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Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller live in Concert Get Wireless Baby!

by Michael Hunt • 74,101 views

Mac Miller Shouts out "Wireless Entertainment" at 28 seconds. Throw your W's in the Air, Party Hard, and Keep it Wireless baby!

What is the song 1;20 ??? Pleaseee diganmeeee cual es :'(
Whats the song at 0:44? When those broads were throwin up the W? Sounds like some Dr Dre/G funk shit lol
@KatAnnPaul lmao , u guys ,, this is teh most random post steam
what's the song at 1:41 plz ? :)
Facebook ----------> L.O.E "Lyrics Over Everything"
i hate live rap. it sounds like shit.
@bamfan151 snoop dogg- aint no fun (if the homies cant get none) smoke to this
@mlhunt201 im not a new fan bro. im talkin about the song playing when those hoes are throwing up the W...its not a wiz song
@JohnnyHedonics good look playa. and yeah forrsure yo
The song when mac was talkin was LMFAO - shots im pretty sure. (=
You guys might think im a dumbie but where does that wireless thing come from ..i know what wireless mean in other situations lol...but what does wireless mean when they say it is it like a song or something?
whats the name of the song at 1:22 please?
I think mac did a little better than wiz... Still both dope
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