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SKATE Boston with Kevin Coakley and the Orchard Skateshop Crew

by RIDE Channel • 203,929 views

Every other Thursday, street skaters take you on a personal tour of the their favorite cities to SKATE. You'll discover some of the best skate, chill, gear, food, and beer spots as you get the vibe...

Wheel-crunchin', East Coast rawness
they should have skated eggs
Pls make more of those SKATE videos! 
seasons skate shop albany ny
they really like their wall rides....
yeah that s start to be boring :)
i live in NH and we hit Boston all the time. Library is usually our first stop :P
Boston looks like such a nice city, it looks old and new, would love to visit sometime, all the way from Australia! 
+Joey H. pretty good here in brissy, no one really gives a fuck occasionally you'll get a fuck head but just cruise there on the weekend. 
Boston and Providence are very nice cities to visit
What size of wheels do they skate and what make?
thank god for skateboarding, I'm glad for al of it on this video! from the first grinds in the beginning and all else
i was just at orchid tonite and mentioned how much I love this vid, been watching it for a year lol. Sad when he tripped up after the wall ride on that dirt chunk.. ALWAYS watch out, remember, having fun is better then falling on something that could have been avoided!! STAY SAFE my friends the city is beautiful at night.
Thanks to Kevin C. and the Crew for touring us through Boston Orchid style!! Such a wonderful city. STay safe my friend and don't wrecklassly fly through pebbles. The simplest thing can getchya! :)
Thanks for the wax XD
What jacket is Armin Bachman wearing?
Been there. Very nice city and spots! Cheers from NYC.
What is the name of the music in the video? 
Its in the credits "Grate Lakes-Lattice Work Dj Child-9th Law Crux -Sundown
ive skated with the guy from orchard i see him all the time
I hate skate stoppers
really? i love them! makes it so much better for skating
4:22 bottom ledge is has skate stopper now but second ledge does not its a great spot
Boston; waxed to the death…eggs is coated beyond belief. 
they need to do another skate boston. didn't even show eggs
fuck skate stoppers. forever will we pry them off! stupid ass cities all over the US wasting money on skate stoppers  instead of spending the money on useful stuff for the city.
no comply wallride nosemanual powerslide was cool haha
we need a day dedicated to prying off skate stoppers. 
Sick video, love the city.. Saw the first spot when there!
they should do one for melbourne, australia
skate albany with curtis rapp
skate long island with anthony poppalardo 
is this a good place to move for skating? 
i live in boston, alot of the best spots are gone  (long wharf ledges, mit ledges, hospital banks) but the thing is its always changing, more than most cities and theres always new stuff, and once the charlestown spot is done oh goodness, youll find alot of rad skaters willing to show you around
Sk8 Minneapolis.... its the shit....
yeah i heard it was super sweet, saw video parts of bmx rider nathan williams there, looks swick
Your possibly the dumbest fucking person I've ever come across on youtube. All I said is that he skates flat a lot. No one said "Dumb" or anything along the lines of that, you stupid fucking prick.
its sorta funny how they skated the ledges at aq and all the wallie and wallride spots. there are a ton of spots but its either they're capped or you get kicked out in 5 minutes. try coming up here sometime and make yourself feel stupid some more.
theres more to the first spot but they never showed, should have went to eggs to that spot is prime
That is actually the Copley Library 3 flat 3...The cracks are WAY too big..and the gap is pretty girthy...take my word for it its not a 5 haha
Boston has so many amazing spots in the city and outside in the sub burbs of the city. Orchard is a great shop.
Check out my skate videos I'm new to the YouTube but if you subscribe ill subscribe back dgk all day and all night literally I sleep on my board
"So many overlooked spots." And then they just skate flat ground 99% of the video
Haha I live right there. I'm gonna check if there's wax in the lightpost :P
Thumbs upif you went to the Orchard Go Skate Day event
Dude does Boston have cops or people?
I prefer flat to vert, I find it's more interesting to skate new places rather than just same old skate park. You may say go to another skate park but where I live were lucky we even have a small skatepark :)
Go play your video games bitch, youre a disgrace to all skaters. Go ahead & correct my you're again, fucking geek
from a guy who deletes his own comment because of shame.... believe me you will be alot worse...
Actually, when you look at the records, you find that indeed every member of the Yankee's has sucked an average of 1.8 penis's
Skate Dallas >.> theres a huge scene here and great spots XD
Totally up for skating in Boston next summer! :D Cheers for the vid lads! :P xo
my friends and i uncapped evewrything inside and outside the fountain they re capped the outside but the inside is still uncapped, they just need to drain it
My wax is in the same spot at the beginning. Use it if u need it!!!!!
damn thats my home town hmu if u there
my heart breaks for that Copley spot, destroying something beautiful.
@Falspar flat is flatground skating, an area thats really smooth good for just tricks not slides or grinds
Did there skate shop get shut down orr did they move buildings. i think there shop was next to the pub they were at
Just when you start to love a spot as much as gets capped.
Fucking cunt this video took way too fucking long on my phone you fucking cunt! Fuck you!!
Yea im sure every skateshop wants to hire a 14 year old child. HAHA Dude im making u so angry, is this taking up time from you rotting in your moms basement editing videogames? Yea I dont make money? OK. I guess my job just thinks its volunteer work eveytime I go in. Go ahead & reply cause im done arguing with a child. YOURE YOURE YOURE YOURE
why does he have a 2 song part in the blueprint video? cuz he's fucking good! that's why!
what if they knob every spot my worst fucking nightmare!!!
i hate when people try to make skateboarding a fashion show, or one big contest of who is better. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT! that's what makes it interesting and fun.. smh..
no boston has tones of good spots its just that they didn't show really any of them. look up skate boston with Anthony shelter on alli sports then you will realize the good spots... and there is still more
boston is a pile and this just showcased the shit out of it.. 3 wallie spots and 2 flatground spots, yippie
ive been to nyc and boston in the past month. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more in nyc, "fool"
i'm visiting the US with skate channel ! :)
After playing ac3 and learning about boston in school it seems weird to see it modernized haha
a question that has been asked throughout the ages....and the answer is that it is the greatest thing mammalian primates have yet to invent..
they should make a SKATE philly next
there's so many spots but i skate flat.
switch back to vx josh stewart, please :(
damn thats how to live just skate your city all day to bad its too hot where i live to skate in a hoodie.
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