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Kings Quest V + Mailmen - JonTron

by JonTronShow • 2,690,668 views

WOWOWOW It's only been 16 years since the last JonTron!! Hope you guys enjoy! Facebook: Twitter: Special thanks TO:...

Fuck King's Quest. My dad made the original King's Quest and it was his idea. Then that bitch stole his idea and went off to make the game herself.
My Dad is JonTron, my mother is Arin,my Grandfather was Pigeon Poopenhiemer, My uncle is Reggie Fils Amie and my sister is Joseph Stalin and my brother is Mao. Ok, this joke is and has been dead, I killed it, now nobody can be happy...MUHAHAHA...Ah, Im a ponyfag.
Well, my dad invented the arcade fight-stick for consoles back when Street Fighter 2 hit the SNES.. It's called the Championship Joystick by C&L Controls.. Nowadays no one remembers em though and whenever I go to fighting game tournaments with one of his original fight-stick prototypes rigged for new consoles people act like I'm a loser because I don't have an ugly sticker covered modded Hori stick... Sucks for them though, the OG fight-stick is still king.
I honestly do think that (and I hope others have the same opinion) JonTron is better than PewDiePie. Now watch this comment get filled hate replies from all the PewDiePie butthurt fans
+Serana Lol, Im asexual and not a brony. Surprise! I use this pic because it's my old pic and I'm too lazy to remove it. But yes, some bronies worship ponies like it's the Messiah or their lord. And sex isn't life, but I know you are probably a slut, so you must have the best and are living life to the fullest. :) 
+SNESguy1992 Asexual..  right then.
At 6:07, that song... With the epic guitar... Yeah what is that? I hear the song everywhere here on the interwebs. Can someone tell me what that is? And if you say Darude-Sandstorm, go ahead. I would like to remind you that you're not funny, nor original by reusing the joke. 
Oh, don't go spamming Jonrude - Tronstorm.
It was through the fire and flames
> People complain about PewDiePie > People complain about AVGN (???) > People praise JonTron What?
Because Jontron doesn't check his complaint box Puts shades on
PewDiePie appeals mostly to the younger generation. AVGN (still good) appeals to the older generation. JonTron appeals to everyone (except of course, the ex-Game Grumps fans, but screw them)
I remember my dad showed me how to play this game! Then I tried to go to the mountain after having forgotten the pie. Got killed by a fucking yeti.
Dang it. King's Quest again. My dad made that game, but that hag Roberta stole it from him. Everyone knows she's a fraud. 
+MetalMouth54321 Err, I meant, a seperate comment did.
+John Egbert Yeah... I made that comment thinking it made sense.
I find the owl attractive, I want him to rape me
+MilesFan100 If it's a want, it's not rape. If it's a need, it's rape.
It's funny how there are more people hating and whining about PewDiePie and his fans than his fans actually whining. I guess it's the cool thing to do for kids these days.
+TheEpicness23546 Exactly! It'd be more relevant if more comments focused on him instead, on his very own videos. Sorry, should have mentioned that earlier as my point. c: Aside reporting what's seen here.
Where's the complaint box? I want to file a complaint about JonTron not checking the complaint box. inb4 this joke has been used before and I didn't know
The guy who voices Cedric the Owl, Richard Aronson was one of my programming teachers at Devry University four years ago. He's since moved on, but his stories of the studio Sierra & Sierra Online were certainly interesting when comparing what the industry looked like then vs. now. 
I'd also like to add that during development of their games at Sierra, they enjoyed creating tons of different ways the player could die. 
Explanation to my odd comment, it's a joke on the "My dad was X and created X but was stolen by X" those comments are everywhere.
Through the fire and the flames we carry on!
Complaint box is my reaction to tumblr haters.
how many takes of stabbing yourself in the eyes with those sunglasses did that take?
Reminds me of Queens Quests. Didn't get to play much of it, but that god damn water well...
