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Black Ops 2 MULTIPLAYER Create-a-Class 2.0 - NEW System! (Call of Duty BO2) Gameplay!

by I2awInstinct • 618,876 views

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Hope they don't fuck it up, why not just leave it the way it is.
That's my friend Sheldon - Tamed Legacy
when you said groovy you made my day...
Grenade launcher shud be 8 points
No i assumed you only played it because when i looked on your channel you had liked a two Day-Z video and when i stated it you were like " OMG YOUR 12, AND ONLY PLAY COD FANBOY FANBOY " so moral of the story you were as bad as me lol
Mw2 had a lot of unbalanced stuff but I love quick scoping and tricks hosting and stuff do i loved mw2 but this new create a class system I think will suck balls because everyone play cod because it's cod for mainly it's multi player and treyarch messed black ops because of currency now it's gonna be messed up again
Lool 9,999 likes DONT TOUCH THE LIKE BAR
it depends how you get the points or what you can buy but awsome
oh great, now noobs can use all the over powered gay perks they want
i use perks like scavanger and marathon, not perks that campers use thanks.
lol call of duty black ops 2 will take more skill people can't handle
Your voice sounds really gay lol
Suck a dick bro. Wonder where you got this idea... I mean I've never seen anyone else do this series....
Im 16 you fucking dumbass and by my name on youtube you cant tell im a cod fanboy ??, to be honest i dont really play cod any more i play fifa and minecraft, if you look at your youtube channel on the feed you liked Day Z videos and you said you play arma 2 so put 2 and 2 together.
you know when you prestige in mw3 they let you get an extra class or unlock a gun well what if in BO2 if you prestige they let you get 1 more point
it sounds pretty cool but hopefully it does not get overpowered=D
How would you change your class after you make it? What if I used all my points, and then realised that I don't like the gun I picked. To avoid that problem they need some sort of reset class button or sometime like that.
I still love the normal unlocking system more
You should get an extra create a class point every prestige :)
im serious battlefield has the wost 1st person shooting game graphics. mw has ataster gameplay. battlefield is just running around in a pack slowly trying to take over the map area by area.....its kinda boring
Depends if you can redeem or get your points back or some way to redo your choosings because maybe that class setup isnt working for you.
Well I mean, you were the one who is asking people if they are stupid as a personal attack just because they think a game is the best game and that nothing can beat it. I mean, I don't agree with him, but you have no right to assume the intelligence level of someone because of their opinion on video games. I think you should be the one telling yourself "it's a video game chill...".
i dont like the new idea of the create a class :c
love how all of your buds just stand there and let ya shoot them. And when ya don't see them they shoot ya one time so you know where they are! Make you look BEAST!
Most of the people who know about ARMA 2 is because of the Day Z mod including you.
I think that the create a class 2.0 is gonna be AWESOME!
yer but then they wont be able to use OP equipment or guns so it dosnt really matter wat perks they use if u have the better gun i hope thats wat will keep the game balenced
Could you stop uploading the same videoes we have seen over and over and over and over and over again?
Never come back hope u die u idea stealer
I wonder how its gonna be like
Black ops 2 sounds very interesting and "New" Like if you think this game is going to fun and Fantastic.=) [Do you think They should keep making the MW series]
wouldn't you get people whit something like assasin sleight of hand quickdraw stalker blind eye whit a op weapon
there are alot of those metalstorm which do you mean the pistol?
so you can have 10 guns with no perks and nades and stuff?
There is NO best game ever . Its a matter of opinion . You think Bf is better ? Thats your opinion . You like COD better ? Thats also just your opinion
Fuck u dude quit hatin those people worked hard on that game so go fuck urself.
sounds groovy there giving the game more SNOOSE
what a piece of crap vid, seriously i know nothing more. Dude him getting so much likes is so cheap. i don't care about my own channel doh, but come on. If you follow schit you allready know that they were gonna use that new C_A_C system. Lil speaking way to fast bitch
so, if you have just started the game, is it possible to create a class? cos my friend made a class at rank 0 and lost it :I
I do like this system but i likedthe system in Black Ops too because COD Points in my opinion is better then Unlocking everything
Call of Duty definitely needs some changes, I don't think this will be a good one.
Dumbest idea Treyarch has had since even making their first fail. COUGH* game* COUGH*
im kinda scared for the new system
finally i get to have extended mags suppressor and a holographic sight attachments all on one gun :D
i do and just shut up that youtube drama was 1 year ago you need to move on
Burn in hell max no one likes you
im pretty sure treyarch is gonna fail at this..who else agrees?
I will just stick with the starter classes, if there IS no starter classes, I will with nothing but a pistol.
Yeah BO2 is going to be harder than finding the best combo in the game like MW3, I can't imagine how ANYONE will find the best combo, but who knows, time will show.
if they dont get it right it will be a complete bust
It's pretty cool, at least it is something different.
Sounds pretty awsome to me. Its about time they mixed it up a little.
it sounds like a computer game called strike force heroes
some people are just stupid like that...sorry bro
lol, mw2 sucks ass. all people do now is camp to get nukes. Harrier, chopper gunner, nuke. game is so cheap
Well everyone! You asked for different, so CoD gave you different!
well this mean that there should be no such thing as OP
only thing i fing new is the wild cards
I used to like ur vids... Im not sure anymore
i think i understod, but can we get more points somehow?
all i want to know is could i use the points to get like 3-4 guns and no perks, grenades etc. or is it still 2 guns minimum?!?!?!?
10 points as in 10 slots everyperk can be worth one point and a gun 3 so if you have 2 primaries you have 6 slots used and you have 4 left. 4 for the perks and anything.
Sweet i could have ghost and flat jacket and hardline now i hope this is real
Try make a video whitout copy others like u do
its like you have lets say 10 points and everthing cost a certain amount of points and you can buy anything with those points but you have to use them wisle do you get it if not tell me and ill try to explane it a diffrent way
This idea has some major holes. What stops a person from killing himself and giving all his bad-ass guns to a team mate (or a buddy) who spent his points on perks. If this points system goes into effect there will be loads of exploits just like this.
black ops 2 is going to be beast!
No bitch fuck u, u go and spend ur time tryin to make a game and then have bitches like u constantly complaining.
Are you dumb? MW2 was by far the most unbalanced and worst Call of Duty game. I would rather play Viva Pinata than that shit game...
can you also use in one of your slots specialist bonus ?¿?
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