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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.163 - LICORICE LEG

by UberHaxorNova • 1,066,398 views

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timmy:im stuck oh wait here a go! Jet:Nope
I did know he was being sarcastic, and my comment was of the same nature, but I'm the idiot because you said so?
I don't know the global definition, however, me and friends use it as an online term to replace 'lol' and 'haha'. We also use it in the place of 'ya'.
The wall wasnt even an obstical
Where the hell is the other car *slam* OOOOOOOOOO there it is!
5:53 lol you sounded like one of the happy wheel characters. Sorry, short term memory ^-^
becuase people play aa game befor they no what it is if you press play and leave the game still counts as aplay count and happy wheelers are into to stupid crap like that
2:33 RAMDOM TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i played happywheels the first day it came out
whoooa no need getting aggressive all of a sudden
Omg, i laughed my ass off. I dont kniw why i stopped watching nova after 110 episodes
Bitch you don't talk to people like that before you've used your own brain to understand their message ? -.-'
clicked show comment and started a adventure of sex, betrayal, friends, enemies, and an odd subject
No... I never said that, I'm just denying your request.
Mines: moderate damage Wall: Its super effective!
Licorice Leg and Little Boy. Still a better love story than Twilight.
OMFG YOUR COPIEING PEWDIE!!! GTFO!!?! Just kidding, you guys are both awesome! keep it up.
What the bloody hell is it with you fucking pricks insulting Americans what does anyone's race have to do with they're knowledge now shut up quit hating and gtfo
5:05 Irresponsible Dad just did the TechnoViking dance!
Ja is German for yes, but jajaja is Spanish and it is used to show that you're laughing so you got one part of it right, the reason why i commented when you said jajaja is because a lot of people don't know that and i have dealt with douchebags before about it, good day to you.
@thefwerber, dude stop having a conversation on one of nova's videos, people are just going to continue trolling you.
4:35 same happened to Pewdie XD
Great we have two assholes with no life and no future who know nothing but eating shit
i have no problem with pewdie and nova but i just cant stand tobuscus..
Sound like a novel description to me XD.
well... he was being sarcastic. and um you didnt know that.
Next time, instead of "I think", you can say "I'm pretty sure".
ew little boy is giving himself a bj!
In reality, they all three help each other on youtube. Nova, Pewdie, and Toby are three of the most influential figures on youtube. AND a lot of that influence actually comes from each other. Fighting over Toby, Nova, and Pewdie is hurting them more than us. So please stop and enjoy watching three of the greatest commentators to commentate on youtube.
Come back when you learn how to stop being a asshole.
at second ten 2 times my computer freezed
It seems like you did that last level
Rwally? I hate people who post coments like that
One of those people who is against homosexuality and thinks its bad because the media said so, right? Also, I am not in your sight, nor was I ever.
''You f*cking f*ggot i hate you by no sence because you play happy wheels and i know that nova does too BUUU HUUUU!!!!''.. Now THAT is how someone that is NOT a real Bro, Nova fan or one of the audience would scream to you =D
I don't think you read my reply right, I wrote it as if I was the average 12 year old :)
so.....he said he is copying nova?
look at 10purpleprincess's reply before you to go everyone and swear
He said something like: "u suk cos u bitch ass is copying nova and tobuscus and pewdie. fuck u u ignorant pece of shit." Now don't you think that's some 12 year old comment right there?
This is why Nova doesn't read the comments... all of everyone fighting about him vs. PewDiePie :/ So... yeah. Would everyone please shut up so we can help him?
I should have got it when I saw the smiley face, anyway after i read i it 5 million times i finally get it and i agree with you =D
1:20 u sob i was watchin tht sincerley all of ur fans
Did anyone else notice the dad's head at 3:19?
Ah, I see. I assumed you were just another troll on youtube looking for a pointless argument. Good day, indeed.
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