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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 23

by TeamFourStar • 3,591,355 views

Episode 23: Grand Theft Goku Cast: Lanipator - Vegeta, Kuririn MasakoX - Gohan, Goku, Ginyu as Goku Little Kuriboh - Freeza Ganxingba - Jeice Antfish - Ginyu, Goku as Ginyu Megami33 - Bulma and Ain...

Wow, MasakoX does a good British accent. Wait, MasakoX is British. Wow, MasakoX does a good American accent.
+WTF! Gamer i don't get it i mean was that a joke?
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i though krillins 13th ownage was a few episodes ago?
It's hard to believe criminal justice doesn't apply to anime
+WTF! Gamer nope, and i plan to keep it that way
"This is literally the second worst hole in my chest that I,'ve ever had" No, it's the third one, considering that the second was the one when Piccoli shot him during the 23rd world martial arts tournnament (when hi missed all his vital organs) XD
Technically the one that killed him with Raditz was through his stomach, so he's only had 2 holes in his chest. And off in the distance, all you hear is "NEERRRDDD!!!"
Well given that Piccolo's shot 'missed all his vital organs', it's still fair to say that Ginyu's one is the second worst, with Piccolo killing him being the 'first' worst (worst worst, seeing as it was a critical/fatal hit), and the one at the martial arts tournament was the third worst.
Omg. Krillin: goku whats your favorite food? Goku:....favorite?
Vegeta: Give me a minute… (beat down ensues)
(Vegeta continues beating Ginyu) Ginyu: (in between hits) Ve(hit) G(hit) e(hit) ta!(hit) I-'m (hit) sor (hit) ry!
5:53: "I don't know where he gets that from." Agreed. How is Goku sacrificing himself to save his little ass  "abandoning him?" And by him sending you into space, you mean you volunteered to go to Namek. Gohan is a little shit at times.
+JustinB6699 why would you take every Joke seriously it tends to ruin most things... :/
+Speeding Storm I don't know why anyone would take every joke seriously. But it seems that I do to some people since I don't like an aspect of the series.
Huh, I just had a thought. Ginyu uses his change technique to steal the body of any fighter he comes across who is stronger than him, so Ginyu as we know him probably isn't in the body he was born with. I wonder what he started out as?
+Silverstyle Complete respect, and because he knew that if he even thought about it Frieza would make him choke to death on his own dick. 
I think about this all the time.
-How many nameckians does it take to screw in a light bulb?... The whole race! One to screw in the light bulb and the rest to die. And then the other one dies too... ... stop ignoring me!
5:51 um 1. goku was dead, he wouldn't have let gohan go off with piccolo otherwise 2. gohan WANTED to go off into space, he stood up to his mother about it. and 3. how was goku supposed to know that the purple horny guy had body switching powers? I'm not seeing the joke here, it's almost like you guys are trying to find any kind of flaw in goku's character, even if the logic behind your claim doesn't add up. unless that IS the joke in which case...that's not funny -_-
MasakoX and Antfish does not get enough credit for their voice acting in this episode. One of the best switched-body-scenario I've seen.
Agreed. They did a fantastic job, especially MasakoX. 
"I dunno what this 'Yamcha' is, but it sounds a lot like Raditz." YOU HAVE NO GOD DAMN IDEA!
I'm getting sick of people shitting on Yamcha.
+John Jack  If you are bothered by people shitting on Yamcha, TeamFourStar IS NOT the place to be.
Sooo did Captain Ginyu survive the explosion of planet Namek in the actual storyline?......I like to think he did.
+TyroneTiggums64 I'm not sure he managed to survive Buu blowing up the planet though :)
+Dean Jarrett But he DID get revived again when the planet did so my point still stands.
1:50 Scout's a goner! Soldier is dead! SAIYAN MIDGET IS KILLING US!
Can someone, PLEASE, tell me about the jockstrap incident?
Jeice was my favorite Ginyu Force member. I wish he could have played a bigger part in the actual anime
I chant that every time I go back and watch the Ginyu Force episodes.
