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Crispy Tauntaun - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 2,064,163 views

Bid on cool Star Wars stuff to support Make-A-Wish at LIKE/FAV this video EpicMealTime creates a Star Wars themed meal that includes a full tauntaun. Stuffed...

Pretty please do a Game of Thrones themes episode.  
Or at least a Lord of the Rings themed episode.
It must be pretty awesome to see Boba Fett walking around in a grocery store.
Cosplay haters gonna hate.
My friend Iason loves Star Wars and we have debates about halo and Star Wars so I hope he sees this on google+ or something because I think he'd find this to be hilarious
that's the first time in my life iv'e ever wanted to have sex with a wookie 
I really want a Yoda Soda
Chris Hardwick!! I miss Web Soup!
2,044,778th view, 36, 497th like, and 10,430th comment.
You guys do realize bantha fodder means sh!t, right?
Is that the Russian gun guy ?
FPS Russia?? 😂😂😂
Muscle's glasses became Muscle's visor, then back to being Muscle's glasses. The only way.
cute chewbacca :P:P
This video is so epic I liked it even though I like carrots
1276 people like carrots those poor people lol
How of you open your car door if it's stuck? Use the force
Mutha fuckin bacon jedi
I love the boba fett costume:P
sorry, force lightning was a sith power
I would definitly fuck that chewbacca
Even though they might've done it for geek week, or for money. If anyone there really is a fan of starwars. I would love that.
That's the first time I've seen someone give a reason for disliking. Not a good reason though, I'm very disappointed. -1 internet for you.
At least they are getting more views and money from it.
HAHAHA! He got Chris Hardwick to say SHRIMP TITS!!
Where can i download the EpicMealTime song?
Bantha Fodder... Their eating shit...
hes not from russia his name is kyle myers and he was born in georgia check wikipedia before spreading wrong infos
Not surprised that Muscles Glasses has a Boba Fett costume. Love him even more now.
evoks anuses are so tight indeed
The only time I was ever ashamed of Musclesglasses.. Boba Fett.. sad.. The legendary Musclessglasses is way better than some clone in dirty armor..
Been on a EMT marathon had to get a mac and cheese with ham, bacon, peperoni, American, white cheddar, sharp cheddar, JD and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon and bacon and more bacon in he oven.
0:13 FPS russia is friends with EpicMealTime?
damn the girl in the market was fine!
The sarlacc couldn't digest his Mandalorian armor, and he was thrown back up. Don't take my word for it. Look it up. Boba's still alive.
um.. excuse me, but can i get a whole tauntaun carcass?
fps russia plus epic meal time equal ak-40 drunk
LOL O: the guy from FPS Russia o.o
thats it starwars marathon this weekend
Gets hit by blind man with stick. Fall in giant mouth. Dies. End of Story.
That was one of the most creative ones I've seen. I liked the costumes, and thought the pasta "guts" were a nice touch.
FPS Russia, muscles glasses bitch
Harley looks like zach galifianakis at 0:11
I like the one person that eats so clean and isn't messy
mmm tauntaun was it chewy......get it ashamed
You would have to pwn Chris Hardwick, good luck with that.
Boba Fett fought Mace Windu in one-on-one combat and matched his skill level. By the way, he did that at AGE TWELVE. Your argument is invalid.
HMU IF U SEEN FPS RUSSIA!!!!! the chosen gun
Harley Morenstein and Zach Galifriaksiansghtis must be fucking related!!
More fat on those rashers than bacon...
3:39 i love the way she eats her hair
and thats why you will be a douchebag for the rest of your life....and its carrots dummy...maybe you use the internet to educate youre self instead of finding corny lame reasons to dislike a vid huh...and im guessing you prob never had a carrot seeing how ya cant even spell the fucking word dam twit such a petty bottom feeder smh
Oh so that's what Muscles-Glasses does in his spare time: intergalactic bounty hunter!
the bitch just eat her hair up ...
:D I can't believe I missed this video
don't type it in the comments, just type it on the page silly.
god damn wookie girl gave me a boner to bad theres 8 feet of Bush
guy with glasses: is that fps Russia???
LOLOLOL he actually referneced deathsticks even though they are only mentioned once in the movie in a scene where it is almost impossible to hear any dialougue> LOLOLOL
i love the themed vids where theydress up andshit
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