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Minecraft: Hatches, Maps, Exploding Beds, and More! (Intro to Beta 1.6)

by CaptainSparklez • 475,464 views

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I've never played Minecraft on the computer. I don't know how to set up an account. It seems harder than the game itself!
beta 1.5 was my first time. oh the memories.
this was my first time i played minecraft. in this update i begon!
new minecraft sucks.Beta 1.6.6 is the best
Don't have minecraft
I don't have minecraft, but I would love to play it at some point
I enjoyed watching. Have a nice one!
Lol minecraft FULL RELEASE 1.6.4 released 8-9 months ago
I don't but I want it
I don't but I want it
This is 3 years old -_-
I do not have Minecraft. Can I have it.
i would plz like gift card. me fell awkward when all friends talking about it i iz noob 8(
I'm too late i really want minecraft super bad more than borderlands 2
i don't have minecraft and i am very sad :'- (
I dont have minecraft but i want it
hi I really like minecraft but I don't have it on computer I don't have a Xbox so how am I meant to play it I like all of you videos and I wont it
It has already been released! YAY!! I love it! Especially how you ride the horse and the jumps! MAJESTIC!
im sorry but when im raging when i see such a noobish comment i cant chat with tottal precision and not everyone in the internet is from an english speaking country you moron
Can I get the I want to play it my gmail is Send it to me and tell how to open it or rredeem it
invented* lol, can't call someone retard if you can't really spell.
When I heard him say that I KNEW there would still be people asking for it nearly 2 years later...
derp i thought this was the New 1.6 lol
i only play the demo it came with the website update
like if horses lag a lot in multiplayer, from 200 fps to 3 or 4 fps
I dont have minecraft at all. I would love too have it though. And I love all these videos that you make.
your sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome i am up till 5 am watching your vids because your so awesome
captinsparkelz, you should do that offer again i really want to play minecraft. :(
in dont have minecraft but im dying to get it
Dude u say u wish u can put maps on walls but now u can with item frames
i want minecraft its so cool but alas i dont have it
If the vid is not 3 years if it was he wouldn't have said the minecraft pe cuz there was no such thing as the pe 3 years ago
I'm a sad 10 yr. old girl. That doesn't have minecraft... Just kidding, I'm not sad, but I don't have minecraft.
Yeah, you heard right. Not one, but TWO trap doors.
@murphy mcdandy Obviously he knows.. have you watched his newer vids
Nope. They ask the modmakers. Maybe they don't know a mod. The mob etc. probably won't be exactly the same anyways.
Aaaannnnddd apparently, apparently is spelled "apperantly".
they didn't change the sound for doors and all that good stuff yet.
I love watching minecraft but I dont have it.
I dont have minecraft :( and i can not buy it :(
3 years ago 3 YEARS AGO 2011 we are still on 2012 2012 - 2011 = 3 APPERANTLY
presses show comment reads this comment no longer exists fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
ok lets see who MrAllexitable replyed to- ... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU**
I cant wait for this Update to come out!
I don't have mincraft but I do want it
I don't have minecraft but really want to get it!
Mojang is stealing ideas from mods
wath your name of the minecraft ?
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