You know, TFS probably doesn't get the amount of praise for how they handled body switching on this. I always thought it just seemed weird that Ginyu would keep his exact same voice in a different body with completely different vocal cords. If soul-exchanges were real, this is a lot more likely: you would now talk with their voice, but with your manner of speech.
True. They've done well.
Saiyan Handbook Edited by Turles FORESHADOWING.
I love how TFS had Ginyu and Goku keep their voices after swapping bodies
Vegeta.....your an asshole
((Is it possible to smirk seductively?))
I actually like yamcha
Thus mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine MINE was born
The wilhelm. I fucking love this series.
Wasn't that the soldier scream from tf2 xD?? 1:50
I'm sick of listening to the ginyu force theme song everytime I watch this.
4:30 That's what happens Krillin when you ask the wrong people the wrong questions, or just ask unbelievably stupid and annoying questions.
Age 762? Man I was not aware of the ages until Dragon Ball Xenoverse. :/
7:15 Would've been funnier if Vegeta said "Right in the Space Down Under." instead of just "right in the down under", because you know, Space Australia... in Space...
7:12 That book Vegeta has is recommended by Oprah.  LOL!!!
Notice after 3:40 how Krillins fighting uniform changes to where the shirt underneath will sometimes appear and then disappear.
Plus seeing as anyone on Namek just so happened to be a criminal defendant/prosecutor is most likely dead at this point so that lawsuit wasn't gonna happen one way or the other.
4:42 Goku what's your favorite food Wolof salad (I don't know) See double bacanator on shit
Vegeta said 7 but wouldn't it be 8 1-Cui 2-Appule 3-Dodoria 4-Zarbon 5-Recoome 6-Guldo 7-Burter Then jeice right?
I think he just counts people he wasted that were previously stronger than him. That namekian village would probably count more than Apool
Guldo is #5, Burter is #6, and Recoome is #7. 
Kinda sad they actually made raditz so underwhelming in the show, I mean barely did anything 
TEAM THREE STAR snaps neck
Can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack playing when Ginyu uses his Body Snatching technique (both times)? I know it's from the actual DBZ soundtrack, but I don't know the name, or even whether it's one of Faulconer's tracks or the Japanese one.
 the fist body swap espoide with them not switches  the voices
1:51 is that the solider scream from TF2?
Anyone else feel there should be a Yamcha own count?
Soldier from tf2 got blown up and in another episode a android breaks into medics car
The Official Saiyan Handbook is in Oprah's book club?
you guys write the best scripts for these videos, LOVE IT!!
Lol They use tf2 Voices
To be honest, even if it's abridged, I don't think Gohan should be mad at Goku. Goku died(not Goku's fault), Gohan CHOSE to go into space(not Goku's fault), and Ginyu tricked Goku(again, not Goku's fault). Gohan' rage was unjustifiable.
Superior Goku by Dan Slott
After re watching the series, I f***ing lost it when Vegeta mentioned the Jockstrap Incident. (it's also worth noting that my autocorrect tried to change Vegeta to Vegetables, and yes, I know the origins of Vegeta's name).
XD i'm sorry but for the 'moment of silence' was vegeta doing the seagulls from finding nemo? XD MINE MINE MINE
No as in mine as in her calls dibs (on kicking his ass)
Goku (Ginyu): What happened? I'm all purple! And horny! Chi-Chi's gonna hate this. XD
How is Goku's power level only 180,000? If it was 18,000 when he left Earth, and he trained at 100 times Earth's gravity, shouldn't it be 1,800,000?
