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It's a wrap on today's photo shoot!

by rebecca • 169,258 views

Message from me (:

Sembran552 wowowow thats TOO far...telling someone to cut themself? Thats fucked up... ..what if that person is cutting themselves dont tell someone to go cut..
-.- shes so sweet and pretty.. now i get the haters are just spreading rumors and making a big deal over a song called "Friday"
Rebecca u r so beautiful. every1 likes u even those who give bad comments here, they love u but they don't know how to comment. if they really hate u then they will stop watching ur videos. m sure they will be the first one to watch ur new videos that u post.
Your acting like a diva trough your father and your brother and how old are you? 14? 15? I dont know what the hell are you thinking but this is not normal behavior and you should be a shamed
Quit watching what? I'm not hating like you, bitch. If you hate her videos, stop watching it!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE ONLY REASON IM HERE BITCH IS TO PISS YOU OFF AND YOU STILL HAVENT REALISED AHAHAHAHA "You're the shitbag" "you're the one who started the name callings" PFFFFFFTTTTTTTT HAHAHAHA RETARD "posting up threats to someone you've never met" "You are so fugly" FUCKING STUPIDER THAN A FISH HAHAHAHA I CAN KEEP GOIIIIIING :D "Get a life" *has spent over a month defending a little girl on the internet who cant sing and has never met before* TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLO SUCK MY DICK BITCH COS UMAD
You basically just copied everything i said, except you added a bunch of swears. Does your mother know you're using such language?
Get a life. And stop being so mean. Get over Friday and get over yourself.
She seems actually decent now. and pretty...?
Message from Variasam2: "Yeah, good luck suing me after you've shot me and beat me up.I'n your head, the law will totally be on your side just because I hate Rebecca Black's music.Hey, if you want to live in your imaginary world where everybody sucks Rebecca's cock for being a shit musician, go right ahead.Every time I see a new message from you, I know it'll be comedy gold.I show everyone on Facebook & they all think you're hilarious.Please keep sending them". Everyone listen to me.He a stalker
For your information, I didn't. Get your facts strait.
At fight at 11 months ago!!!
why would someone making a bad song make people start to like another bad song. sing it was better, because first the lyrics weren't horrible and neither was the singing. and that's the root of the problem. she would have been much better off waiting sometime to develop her voice more and focusing on making better music rather than just jumping into stardom like she did. i dont think you understand I'm not insulting her, I'm just saying she made a really bad move with Friday.
she should be on glee as rachel sister :)
DAFUQ! very bad start for a video ( 00:00 )
Ok fine but Friday was sooo fuckin' old now like a few years ago!You need to stop living in the past and focus on the present.Yeah sure people thought Friday was a fail but now her hated cyberbullied life is over!!And u need to shut up about that & talk about "Sing it" or her new song comin up called "In your words" or whatever it's called. O_o
So after Friday she got hot and grew giant boobs, check. Thanks for the updates
just fucking looking at her, smoking hot O_O
She IS 15. You even looked it up on Wikipedia. I don't know what kind of more proof you need...
Seriously?!You don't know her at all, not even one bit!After "Hot problems" people started to love Rebecca & when her song called "Sing it" came out everyone loved it.Btw everyone said she has millions of dollars & fans.She gets paid for every view she gets on her videos btw thx for the fuckin' view, you're making her rich.There's barely enough death threats.People are posting up supportive comments for Rebecca.
indya harrignton put a sock in it stop being such a cyber bully are now being ridiculous in everything you are saying. you need to learn to actually read what I'm trying to say instead of spewing out random crap. I'm done talking to you, have a nice life.
you obviously did, and you need to follow your own advice. you have said anything it takes just in her defense when i have been basically telling you the whole time i am not criticizing her at all, just the choices she made.
Shut the fuck up & leave Rebecca Black alone.I only copied u cuz u copied me 1st & I wanted to let you know how it feels, bitch.What about your fugly fat ass mother?Does she know that you're always trolling & you always post stupid things on YouTube?
Get over Friday you dumb bitch!It was so old & a few years ago!She's only 15 years old & I bet she can sing better than u & if u doubt that, go post up a video of u singing.
you think i have no life, you are using two accounts to attempt to gang up on me on the internet you stupid whore. and your name isnt jessica who the fuck are you kidding lol what a loser
aww ur cute :,( Because u told me to i think i cant resist ill kill myself k
We need to see DEM BOOBIES! But not for 3 more years, we don't need to go to jail.
Wow ur voice is fucking annoying but your are gorgeous!
Awww your amazing xx I don't care what anyone else said your just a amazing person with a amazing voice! Xx <3
