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Train - Marry me (lyrics)

by Jay Noel • 947,739 views

Samuel Hucks Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
I love marry me on youtube
Is Andy bodey out thare
Jose Escamilla Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
First off, you cannot tell someone they had a grammar mistake. When I read your comment, I do not see any capitalization and I see punctuation mistakes. I am just letting you know for future references.
This song brings back to many memories :") but I wish they weren't just memories & omgosh I could spend my Whole Day thumbs up-ing all the cute comments!! :D Ppl are so sweet/cute!
i promise to sing to you when all the musik dies... love this ♥
I promise to sing to you when all the music dies... <3
well theres 37 ppl who will never get married,,,lol or are divorced,,,lol
sorry i wish the love of my life would sing me this song
Oh, this song is great ! I love it.
So cuute I hope you two will be happy together ;x
girl you have so much to live for. Falling in love is amazing but sometimes you also have to have a dream for yourself. Don't you want anything except for falling in love?
This song reminds me that even my best friend will never understand what I feel for this one guy and it isn't one of those story's when you think he is the one I know he is the one there is something in my mind and soul that knows it, very rarely you meet your soulmate this early in life but it is just the fact that I have and he doesn't notice me kills me. This song makes me imagine the day he will get down on his knee and say the 4 words that can change my life forever. For now, that's only
my boyfriend sang this to me before he left out to go out of i cryed like a baby
oh, i would so have loved for my boyfriend to have found this song and linked it to me and not vise versa.
Life. Fucking. Made. Seriously, I just died laughing.
when i hear this song i think of the girl i loved in high school before i left in the army to know i might not see her again
@TheLoVePiNkFoReVeR and theres my ex;) u know i love you;)
first off, it's your, not you're. and second, dude seriously calm the fuck down! i never said that his username defined him, i just think it's weird that he wrote a sweet message but his username is bigdick. and you're stupid if you think i'm judgmental, like i said, it's just weird. and lol i wasn't trying to make a point, i was just pointing out his weird username since no one else noticed it. you're obviously the judgmental one.
@MagicPeanut11 oh sorry i misunderstood it... i guess. well good luck and maybe he'll sing for you once...
this song is so beautiful. i love it *-*
@ohsnapitswes i wouldnt say im perfect, ive made a couple mistakes, but at least i have somebody who loves me.
i like this video sooo much......i want my bofriend sing this song for me......
Sorry for some wrong i mistake made! :) you are perfectionist! :)
Someone that means a lot to me sang this to me once, it was the sweetest thing ever -3 I love you James, I'll always be your Carebear.
this si gonna be one of the songs at my wedding
not one to cause bigger issues.... but nor are you.... PS i love this song.
saya sangat mencintai anda Fransiska Mayangsari Wijaya will u marry me!! jgn prnh tinggalkan hati ini jadi lah yg halal dalam hidupku ikatlah cinta ku dgn cintamu, hilangkan smua ragu yang ada mulailah hidup baru bersama dgn ku aku janji tidak akn pernah mengecewakan mu sampai akhir hayat ku!!
@nicspalove13 i could never hate his voice, its beautiful(: but my boyfriend ... nooot so much XD
I have no idea why but I searched this song right after my crush asked me out.. I cried during listening to this song because all I ever wanted was for me and my crush to be together. Thank the lord my dream came true! ♥ ;)
I love this song! Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill ♥
what do you mean i can't tell others they made a grammar mistake? i'll do whatever i want... and obviously i'm not using capitalization, but so what? this is youtube, not a paper i'm turning in for school. i didn't make any punctuation errors. if you're thinking i did because i started some sentences with "and", that's not a punctuation error; it's just how i write on the internet. oh and fyi, your second sentence changes tenses, which is a major grammar error, in case you didn't know;)
Hard to believe there are 13 people who don't like this song!
this song is so cute when my husband proposed to me i want him to sing this song before i get ingage lol im kinda romantic lol then ill say to him NO! GET YOU BUT OUT OF HERE lol jk i would say yes
Thank you for you advice... It touches my heart that you would try to care for those people who rush things.
Awwh....this song fits my internet connection and I perfectly. Forever Together<3
Just tell me if 514519 is the originator of music video I say on 8/11 & then on 4/11 he dumped n erased it fm this same person? Just answer friggin question n say what u need to say by mayer was great video that let me dwn when he cancelled his show for no damn reason after I had bought Just tell me what was or is the problem with all the cancelling? I do keep em dates very seriously n no conf was needed, dnt u utubers get it?
you seemed sweet but after i saw your username
getting married at 16? yes I am. and Im proud.<3
This is the song I heard when what was just a friend tried to turn us into something more. Unknowningly, i lost what I soon discovered to be the love of my life. He is gone now. I hear this song and I'm almost in tears. How can I get him back
it's a romantic song... i love it so much ....<3 "forever can never be long enough for me to feel like i've had long enough with u <3"
Thanks to all who comment and liked my videos,, pls keep liking my videos and subscribe to me! :)) Thank,, Love you!
My brother, I am sorry to hear this. I pray that true love will find you soon and you will be blessed with the beautiful woman that you are seeking. I too was dumped by someone I loved, but some months later the true love of my life and I met and we will marry in the summer. You seem like a good brother, and I feel that all will work out for you. Keep your head up and keep smiling through the pain. Love will find a way!!! Peace.
I'm playing this for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day, three weeks to learn it. Not asking for thumbs up, just saying I am.
I love you. When he says those words, my heart melts, and I feel like we'll be together forever. I showed him stupid, silly love songs, and he loves this one by far<3.
That is brave! Especially because of what people will say or think! I wish you luck!! <3
my fiance' dedicated this song to me.. he wants this song to be the one playin when i walk down the aisle.... i love that man so much.
intro, its pretty the same of "dust in the wind"
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