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Anna's Last 10 Second Trauma

by 10SecondTraumas • 48,181 views

STAY FRIENDS; OR STALK; @AnnaAkana Dee will be continuing the channel solo! Stay subscribed & support her :)

I just Realize that she is wearing a =3 shrit
Usubbed unsubbed shut the fuck up already geeze dont need to announce it
I guess it takes dee a long time to come up with ideas for the videos :/
Bosss ass rwj wtf thats how u get asian punani bro ..... applause n dam that sux for all the ppl who watched this channel, it's gna b soo hard to look up her new one......
I will miss you Anan but i will still follow your vlog 4EVA! also tell Ray that is a womans place is in the kitchen why isn't he outside building my shed? love you both X3
Haha gonna miss the funny stuff, but do what you have to,, ha great last 10second trauma
U bitch!!!!! I'm gonna miss u ;,,,(
Why is everyone flipping the fuck out about the comment question of the day? At least he still has one, calm your dicks! And good luck to Anna with her acting career and her relationship with Ray. I'm being a cool person and staying subbed to support Dee.
Unsubbed to ray... God his show is getting worse and worse.but I think I will stay subbed to 10secondtraumas. Hopefulyl Dee keeps this going.. :)
I heard metal; I shall follow you anna <3
well, the last 10 second trauma, and she does it with rwj =3 pretty classy
What happened why no more videos ;(
its not a wallpaper you can buy it somewhere she gave the link in a vlog
Men. Hahah and bye 10 second trauma... :'(
when is the next one coming out???? :(
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can't go we won't let you lol. Good luck and God speed to everything you set your mind to do. But you do need to come back and do a 10 sec Trauma every once in a blue moon.
it says 97 anna. YOU LIE D: waaaa i was lookign forward to the extra 3...
301 veiws...300 likes...39 dislikes....what the actual fuck?
LOLOLOLOL saw RWJ immediately unsubbed.
her goal was to make 100 videos.. it's not his fault! Oo
Is a sad day. I tought thing was weird when they bring new asian girl. Now i know why :(
Just cause Anna's gone dont unsubscribe. Theres still Dee and the other girls! Ya, none of us want Anna to leave... but give Dee and everyone else a chance!!!
Oh my gosh(: that was hilarious! Love you Ray!!!
this is just my opinion but 10 second traumas are you best videos please dont stop
dont worry Dee im staying for you but i love Anna more.
Your last video is with RWJ? How disappointing...
WTF why would you do this? I was going to dislike the video for you leaving, but then that skit at the end with RWJ made me hit Like, DAMN YOU!
If I'm not wrong, I think she privated 3videos :/
This was so sad the 10 sec trauma didn't make me laugh :*(
Typical of Ray Sexist Johnson..haha
Well...we won't have to hear about RWJ anymore.
@sharkdude4000 No she is still gonna make videos she just said just not on this channel
Where can I find pictures of your tits ?
Ur leaving that sucks the only good looking person on the show
she stopped this , ray is too lazy to vlog... now they just make easy fast money from =3.... that dosen't make me happy....
You weren't even in the last ten or so. THEY DON'T COUNT. NOOOOOOOOOOO STAY
Im a little upset about this, since I didnt know about the 100 video limit. BUT ANNA YOUR ROCK AND IM ALREADY ON THE OTHER!! DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUR AWESOME AND ILL STILL BE HERE!
first ray fucks his show up by getting serious and leaving out the comment question of the day, then he gets too serious with yfm in their singing and now anna is freaking leaving?!?!?! Fuck it unsub to you all
Everyone moves in with their lives. This must have been all for fun.
@CRDMKillsalot the videos arent posted yet
actually she didnt stop, she has a new channel and is making new videos
are you really a dough bag are you just trying to be one ??
Thumbs up if you watch 10SecondTraumas because of AnnaAkana.
i only watched tst cause she was hot
actually she didnt stop, she making new videos on a new channel
ray is so small, it's hardly scarey when he yell lol
Ill still watch but we will see how good it is with out u:-(
why not set your goal for 200 video then??
First Breaking goes on hiatus then this..... what a world
Sorry to hear you will not be in them anymore, I will miss you. I will stay subscribed to all your channels and continue to support Dee! Congratulations on your progress in your acting/songwriting.
ray changed =3, you leave the channel, the mayans were right i'll fucking destroy the world
Let me know when it's done, bitch! ray is awesome
Looks like this is a dead channel, or maybe we just have to wait for dee to think of something by herself. No offense.
not happy not happy. I'll continue supporting Dee!
sobs That was a.. really funny.. ten second trauma (cries loudly)
i agree with everyone else saying 97 videos
Listen kid "Im sorry if i hurt ur witty feelings" My argument is not invalid as you can see there is people that agree with me and besides i wrote that comment 7 months ago which you should b able to notice if ur not blind so y even reply to it, And about that "million fans that love her" thing.....BULLSHIT,,,,there's not even that many views in one of her vids, much less that many subscribers on her channel, so idk WTF ur talking about, and 1 more thing, before u think of even commenting, THINK
Rwj you got yourself a beautiful girl! But she lagging to make you something to eat go
actually she didnt stop, she has a new channel and is making new videos
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