I really only like KQI. But, maybe that will be changed since a new one is coming out this Fall. I got a literal Nerd-Boner when I watched the trailer.                                                i haz a happee
My dad was the original Starbucks, but the coffee beans stole his business. I however am Apple, and Microsoft stole the Windows.
so did he just stop making videos? 
Apparently, sometime this month, his cover of Katy Perry's firework is scheduled to come out. It was supposedly confirmed in a recent panel.
I love the King's Quest series. KQ5 and KQ6 were the ones that I played as a kid. I went back and played the other games since. Good times, good times. If anyone is interested, AGD Interactive remade some of the earlier games and have them available for free download.
I got here from an egoraptor video \o/
I would not be surprised.
Could someone create a video out of 1:10 to 1:14?
10/10 for using the plok beach area music at 1:43 + great music, strange game. Love you jentren.
The owl was wrong, that was a venomous snake, not poisonous
And the origin from the word "Poison" comes from the Latin word "Potio" which meant "Potion". Old French later used the word and called it "Poison" which meant Potion too. Middle English then came and used that word for signifying a substance that could hurt you or even kill you. Not sure if related but the French word for fish is Poisson
Correct me if I'm just a nerd, but is the Wilford Brimley and pancreas joke a reference to Jerma985 and Star_? Star_ watches JonTron, I know this, and, "My pancreas isn't working." is a joke of his. Jerma has made jokes about Brimley at least twice. Am I crazy?
Wanna know something to put a genuine heartfelt tear into your eye? remember To The Moon's story. It's absolutely beutiful. Or, if you don't know the story, just put an union under your nose. It'll produce the same waterworks without need of memory.
You have all of them? Even... Mask of Eternity!? audience gasps loudly
the narrator reminds of the narrator in bard's tale voiced by Tony Jay
I lost it when he was like "I FOUND A FISH DO YOU WANT A FISH HOW BOUT Y DO YOU WANT A FISH" I was almost in tears
wheres the complaint box?
Hey Jon, can you make a video about Jazz Jackrabbit? I would be really happy. I like being happy.
Was... was this episode filmed in the same room as the lost Steam Train Promo...? The old Grump room?
Yeah, this episode, and every other one until the Hercules episode, were filmed in the Grump room. Also, Space Ace has Ross and his wife in it. I only just realized so after three times watching it XD.
+planescaped I realized to after 5 times watching it.
King's Quest VI: Wilford Bremley's Revenge.
The owl sounds like Cleveland Browns fat son.
This is my favorite King's Quest and I luckily had access to the internet by the time I got this game in the mid 90s to be able to beat it.  Great video JonTron!
Nice, music from Plok!
Funny how he didnt mention that there is basically a quicktime event where if you fail, a mouse gets eaten. If the mouse gets eaten, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FINISH THE GAME
If only you guys wouldn't bitch at him, then he'd still be with game grumps.
He left the greps for his own reasons. I personally prefer his show over those let's plays.
Nah, GameFAQS is old school, now when you're like "Fuck it" you can just view a youtube video with the exact part you're stuck at. I don't like doing that, but it helps prevents quitting.
Cheer up Graham at least you can play your game of TittyWinks?
That dog on 6:30 is a Tibetan mastiff
King's Quest V for the NES makes this look like Skyrim.
What's the name of that website that JonTron was typing onto when he was hacking the game? I swear I've seen it before but I don't know where to find it.
4:29 I died........with laughter.
She's a savannah cat made by Sherry Blossom on DeviantART.
6:55 was that the Guardian..from Ultima ??
That bear part makes me laugh every time
I remember I had the floppy version of this game as a kid so it didn't have the additional voice acting like the CD version did. And to think all these years I thought I was missing out...
Looking in the comments... Who's dad DIDN'T make King's Quest?
Does the owl remind anyone of another game sidekick? Give you a hint: "hey! Listen!"
My Screen still looks like that.... :(
So apparently there's going to be a sequel/there is a sequel to this.. WHY.
+MatteomaxM Kings quest games came packaged with hardware back in the day, so basically everyone with a computer has played KQ
I remember when FAQ sites were just starting to pop up. God, they were really shitty in their help.