im not being mean to her about friday shes just annoying and thinks shes so perfect
Idk why but for some reason she keeps getting prettier
She is so pretty in this video!!!
@megadream3000 you pervert she was only 14 in this video. On your YouTube page it said your 17, go fantasize about other chicks like Demi lovato or Selena Gomez, not innocent girls like Rebecca black, you sick fool!
i actually cant sing...but at least i know it (i can sing any song better than her singing friday though), i dont have parents with thousands of dollars pushing their luck on whether she gets famous and gets their money back. you dont even know english you stupid teenage whore go fucking learn it before you try to understand western culture and why everybody hated her. she only gets to live her dream because her parents have money not cos she deserves it, which she doesnt, so eat a dick bitch
yes lol quit watching... my coment is for1 month ago-.-
"Ooh my voice cracked. That was cute".
From the looks of your comments you're psychopathic. You need help.
You have no life for saying something like that to someone who did nothing to you. You're the one who should go die.
Why do so many pedophiles comment on these jeezz, shes 14. And amazing, but, Friday No, no, no...
Shut the hell up!Quit showing people the messages I've sended u.You're nothing but a lonely dickhead.The reason why nobody likes u is cuz u still didn't get ove Friday, that one song.You have a useless life & all u ever do is sit behind a computer & tell people cruel things about them.If u don't like Rebecca's music, why would u even bother going to her videos?!She's making money off of your hate.And stop stalking me to every video I comment.You'e just mad cuz of the things i've told u.
first of all i didn't say Friday was the most hated song on earth, that's all you. so that proves you aren't "getting you facts straight" therefore you're not following your own advice. and how is saying a bad song by which she became famous for not follow her throughout her career, criticizing. people will always know that, and judge her off of it. i dont care if she wants to continue this career, good for her in fact. you act like you know her any better. you don't know her either.
No, you go die in hell & it doesn't matter if she's annoying! So what?
You look like a pornstar. In a good way.
Here you go again.I am following my own fuckin' advice!And yes you are criticizing her,sayin' that "Friday (the most hated song on earth)" will follow her throughout her career.Well guess what?"Sing it" will follow her throughout her career,too & she'll never stop following her dream & i'm proud of that, so is everybody else.You don't know her story, you only know her name.
Her voice is even more annoying not autotuned
she had a iphone?..... that's even more lame
What the fuck are u talkin' about?There are more than 1000 users in this website.Shut the hell up, accuserYou call threatening someone a life?Clearly, you're a fuckin' bitch.Don't call me a whore cuz really, u don't know me.
Your really beautiful but you really act like a blonde that's why people don't like probably !
.. Wow .. WTF? xD she's SOO energetic like what did she drink/eat?! and did u see her hair stylist's face when she was showing her lens? she was like, WTF? xD
im not hating .. but she do seem like a down to earth person, not sing and the music career is not her thing! she should try something else! i wonder do she still get death threats ? O.o
where do you live? and can i have your phone number rebecca? ;)
No, you are being ridiculous in everything that you are saying.Btw use your punctuation & you are talkin' crap.You're a motherfucker.You'd be fuckin' your mother every night.And i'm done talkin' to you, too.Goodbye you fuckin' dumb assbag.
Just to piss me off?Fuck off stalker!Quit trolling & you're the one who's fuckin' stupid.All u do is post up useless threats.I'm not stupid cuz I'm not fuckin' troll who bothers people that I don't know.You're such a retarded gay bastard.Stop acting tough, bitch & u are a dick.Just go shove that Caps-Lock in your ass!You're only tryin' to piss me off cuz u have no life.All u do is cyber bully.You know you're a jealous fag cuz this girl can sing better than you & she gets to live her dream.Go die
Shes kinda hot looks for a white
Btw, quit posting crap on my fuckin' wall."I'm done, i'm done, i'm done".Just shut the fuck up!You're such a retarded bastard but even though u say the same shit, you're still gonna keep going!You're the one who's insulting, criticizing her that Friday was so bad that it'll follow her throughout her career.Go suck your father's bollocks.That's only one song & you still didn't get over it.You're so stupid that u don't kno what you're talkin' about & u don't understand me!I luv Rebecca & her songs
Shut the fuck up!You're the shitbag who's mad, too & you're the one who started the name callings you dumb bitch.Get the fuck out of this website with your nasty ass fuck.Get a life and quit threatening Rebecca, acting so strong with your gay pussy.You're an ass to be trolling on videos.Go ahead & waste your precious time behind a computer just posting up threats to someone you've never met!You are so fugly that nobody wants to be like u & I don't even give a flying fuck.
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