’m in shock, e-electric shock Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana E-E-E-Electric Shock Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana E-E-E-Electric Shock Electric Electric Electric Shock This energy takes up everything of me In your eyes are strong laser lasers Deep in my heart, the synergy is amplifying It’s endless, your gauge gauge The beat is getting faster It’s beating louder more and more I’ve already gone past the limit I’m in shock, e-electric shock Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana (Electric) Nanananananana E-E-E-Electric Shock Electric (Nanananananana) E-E-E-Electric (Nanananananana) E-E-E-Electric (Nanananananana) E-E-E-Electric Shock Electric (Nanananananana) E-E-E-Electric (Nanananananana) E-E-E-Electric (Nanananananana) E-E-E-Electric Shock
What is that boy's name? He's really cute.
oh still looks like a cute guy, wouldn't mind her to do me up the ass, how about you? what do you think?
Yaasssss one of my wish list end of this year already succeed...Electric Shock 70M views...i think they can make it 90M views by the end of 2015 or maybe 100M views...who knows and that makes them the 3rd Girl Group surpassed 100M views...yasss
I feel like we ought to start a 2015 countdown! 2ne1 did it for "I Am the Best." #electricshock100millionviews
Great job f(x) amazing as always I think they r one of the best kpop groups with snsd, suju, tvxq, big bang, 2ne1, and exo
is it weird that this kind of music is normal where i live? (And NO im not in japan)
Well... Where do you live?
am i the only one here who watches this video because of that boyish girl in this k-pop group?
Her name is Amber, she's actually about to debut as a solo artist, and no you'r not the only one who has started out as Amber's fans. Look for all caps in the video's comments and 90% of the time it is about Amber. 
Check out Amber's pre-lease song from her mini album called Beautiful. She writes, composed and sing it.
That copper brown haired girl with blue contact-lenses probably has the cutest smile ever
I get that as a dude I'm not supposed to like Amber, but I think that she is the hottest member of this group.
+♡SONE♡ She's marketed to be attractive towards females. 
I'm another guy who finds her attractive
Didn't you see the lady Amber shock? saeedfatahipoor/t.r\hotsummerfx on spider waves and the sign is Cristiano ronaldo's comment became the best comment. You can also access his penis from saeedfatahipoor/t.r\penis.
+Amethyst Cahill thank you for the offer,ok,i'll pull her to the hotel.
+Saeed Fatahipor stop replying dude i dont want to keep getting notifications of a high commentor.
Не пойму, с короткой стрижкой это парень или девушка?)))
Electric Shock es super hasta yo la bailo en mi colegio
is not as ends here, I just put f and I appeared this xD   postscript: beautiful girls xD
What is the name of the girl with the Grateful dead shirt?
It is Luna wearing the GD shirt
the blond girl here is Luna right??
isnt she victoria?
Krystal is from the show Heirs right?
she is Lee Bo Na in The Heirs :) 
i like to tell myself that i actually like this music...but I can't say I've ever clicked on a link to an asian boy band video, do they even exist?
Asian boy bands definitely exist. If you like more of a pop style check out SHINee or Super Junior. For slightly edgier pop maybe Exo. If you're more into hip hop check out Big Bang or GOT7 or Winner. And if you're more into rock check out FTISLAND or CNBlue.
lupis mc Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
me encanta esta genial la cancion
So is this like, Korea's version of One Direction? lol
4 member girl group with electropop is similar as 5 member boygroup with more generic pop style? No?
You think? Youre joking right??
There's always no meaning or emotion behind their singing, that's why I can't get into k-pop. All they care about is how they look like.
esta es la primera canción que escuche de ellas, me encanta el ritmo 
gracias por la recomendación la canción y el vídeo me gustaron  ^^
YES finally a group that doesnt show too much skin and act sexy 😱
the guy looks like a girl but man I like his fashion I wish my boyfriend would dress like that
+emberflamescull2200 those "other people" are just kidding
jl l mustang Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
에프엑스_Electric Shock_sinpa
Très très bon et rare......★★★★★
Merci hugo s'est gentil
I Love this is song
Love this song! Always have and always will! :)
Is thirty a boy in there
No, amber is a girl, she just prefers dressing in masculine clothes
Who's the girl with the blonde hair?
can anyone tell me who is the girl at 2.28? i love her style so much!
+Vera Durmaz You should listen to Red Light, Hot Summer and Rum Pum Pum Pum They are awesome as Electric Shock
+Vera Durmaz she just prerelease "Beautifu: from her solo debut album. SHe will debut on this Friday on Music SHows. You can follow her on twitter"@llama_ajol or instagram @ajol_llama 
The person with short hair is that a boy or a girl
a girl named Amber :)
The girl in the second 00:10 is not yuri of SNSD? I am in a mess right now XD
Thats Krystal she is jessica's sis :)
Ohhh okay, thank you!!! I was in a mess because she looks so much like Yuri hahaha
please can anyone tell me the name of this groupe. i really love them
Thank you so much :)
Now we are in 2015 and I'm still watching this song !! :3....
Where are you from ? In my country is 2014
+Cleme san Lol I mistyped the year xD
Is this After school?
hey guys. new to Fx. is amber gay, or just a tomboy? no disrespect just wondering 😊
Amber hasn't spoken about her sexuality explicitly so we don't know if she's gay or straight. Due to that, I would say just a tomboy. :)
羅建昇 Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
is amber a girl or a boy ??
The one girl with the short hair looks and acts like a boy it's so stupid lol lol this group is a joke
+Franz Pancho you make no damn sense YOU are a fucking joke and so is your momma for having you and your dumbass self bye bitch :)
Lol butthurt much? go back to the hellhole u spawned from dirty whore.
Amber is the prettiest one
Dang! Almost 70M!! Starlight (VIXX fan) supporting one of my favorite girl groups. Congrats, in advance, on 70 million views. ^^
i hope f(x) will have an official name fandom!  70M <3
After SNSD, f(x) is my 2nd favorite Kpop girl group. I want this video to get 100 Million Views so SM could see what group should get a Solo Concert and a fandom name. F(x) is talented and deserves more attention than the rookie groups.
Rafa Matos Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago (edited)
Electric Shock <3
+patrick maciel ficou maravilhoso amigo! hehehehe parabéns! mas assim que você postou no youtube eu assisti!
新月 Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
+新月 我記起來 O(∩_∩)O
+新月 哈哈 除了短髮那位 不容易分別 有沒有很笨啊O(∩_∩)O
If i can sing beautifully with you so give me the lady Amber's mouth+krystal's anal+victoria's cunt.luna's cunt+sulli's mouth will be substitute hole,invite and bring your friends there,too,ok?
I'll win korea republic football national team with 250 goal should give me those surely now,ok?
Lee Woon Jae:never upset boy,i'll command to goal own all.but it's a large number of goals(i don't where he says to me this).
Rafa Matos Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
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