He moves almost as slow as king zora.
Actually, at that time, i believe it was 17 years since the last JonTron
Man, King's Quest was my idea. And so was this joke. 
King's Quest games were pretty good but I miss the old Quest for Glory games.
whats the original joke music 
Through the fire and flames- Dragonforce
you can leave your complaints in the complaint box BUT I DONT CHECK THAT SHIT
Man,the grump room looks so empty and simple back in the day
04:34 Who else bursted out laghing there..............IT WAS ME!
6:07 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+The Gamer Punk i havnt listened to it. COME AT ME BRO!
Omg. Does anyone know the name of the game at 1:18? I've been trying to find it for so long xD
Nvm, finally found it after years of searching lmao :p
I would like to point out the fact he was playing "King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder" right after he got off of hiatus. 
6:00 my favorite joke in JonTron history.  Even 2 and change years later, gets me every time.
is is just me or does the owl sound rather like Ron from harry potter puppet pals?
I own this shit on floppies
In a perfect world, I would love to see Jon and Danny play this game on Grumps! 
Was that bear wearing sunglasses? 0_o
Everyone moves fucking slow I EEEEEEYYYYYNNT HAVIN DAT SHITTT
10/10 "Like Skyrim with Mailmen" -IGN
you make me smile.... right in my nerd guts ;)
Too bad it looks like shit. Didn't they learn anything from KQ8 and QFG5? Turning point&click adventure game into an action adventure game (or worse yet a QTE game)=game that both adventure and action game fans hate.
Can't wait for the PS4 Version Of this game :D
Hey, Jon, did you know Youtube can run videos at 60 FPS now?
Do you know that this video is 2 years old?
+Tubbier Wombat I know, I wasn't telling him THIS video. I just posted on a random video of his so he could see it, just in case he wanted to try running any of his future vids at 60 FPS.
Jhon Likes Dragon Force  :D!
Go to 5:10 for every SSBB criticism ever.
Is that in the grump room?
I thought "magical white snake" would become a penis joke
Oh it did in the comment section.
8:52 anyone notice the paper towel ;3
My favorite Kings Quest is the one where you throw a hole on the wall and there's like babies in lettuce and the chess pieces kill you.
What console is this game available on? Because I reeeeeeeeeeeally wanna play it
I'll kick their asses 1v1 in mousetrap yo
If the owl could make him fly then why does he walk everywhere why doesn't he like fly everywhere like over the dessert?
Owl ran out of magical pixie dust. "pixie dust"
Okay, what is darude sandstorm supposed to mean? I don't even know it and im getting annoyed by all the repetitive comments
As Skidofly said, it is an annoying song. It is some Techno song that I believe was on Dance Dance Revolution.
its a very popular song that is recognized now as a meme. its my fave techno. thus annoying when i see that comment when its obviously not the song.
What game is that at 1:24
What's the music at 1:33?  It's driving me crazy.  I know I've heard it before, and I feel like it was from something I really liked, and I'd like to listen to the whole thing.
Nevermind, it's Plok, specifically the beach tune, by Tim Follin, also known for Silver Surfer, Time Trax, X-Men in Arcade's Revenge...
It sounds like its from Banjo Kazooie.
It is from Mario Party 2, but I guess he means the song Jon is performing in the thumbnail.
My introduction to computers... best game series on the computer ever made.
Hmm, that may be your preference, but I don't share it. I've played most of the games you listed, and I think that they are terrible. But then, that's your preference. No one's an asshole here until you try to shove your opinion down someone else's throat. I guess the difference between you and me is that I could have seen you comment on your favorite game with "best game ever" WITHOUT jumping in and contesting with my preferences. Oh, well. :) Keep to your Warcraft, and I'll keep to Daventry.
+Shaina Shaffner I was just listing games that are highly regarded, not my personal favorites(though I do like Warcraft 3). I meant to say that video games don't really have a definitive Goty, only personal Goty's since people have their own opinions (like yours that Kings Quest is the best).
what is it with games and anoying owls
Whats that under your black robe why a old magic white snake.
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