Wel if you remember, goku trained on king kai's planet to reach a power level of 18,000, wich had a gravity roughly 10 times earth. So his power level increasing by ten fold through 100x earth gravity training afterwards makes perfect sense. I think?
lol I love freza at the end"stop ignoring me" XD
Its called the Wilhelm scream and vegeta says psyche 8 for 8 as in he killed 8 ppl so far: kui, guldo, dadoria, zarbon, recoome, burter, jeice and ginyu. Hmm he killed the whole ginyu force now that i think about it lol
+WonderGamer101 That's right : you forgot one, dude ! But anytime, as another DBZ fan from thousands, I'll always be there to help others to understand better about that fantastic japanese serie...;)
TEAMTHREESTAR!!! Krillin :Aagghh! Vegeta :Amazing
Vegeta "No! No! No! Just-- look, his Saiyan name is Kakarot, but he changed it when he landed on earth as a baby. So they kept calling him by his earth name, and I am calling him by his real name!" Goku "So does that make me Ginyu?"
I swear there's a Krillin owned mistake here wasn't the seizure number 13?
Bulma is a jeark bitch
thank you so much for answering that sound effect the "wilhelm scream"
I just realized when Gokinyu said "I'm a jerk now"that it was a pun.
Lol that jurassic park reference. Clever girl..,haaaa!
Iv never seen jurrasic park, but I think it was an australian that said line, which is why jeice said it. Also, I had no idea wat jeice's power was so I looked it up. Hes flamboyant. Thats why hes aus. This is coming from a person who lives in aus, parents are aus, their parents are aus and their parents are aus, but is our accent rly that annoying? My ears are srsly bleeding!
Jeice's accent is fun to listen to. It's not really annoying
Why Are They Usin' Japaneso Musico
well obviously TFS thinks the music is good so...
One thing I just realized, why doesn't Guldo have a scouter?
At 1:49 the last scream sounds like the soldiers from tf2, his shovel taunt. 
What did Vegeta say before he stepped on frog Ginyu?
+Jmani89PopcornViking Thank you. I've been trying to figure that out! :)
Is it just me or are the screams from TF2
am i the only one who thinks that the voice actor of ginyu in tfs would be a great voice actor for cell?
Cell is going to have Taka as his voice so you'll get something good
It actually would, but cells voice is done by takahata101 as imperfect cell. But knowing he does Alucard's voice in hellsing abridged (and he has a deep voice), im sure he'll be the one to do it. But ginyu's would work too
Gohan "Krillin that's not my dad!" Krillin "What? Of course that's your dad! Goku what's your favorite food?" Ginyu "Waldorf Salad" Krillin "See? Double Baconat-- Oh shit..." 
So i forget, what happens to Ginyu in the show. Does he live as a frog, because i don't remember him being in hell.
In the show ginyu lived as a frog on earth after dende use the Dragon balls and wished for all life on namek to be transported to earth. Ginyu finally died after kid buu destroyed the earth.
+SuperDrizzy143 Guess he wasn't wished back either, since they only wished back the "good" people at the end of Z. Lol, that'd explain that frog Frieza brought with him in Fusion Reborn, when all of Hell's inhabitants returned to Earth. 
"I'm all purple and horny." Enough to make me laugh so hard. Hahaha.
Goku sounds kind of handsome when British.
Jeice: Oh, well am I fucked aren't I? Vegeta: Right in the down under.
How many DBZ characters does it take to screw in a light bulb? One.  But it would take five episodes!   Or two abridged!
That Jurassic park reference killed me 😂😂😂
As funny as this episode was, it's the littlest shit that makes me laugh, like that "weeeeeeeeee" Vegeta does as he's jumping into the ship.
how does Vegeta NOT know who Yamcha is? He was one of the ones the Cybermen killed......
Doctor Who/DBZ crossover? "Cybermen" instead of Saibamen? XD But anyway, it's just their running joke of "I don't know who this __ is, but it sounds (insert character flaw here)" as well as Vegeta's disregard for acknowledging anyone he perceives as weak.
so does that make me ginyu lol XD
That thing in the middle of their eyebrows...
Couple episodes ago, mate.
Hahahahahaha, a frog. xD
at 1:51 it sounds like the TF2 sodier dieing
2:52 If I see that Fucking Vegeta one more time.....
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