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I'm Pinkie And I Know It

by Kohibeo • 208,910 views

**Download Link in Description Below** Just Pinkie being Pinkie...A Parody of LMFAO's I'm Sexy And I Know It. Be sure to check out the original release. The Background music is the official...

+Pinkie Pie The Pony™ Y ezto es lo que uno se encuentra por youtube :v
Best thing that was ever invented. YOU MUUST WATCH AND BELEIVE!!!!!!!!!!
DODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1 SUB FOW U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COME I HAVENT BEEN SHOWN THIS SOONER!!!!
I`m pinke and i know it
That was................................AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm Pinkie and I know it...haters gonna hate.
no ofense pinkie pie  sound like a dude
I'm Pinkie & I know it, because I act like her and can make my voice sound EXACTLY like how Andrea Libman does it, same with Fluttershy, I sound like her, too.
Me to with all the main 6
Lol! Oh yeah Pinkie! Break it down! :D
01:42 RD's hair is so cute and I hope you don't mind me using some of you lyrics for my parody they are a little different to prevent copyright and because it's about Vinyl Scratch
fu bronies u fucker pricks u all die!!!!!
Triple twice double life time
This song matches my personality perfectly straight to the point
i wonder if pinkie pie always is high and takes drugs and the directer don't tell us cause i think she does
Pinkie is my fav pony because i relate to her. I love planning parties love making friends  and I'm all CRAZY!!!!!!!
xD I'm Pinkie and I know it!
ААААААА дайте ссылку на песню!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Pinkie Pie Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago (edited)
I'm Pinkie and i know it walks in Ponyville and sings I'm Pinkie and i know it
im pinkie pie and i approve of this video 
This inspired me to do a parody of the original song about Vinyl Scratch
0:03 top left corner Flap with your wings, not your hooves, silly
im not pinki and i dont know it
what do you think bronys will do if and when my little pony get cancled? :(
oomg this is the best pmv I have ever seen! I cant stop laughing yeah im pinkie and I know it!
this is a parody of s*xy and i know it
@ Twlight Sparkle Yes, of course.
isn't it funny, that my fellow bronies came u with a song that I can sing with confidence. After all, I know for a fact that I am NOT sexy at all, but I AM PNKIE AND I KNOW IT! LET'S PARTY! BROHOOF! /)
You are one sick mother bucker
+Zachery Rancano (Pinkie and rainbow dash appear out of no wear) GOT YA (Fall on the ground laughing at thier prank).
u shloud make a fluttershy one cool btw
1:40 welcome to the herd, i will be your guide
She is Pinkie and she knows it! O.o
I like this PMV, but it sounds as muted as fuck. I want my ears to BLEED listening to this.
How about, instead of hating on something people other than you like, you go watch somethign YOU like.
I love this pinkie all the way (not my fav but till cool)
this song is better than the original
This song is 100 % cooler then orginal :D
too bad the sound is so low, But the lyrics are nice :)
They aren't aweful but the majority of their songs are bad.
What recording device did you use? I rote a pinkie song too.
One of those Luna's witnesses got to you too huh ?
I think you should have found a good pinkie voice actress and gotten her to do this it would have made the song much better :-D
I think I just found my new theme song...
dunno guys I thought the singer lacked enthusiasm
0:45 and 0:46... isnt that the master from discord whooves
Hey, I just met you And my name's Derpy, but i burnt my cereal, so muffins maybe?
I like their music, but I don't like Sexy and I Know It in particular.
i was watching an Onision vid and i acedently clicked on this insted of another vid - -"
you should put this song on grooveshark
Dude, that was un called for. If someone doesn't like the show and has watched it, then leave them alone. It's people like you that give the brony community a bad rep.
she ate my cake!!!! FUCK!!!! GOD DAMMIT
They make bad music, I agree most of the time...But what do they suck exactly O_o
'ficcially the best video on YouTube.
Omfg, if you wanna have a fucking AWESOME afternoon, get stoned, put this video on full blast, full screen, with headphones on.
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