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Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Chainmail Armor?

by Jogwheel • 295,965 views

- Chainmail Outtakes: Experiment #215: Chainmail With "Kevlar" being the latest trend these days, Jory doesn't really have any need for his old chainmail - so lets see how this...

I saw, looked good, thanks
have you ever lost power
+Jake From State Farm And is now in some sort of holy temple based around her exploits. 
In the beginning where it says is it a good idea to microwave this? Dosent it sound like Burt from raising hope?
@AppItouch - Microwave a "Used" comdom. EEEWWWWWWW!
uuuuuuuuuu ooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Is it a good idea to microwave the country of Monaco? Its small enough to fit.
hey, name one microwave after a guy, and just rip on him :)
@transtna Im not an idiot, and in creative, you can pick up the entity, but you cant use it. So still your argument is invalid.
Why there isn´t any seizure warnings?
What made the show successful was you guys microwaving stuff so we don't need to
big woop wanna fight about it is a prase of family guy
my first thought 3 fags in a row my second thought yes im right
The Anal Blocker 1000. I suggest you get the new 2000. It blocks nasty gay boys a lot better, and makes sure you only get penetrated when you want it.
As soon as they said they were going to try and get a star wars and back to the future reference in to every episode I immediately pressed the like button
@transtna I have been answering you for about 3 days now, give me a god damn break and stop talking to me.
I think I've been playing too much minecraft
*Mom walks by door* *Hears "Ohhhhhh Yeaahh* *Then hears "It's sparks AND plasma!* Mom: Dafuq?
One-Eyed Dragon? Date Masamune, what are you doing in there?!
RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! never gets old...
It's donated. It say right there in the corner 'Thanks to _____ for donating'
@BoredCo2 He'll just keep going and going and going XD
@RMabee88 never mind i have further educated myself and officially admit that i AM a n00b
@benbattles I CAN READ, TREBEK!!! That says "ANAL BUM COVER."
My microwave sounds like that all the time :P
u should try to microwave a laptop or a chain
I think the fact it's 'chainmail' should tell you right away. It's a no no.
this video was the start of Jon using that "Kraken" line even till the end of the 9th season
@Patchumz I have watched over 120 episodes so far, and the microwaving is one fun part, but i enjoy seeing these guys doing their job as entertainers. the show would be nowhere near as interesting without the commentary and witty introductions. now if you will excuse me, my microwave just reheating my dinner, and i wish to enjoy it.
@benbattles that's from celebrity jeopardy n00b
@funnypeepz102 Not so high, they had their microwave on for just 5 minutes man
@matchattaxboy1966 That'd be like 'The Revenge of The Air Bag'
Have you ever thought about the health effects of this :P
@transtna Just shut up, ok? I do not play SMP. So you can not blame me for being myself, jackass.
so wats how many microwaves do u go through a year
doesn't iron and steel an extremely bad idea to microwave? lol
@Supermassively are question marks really useful because most questions start with "are,what,Have,who etc." so from context you know it's a question you even knew it was a question
Anal bum cover? Wear THAT in the prison shower rooms O.O
@Sparfregundo Well, because you're an idiot and cannot understand any humor above the intelligence of a dim-witted 3 year old with autism.
@newsuperstevebros actually i was trying to stick up for you dude because he called you a noob i was trying to tell you they have no life outside the realm of tv and the computer sorry if i managed to piss you off and i apoligize if i did
has any1 noticed at 2:08 tha in the subtitles it says jon instead of jory?
From 1:23 to 1:30 it sounds very weird.....just sayin.
@kickiwi Damn, nitpick much? <--- (see that? --MaxwellVideos See the EXTRA question mark? Bravo.)
hey guys, three words, lighting lighting lighting, yeah let us see what going on
where did yamazon3 get chainmail?
@RMabee88 i think u've misdirected this comment. I knw full well that that V is the roman numeral for five and further more that the entire wager = SUCK IT TREBECK! :)
@Dosumarushi GTFO, hater. the internet is our world, and ur just visiting.
Oh my god, this is like the most interesting program on youtube, keep up the good job guys :)
And that's why Minecraft makes chainmail out of fire.
Just gonna leave on explanation that can never ever be true at least until 2023 (if you see what I'm getting at) Never play Crysis 2 un multiplayer mode in a match full of people with MIKE4-43 Microwave Cannons, in full chain mail armor.
OMG i hav an energizer bunny wind-up toy, ill see ifi ca find it and send it to you guys
Jory doesn't say "nobody likes rosted nuts" anymore i miss that
why is it called jogwheel production and not ideo anymore???
THey tried the videos only once, and it got such an overwhealming negative reaction that you will do better stopping the earth's spin than to change this show.
@MrRockydog4000 or you can go on a multiplayer server? so you can. idiot
I for one love the sound of there voices *wink wink*
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