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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz E3 2012 Trailer [HD]

by Machinima • 12,401 views

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz E3 2012 Trailer [HD] Developer: Sega Release: 10/26/2012 Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: PSV Publisher: Sega Website: Super...

And furthermore, I agree about the "don't judge a book by it's cover" thing, this game might have a colourful world, but holy shit does Super Monkey Ball kick your ass ten ways to Sunday!
Why do companies want to "enhance" gaming? I was FINE with just a controller with buttons, not this get moving tilt the controller forward and the game avatar will go backwards bullshit.
i thought this was nintendo exclusive
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz > All CoD games.
but isn't jet set radio gonna be on ps3? if it is. why not get it on ps3? your getting a spin off. a multiplat thats gonna be on ps3. and a call of duty spin off. yes the ps vita is a giant improvement. do i care? no. games look pretty but doesn't mean they are good. the analog sticks bug the hell out of me. idc if it's powerful. handhelds never needed to be powerful. leave that to consoles. vita aint perfect neither is 3ds. but atleast i ahve more games to play
Try the game Bulletstorm if you want to move a bullet after you shoot it. But I must ask, why did you post that on a Super Monkey Ball video? They aren't for immature people, it is just a different genre.
It's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard, you immature little child.
Super Monkey Ball Bannana Blitz controllers were stiff on the wii
i removed my comment because i mispelt shin megami tensei. i have no idea what your talking about. the wii u's joysticks are like the same as the ps3's except with the rubbery part ontop. from what i here. and seen. all i seen is that they are the gamecube analog sticks except with no octagon shape
and ur talking to me about spin offs? lol i knew u were gonna say those games, is that it? cuz that was a boring list of games besides res and mgs , which were both originally sony games. And to answer your question yes i know the release dates as well most of the games are coming this year buddy.
Old James Rolfe: "super monkey ball, banana blits!"
Still remember playing this on Gamecube. That was the shittt.
Awwww, are you some fat ass insecure nerd with a tiny dick trying to make himself feel better. How sad.
one yes it does have netflix. i think it has hulu plus too. the wii has netflix and it doesn't affect it's cost. hah dont even brag about your two analog sticks. they suck on the vita anyway better then the origional psp model. but there still pretty bad. if it is such a powerhouse of gaming to you. then why arn't developers making games for it. sorry no they are just spin offs and multiplats. yes the 3DS does have a gyroscope. and a compass. it has 2nd analog attachment. it has facebook.
Does anyone even own a PS Vita? Seriously, I've barely heard anything about it, nobody I know even has it, and, as far as I know, there are barely even any games for it.
You DID move the stage in the older games, just your perspective is behind the monkey so it seems that you're moving the monkey. But I agree, it used to be a good game but its just horrible now.
have you also heard sarcasm. i am a nintendo fan i know what you mean
all i want from SEGA its JSR or JSRF!!!
my avi is palutena with glasses. only people who played game should really know that. maybe that should be a hint?
As long as it's hard as shit ill get it
Yea, thats right....its monkey in capsule balls rolling around everywhere......stfu
the 3ds also has two analogue sticks but you have to acquire the circle pad pro to use it, the device may make the console bigger but it also adds r2 and l2 buttons at the bottom of the console to make it feel more like a controller, the back touch screen is hardly used and when it is used its only for selecting menus or climbing up ladders. wow. plus the analogue sticks on the vita/shita are very fiddly and small, which interrupts gameplay and can often be annoying. continued.
hope this game is actually good, hasn't been a good one since the first wii one.. and that wasn't that good
How can they possibly breath in those balls?
i laughed so hard when i heard that theres a 2nd joystick accessory thats so lame! and i dont know what makes u think theres no games. theres already almost 100 and theres over 200 on the way, i could show u the list that proves it. aaaaand what spin offs are you talking about, makers of bioshock said that the ps vita game is going to be an important part of the story. assassins creed 3 vita the only difference is u play as a black chick. what do u play besides mario zelda and starfox? hmmmm?
@DRawesomeninjasauce I know its a great series, thats why I play them. Stfu
Meh, it's on a crappy handheld anyway.
i want one not like these games for inmature people. i want some that you have a sniper and when you shot a bullet you can move the bullet. or idk something cool with motin sensors
They aren't dead, those balls they are in are magic. So they can breath perfectly while flying and going through labyrinths.
Oh hell no...this is back?! Good old gamecube days
i never said go get it. i was merely stating the fact it is on the 3DS.
i still remember super monkey ball deluxe. that was one of my favourite games on ps2.
Monkey ball is great but banana blitz it hard on the Wii! :(
i hate it how they change the goal the goal from smb 1 and 2 where much better
Is the trailer song in the game itself then? I gotta know, because it's amazingly catchy. It sounds Hideki Naganuma-esque in a way. I am buying this game in October when it hits North America. And I am sure that some of the levels are gorgeous to look at to boot.
COUGH you always used to tilt the whole stage PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: The whole stage always tilted.
This looks nothing like the old one, kinda crappy controls/graphics as well
u guys are crazy, ps vita just came out and theres over 200 games being worked on .SUPER MONKEY BALL FOR VITA?? THATS SO AWESOME!! I HAVE PLAYED THE VITA AND ITS TRULY AMAZING. 3DS IS OK IF U LIKE N64 REMAKES. BUT PS VITA IS STRAIGHT HARDCORE
im very aware of 3ds's abilities thats why i know vita is better. and your wrong wrong wrong. remember when ps3 came out? everyone was hating on it because there was no games and it was pricey. a couple years later everyone realizes that the technology is incredible and the games were amazing. ps vita is reliving that moment. I know ur proud of ur 3ds but theres nothing wrong with 2nd place buddy
This game reminds me on some levels of Super Mario Galaxy
