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Criken Plays: Amnesia the Dark Descent Part 1

by Criken2 • 509,557 views

Youuuu asked for it. As anyone that's played Amnesia can attest to, the game starts off a bit slow while setting the atmosphere and testing the player with small puzzles and scares. The real fun...

3:47 holy sheit, a brute appeared
only Criken knows how to write "tinderbox" in so many ways...
Criken's ichthyophobia is the funniest thing.
one of the only amnesia lets plays that's not annoying as fuck
Clearly, Criken has never seen Giant Hissing Cockroaches.
 I think Spanish cockroaches hiss. But I thought Brennenburg was a Germanic name.
What ever happened to Seeth?
I know right! I never see him in any of criken's new vids
+BakuTex Criken's old friend like Oats.
Forever laughing that the first thing anyone comments on is "pink cum."
Peter Parker died masturbating in that castle in case you couldn't tell.
But Daniel is the name of the protagonist in Amnesia the Dark Descent, so it was most likely a bit of RP? Of course if that is Criken's name then das cool.
oh my FAHKING god i hate that fucking Krave ad D:<
Well lets see so many people do it I have seen a lot of these types of things and honestly I just wanna tell to fuck off I would rather slap my self in the balls 20 times than watch the videos but hey that's my opinion don't like it I don't care
The Game Station had a live podcast at Pax East 2013 and they brought along Criken. Go here to watch it: /watch?v=60nnX_B28s0
Two years and I still come back to this to laugh my ass off. xDD
all i did the whole time was say," OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT!!!"
I bet who ever sees Criken2 IRL doesn't realize its him xD
ATTENTION everyone must subscribe to criken, he is the only one ive seen not be a little bitch while playing this game
I'm the same way after being approached by a shark as a kid it became my somewhat fear but I still love the ocean and hunting sharks in fc3 :P
Yo Criken or some random person which saw this video some months ago. Wasnt there a part of it, where you were fleeing the monster at the barrels, part thing?
Really? How do you know that? That's pretty creepy.
Sorry but it's honestly a stupid recommendation to me, what people like and don't like is entirely subjective to a persons taste and preference. Asking people who may or may not like each other with strangers would only cause awkwardness between them and more than that, you'll only make the fan boys of one group flame the others which'll only serve to annoy you with an idiotfest of ideals and profanity.
What I've gathered is Criken is closer to "fear of being eaten by fish."
9:38 I went to put food in my mouth and the reflection of my hand on the screen was very faded, I thought it was in the game for a second and it scared the shit out of me
77 people are justa buncha bonez.
If you're referring to "Daniel", that's the character's name in the game, not criken's.
People are confusing Criken's name with Daniel (the player character in the game) because criken said "Daniel SMASH!".
herp de derp stolan from pooterpee
That fucking water part. It's still scary to watch even when you're not the one playing it.
Criken what do you look like just curouse
Yaaaaaaaaaaaay..... YouTube ads in Spanish when I live in Iowa! gotta love em
only criken can think of 50 way to pronounce tinderbox
Hi, my name is everybody on youtube. We are not newcomers and we basically want you to piss off and stop advertising yourself on people who have much better content than yours channels
I dont see why people are so negative against people who just want to have people watch their videos.
To a 21 year old man-child who is overrated by little kids.
Is it only me that I wasn't afraid of the water part at all? I killed the monster too...I dropped a book in the water randomly, and killed it, so the water stage was no issue for me. I guess knowledge is power.
i love how criken can spell tinderbox in 18 different ways <3
Did anyone else notice that at 9:10 he's standing on top of the fish creature (Kaernk, yay for wiki)? Though the strange thing is that the game didn't ever actually create an in-game model for the creature other than the splash marks.
Does anyone else's heart break when he whimpers/cries pathetically?
So, your name is Dan-yul? xD
We're not all aggressive and annoying...just the retard bros.
Where did the fear of fish w/ teeth come from?
karmz charger wants his revenge!!
You don't even know he's making a PDP reference. Even if he was, so what? It was an appropriate time, sort of. :l
Most terrifying moment in crikens life XD
Get views by making good content and not advertising YOURSELF on successful channel.
atleat he dosen't have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
Tinderboxsh tinderbogs biderbogsjsh binderboxsh TWO TINDERBOGS!? :o
i like to follow the pink cum too :)
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