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SHOCKING Shark Attack Caught on Tape

by itsGratisFreebies • 14,440,119 views

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Young Chuck Norris? 
verdade kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
That was good relation between shark and human..
hey can i have a pet shark like that to pleasssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Awe, how cute, more stupid people unable to separate fiction from reality or get the humor. Stop the planet, I WANT OFF.
I wish sharks actually were like this ;3
do you like a pet like a megalodn shark?
That was the coolest shark I've ever seen. He must have been somebody's pet, and he was lost.
Yeah, this shark hangs out with people on the beach
Despite that being a very realisitic and scary shark puppet, that is one of the cutest ads.
Everybody says sharks is all bad and should be hunted and now your saying ahh beautiful animals in the world make up your mind
cute video but what's up with the bogus title?
Well they did say shocking XD
Prove it. Take a ball out to sea and find a shark that will retrieve it.
I did but the shark prefers a football.
I wish things were like that...
You dont.your more likely to be struck by lightning than eaten by a shark.
+combat pilot Yeah but it's a GREAT WHITE shark.
One of the most adorable things I have ever seen
So cute🐟🐬🐙🐋🐳🐡
People REALLY think this is real?
J s a fucking commercial dumb ass
ฟันฉลาม คม มาก ทำไมบอลไม่แตก หละ ครับ ค่ะ
I actually found this somewhat amusing.
XD I wish sharks were like that irl
I wish sharks were like puppies
You know why they eat us because they think were PENGUINS!!!
They think we are seals duuuhhhh jk
This is just a advert u dumb
hahaha, cute commercial xD
Its a funny/cute video
fucking got me there tho XD
well you said shocking
Joey Danos Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Why can't sharks be this nice in real life?
+LocalH3ro sharks can be taught to bark 
+Kyte Mercer Are they any less bitey? :)
guys sharks have bad eye sight so they mistake us for a seal or something
Um not funny but stupid and I am not the
lol i was scared. i close my eyes because i thought the shark would eat him 
That was pretty funny too bad shark can't be like that. :-):-)
good huge massive prehistoric heart-stopping beasty magnificent impressive big ginormous mega megalodon sharky :P
Is there a way to "cuteify" Jaws' theme to fit with this? lol
rollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazooooooooooo total
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That was cool....heh...heh... JD/82D
This is funny and cute, like the peanut butter bar commercial, however the sad reality is great white sharks are not the playful creatures portrayed here and I hope children do not get the wrong idea about sharks after watching this video ! I know this was made in fun but it should contain a warning like do not try this at home (in the water) kind of warning for young children as they may get the concept you can play with a shark if you are in the water and one swims up...But most of us adults like the video and see the humor in it...Just saying...
if you want to say buu its pernounced booo and this was funny and adorable
My cat can do that. My sister thought it was the deadly shark Jaws. She started screaming and she is 14!
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