Why is it local multiplayer !! Fail
yeah but everyone is for kids right? look at all the pretty colors this wont be a good game. wheres the call of duty. wheres the battle field. where is my uncharted 3 vita edition. those are the only games that will ever matter. nothing else
I've not found any more games the only ones i was really interested in so far and have bought were them i am however waiting for new little kings story, ff x and bioshock but thats it for the 3ds i am looking forward to e.x troopers, fire emblem awaking, just bought heroes of ruin, getting paper mario, luigis mansion,bravery default and many more.
Better not have extreme DAMN SENSITIVITY!
first of all GBC games suck for the most part. and this is coming from someone who has beaten almost every game since the original nintendo. Theres a reason vita is more expensive, does ur ds have facebook, youtube? netflix? does your 3ds have six axis , gyroscope , and a built in compass for accurate interactive gameplay. 2 joysticks, touch screen in the front and back, rubber grip for confort, hd 720p screen with millions of colors. 2 cameras ,3G and wifi. its a powerhouse of gaming goodness
the 3 ds has 3 cameras one in the front and two on the back for taking 3d photos and videos, you can also make stop motion animation with them and have a varied amount of editing options to change what your photos look like, the 3g is useless again when i have a phone and whats the point of graphics if it has no games. except for gravity rush, wipout and little king story.
I'm tired of all these tilt controls and walls for the courses. WHERE IS THE MONKEYBALL I USED TO KNOW AND LOVE!?!?!?!?! This game used to be challenging and not retarded.
CoD= repetitive gameplay Now battlefield is ok i guess, better then cod. Uncharted is something you cant compare to super monkey ball.
Us 3DS owners got this similar game MONTHS before PS Vita.
not really because theres a lot more the 3DS can do. the 3D has always been awesome. it doesn't just make thinks pop out. it allows you to see how far enemies actually are. the depth is amazing. it actually makes the graphics look better. remember the vita doesn't have a lot going for it right now and the 3ds does. also since when did handhelds have to be uber powerful? leave that to the consoles. thats what i always say. the 3DS was the biggest jump in power in any nintendo handheld. it's fine
the psp go is no different than a psp, and psp was a great handheld. first of all ps vita is getting monster hunter as well. along with a game just like it but with amazing graphics for ps vita. u need to understand that theres a lot more games in japan right now and they all havent come to usa yet. but i have researched a lot about ps vita and the more i find the better it is. ive found a ton of really cool projects in the works. ull just have to wait and see my friend.
Same Game iOs & Android 0.99$
sales bring games thats why 3ds is getting monster hunter, e.x troopers and resident evil revelations and all these other third party titles and vita isn't. do you want vita to end up like psp go?
well u seem like a smart guy, we have a similar understanding of games. i love nintendo and sony, not so much microsoft. i was disapointed with the original ds which is probably why im so against the 3ds, but i know its not even the same thing anymore. what really sold me is the fact u can play ps3 games on the go, because i really like playstation in general. and i loved every nintendo console too. so yeah its just different appeals to people i guess. wii u looks great btw. im happy for them
lol if you tried to be sarcastic, bad attempt lol :P
and in case u didnt know they still make games for PS2 and the psp . at least 100 new games a year. Sony is dedicated
this game will require the STEADIEST HANDS
and the fact that u removed your comment means i won..... but its ok we're all winners. 3DS is great but i wouldnt buy it. i want the vita for many reasons, i think its worth the money even tho the joysticks aren't as good as lets say the wii U joystick but hey ill make do
unfortuneatly, i'm never buying an xbox brand product ever again. the combination of red ring and sonic 06 scarred me. if they do go out of business. it's gonna affect the market a lot. no matter what anyone says. nintendo and microsoft wont have to compete with sony so they only have to go up against each other. nintendo will be free to do with handhelds however they please cause thats not what microsoft produces. it's like knocking down a pillar in an unstable building
um i thought it was the mario games? yea im pretty sure it was all the mario games
Monkey Balls, and Super Monkey Balls 2 were on Gamecube years ago, and that's where i played this kind of game during that time, and i dont feel like migrating to a 3DS just to play the Banana Splitz version
I'm currently playing the game, and I have to agree with everything you said. The levels are really well designed and get very difficult towards the end, but still fun, rewarding and extremeley satisfying. Definitely one of the best Monkey Ball games, highly recommended.
I've done so much research on this game that it's not even funny. With the information that I have, I know Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz will be one of the best titles in the series. It may have a child like appeal but this game carries the features that a true Monkey Ball fan has been waiting for. Classic design in stages that focuses on difficulty not theme. Over 100 stages Accually 120 stages. Online multiplayer leader boards. REMEMBER The only reason the series is fixed is because of sony.
Yes i love monkeys and their super balls
lol mgs was? i'm pretty sure a metal gear game was on a nintendo system first. whether it was good or not. and no they are not boring have you play shin megami tensei? i just said really good games but you know as usual people write em off. they may not appeal to you but they appeal to others. what makes a great system is it's software. i never really thought the gamecube was better then the snes because the snes library was better then the gamecubes. the ps1 was better then N64 due to library.
just because a game is pretty doesnt mean it's crap. Have you played the Patapon triliogy? It's nothing but epicness and colourful at the same time
nah, because a monkey ball came out for the wii and its hard as shit to control
They should just go back to original artsyle of the Gamecube era :/
I care more about the YouTube app for the Vita
post that to me now. i want it so much. how much is it someone?
I had my Monkeyball days but sick of seeing quality games like Shenmue taking back seat.
LMFAO.. i dont even.. da fuq
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