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Annoying Orange - The Fruitbowl

by Annoying Orange • 3,771,311 views

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FRUITBALL!!!! Orange and Pear call the big game! Who will win the big game!? Will Midget Apple come through!? FREE version of my video game Kitchen Carnage: iTunes:...

it looked like the plantains smoked them in my opinion and i was thinking... (the plantains are totally gonna win for sure..) but then the gi-apples won. then i thought (WHATTTT!!!! :O) don't you guys agree that the plantains smoked them? then reply.
Qme orange thateyour name make a omg movei and megt app is crazy its littl app owe Sorry llitl app so crazy
Qen orangee hahahahahahahahahahahahhehe thats funy
Lol Pikachu in Marshmallow's half time
The Giants because they already won
Lol, Annoying orange blimp!
midget apple got kicked in the stem XD
1:12 did I just hear "derka derka"?
Maybe it was "derpa derpa..."
Shouldn't the Plantains got the ball at the second half since the Giapples got it first?
Hey Orange, you should do a sequel to this episode where the New England Plantains take on the Seattle Sea-Cucumbers!
The giants wopn the sduper gbpowl 2nyears ago
NEATO BURRITO! I'm TACKLING a new job! HA! WATCH THE FRUITBOWL on YOUTUBE! Annoying Orange - The Fruitbowl
Ok the best just to be known to have lost the game is located on this site.
Who is wt hing this is 2015
hey orange kife anoying vocie 109876543210 ha ha ha 
1:12 Apple:42 herpa derpa hike!
"Midget Apple got kicked in the seed!"
Just because they are from America they gotta make their country win. I am from England
The gi apples will win
I think I can speak on behalf of all of us on YouTube -- especially Fred, who mentioned this less than two years ago -- when I say... +Midget Apple TOTALLY GOT SPIKED!!!!!!  XD
yeah im ready for some fruit bowl
The gi apples will win
Midget apple got kicked in the well you know
Gi-apples all day Ima real Giants fan
Marshy plaese tarde your pikachus by my togepis
The fruit ball was on the plug of the toaster
Hey orange i have a question for apple, KNIFE!!!!
What program did you use for motion blur?
that tropthe smash was AWSOME! you would cut it with a.... KNIFE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok cheat cheat I watched it it is the SH
whats the name of the main theme for this episode?
My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys.
Do the Seattle Sea-flies vs. the Denver Horseradishes in fruitbowl XLVIII!
Mig. Apple has a channel!?
Play assasin creeds black flag
Midget Apple got kicked in the seeds
I hope everyone on youtube knows that the "gi-apples" are Really are the giants
This year I think the Seattle Seahawks
get it fired ( silence) what too soon
Annoying Orange,I like your videos.Especially this one.
The picture of the stadium is the stadium in Cleveland. I live there.
This year the broncos panthers or Seahawks
Top 5 ways to survive an alien invasion
Umm... Is midget apple is a idiot :D
Seattle Seahawks are bringing the trophy home
This is 2012 and those weren't the 2 teams in that Super Bowl. Those 2 teams were 2011 New England patriots and New York giants I would know I'm a new englander
Poor midget he got hit on the core
Newyork grapefruits
hey Midget Apple do you like one direction ?
It should have been soup-er bowl
midget apple got kicked in the seeds! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!
midget apple just got kicked in the face
I spy myself a Pikachu...
It was obvious the giants would win
And infront of that circle
How is "midget apple" alive
I want 3 pikachus for Christmas marshmallow is lucky :(
Fruit bowl!!!  What a great idea.  
Midget Apple got kicked in the dick!
I Found The Hidden FruitBall
midget apple got kicked in the hat :3 goodbye press hat  well it did say PRESS HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
Midget Apple got kicked in the balls!
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